[SEC] InvisibleWallsResidence - Player can't enter if he is not allowed [1060]

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    InvisibleWallsResidence - Player can't enter if he is not allowed :
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin add a feature to residence. If you build a residence with the flag canEnter set to false (by Default), only players with the flag canEnter set to true can enter into your residence. Otherwise, players will be move out of your zone.

    Could be usefull if you want only some groups or players can pass a zone.

    It's my first plugin I hope it will help some server administrators and I'll be happy to implement new features.

    • Add a new flag called "canEnter" to ResidenceBukkit (canEnter = false by default)
    • Prevent players or groups to enter on a residence / Allow only some players/groups to enter on a residence
    WARNING : This plugin require Residence.jar

    Todo / Features requests accepted :
    • Nothing yet
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing InvisibleWallsResidence

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    How is this different from Residence's "move" flag, which from its docs "Controls whether player/group can move inside the residence. True = normal movement, false = denies entry"? My understanding of that feature is that it prevents people from entering a region, and teleports them out if they do (though I confess I haven't ever tested that one). Do I misunderstand either that feature already in Residence, or the behaviour of your plugin?
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    Shame on me... I didn't found this flag before so I made this plugin I'll have a look if it do what I want and tell you soon :)
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    How about making this a standalone, a mod that makes walls that go from sky to bedrock and only people/groups with the permissions can pass through them. A great replacement for guest prev
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    residence do already this ... you just have to select a zone and after expand it to vertical with "res select vert" and it take from bedrock to sky
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    you need some other download link apart from attachment
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    developer inactive, moved

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