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    If you have a Server and want to protect Your Acount so, that you can only use it from your PC (Perfect for offline Servers) you're right here
    Protect Your Account with DynDNS / NoIp

    1. Copy JAR to your plugins folder
    2. Register at something like DynDNS or no-IP and download their Updater
    3. Edit the settings.yml in IPL folder => everybody:false means that IPLock is not required for everybody... true is self-explaining ;-)
    4. You can add multiple DNS and IPs for each user
    The PermissionNode is: ipl.basic
    To add an user type: /ipl add volpi3000 or /ipl add volpi3000
    To remove an user type: /ipl remove volpi3000
    To get the help type: /ipl help
    Removing does only remove ONE entry :)
    • Edit the lock.yml in IPL folder in your Plugins folder / should be there afther reload
    • Edit admins (if you want) to enter IPs Local IPs and hosts that are excluded from IPLock
    • Edit the lock.yml like following:
    • <account you want to protect>:<your domain provided by DynDNS and co>
    If you want du have a special IP excluded from the plugin, insert the IP or the DNS in the admin.yml.
    Thats everything!
    1. Autoupdater
    2. SQLite or MySQL
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    Greets volpi3000 :)
    PS: Dont forget to delete the example entries ^^
    Could someone here perhaps do a tutorial video for this plugin in english ? I am not a native speaker . Thanks :)

    BukkitDev DOWNLOAD

    What ist DynDNS?

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    changed it
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