Inactive [SEC/INFO] GriefAlert v2.1d Know Who Is Griefing [1.2.4, 1.2.5]

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    GriefAlert: DeadlyScone
    Version: 2.1d

    -GriefAlert: BukkitDev
    - Source files are in the plugin.

    I USE DevBukkit.

    Submit a Ticket:
    Click here to submit a ticket.

    Bug/Error/Improvement ideas
    Please use the "Ticket" function. Do not leave a comment below, I will not respond to it.

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    This part looks awfully almost similar to my plugin.
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    iam sure that all grief plugins look the same, but this one is different in certain ways.
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    welcome to the world of being a bukkit dev!
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    It's fine if you made a plugin just to see if you could do it, but:
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    Sums up my thoughts pretty nicely.
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    You never fail to make me laugh... yam.
  10. It's sad that there should be complains about plugins being unoriginal.
    If I could code I would probably try to code my own plugins for my server to do what I need no matter if it's been done before. If you make a plugin and it works why not post it here so everyone can choose to use it? If you have 10 other similar plugins, well just use the one you like most and ignore the others.

    No use posting here about it.
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    Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Thats what i need! Thanks!
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    This is cool, but is there a way to limit the size of the file or how much is logged?
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    i need to update this sooooooo badly and i just don't have the time. fyi this was my first plugin ever, so allot need to be updated.
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    What you should do is add a MySQL Databases and a config file for the option to have everything logged into one file, or everyone have their own file of what they place, break, etc. Also should have something (Of course the owner of the website would make the page only viewable by Admins.) where you can log into it on a Website and click on a Player and see what they broke and when they broke it, etc.
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    This is exactly what I've been looking for, but I do have a feature request.

    Can you break the GriefAlert.txt file into days? I share them with my admins on the website and having one large file eats up bandwidth unnecessarily.
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    ill try to update this with all your guys ideas. thanks for your requests.
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    is there anyway of removing the warning so we could track down the griefing playing without him/her knowing it...
    [GriefAlert] Your actions .....
    is there anyway ??
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    the griefalert.txt only records 1 day only for me ? i cant refer back to previous days records when i missed a grief
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    yes i know, i need to update it so badly. sorry. i put up with it too :/
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    i am working on an update for the plugin now..
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    Its good to hear that ^^ ill be looking forward to the update.. once its updated let me know :D
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    ya finally lol i found some time so i'am working on some new features and the requests you guys implied. although sorry to say i will not be adding sql or separate files for players as the files for each player would be overwhelming and time consuming to look through. but i did find a way around this... but yes i will let all of you know when its updated. thanks for atleast using my plugin too lol :p
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    haha.. No Prob.. ^^ Plugins are what makes minecraft servers more fun, enjoyable and secure ^^ looking forward to ur update
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    Awesome, I like this plugin.

    Also your source helped me alot :p
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    How to remove the Broadcast now ? since its optional... BTW,thanks for the update ^^ some how .. it does not record ppl placing stuff... only like place lava buckeet or tnt but not other things like Fire , lava itself...
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    it records everything for me.... did you look at how to upgrade from v0.1 to v1.9? all the information you need is at the top of the page..
    anyway go into the settings file and change "Broadcast Actions: TRUE" to "Broadcast Actions: FALSE" and it will make it so it will not say such and such did this on your chat.
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    Ah Thanks ^^
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    Is there any way to bind this plugin to a tool for use in-game? to show blocks creation and distructions with?

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