[SEC/INFO/ADMN] Chunky (Buddha) - Flexible Modular/Extensible property ownership system

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    Plugin: Chunky
    Version: Buddha

    The Chunky Engine
    At its core, Chunky is an ownership and permissions system. Anything can own anything and set permissions for it, we handle all the complexity. You can claim chunks, set build/destroy/switch/item-use permissions on those each of those chunks or even all of them. Set them for one player, or for all players. Whatever you want, every combination is possible. Create a special group, give them special permissions on your land.

    But Chunky is more than that.

    Extending Chunky
    We made the features in the core minimal and spent out time focusing on its extensible. People have had great ideas for other plugins like Factions or Towny, but the problem is those features can't be implemented since not everyone might not want them. Also, those plugins aren't very modifiable. However Chunky focuses on being modular, add different modules to get exactly what you want. Want towns? Get a module that adds towns. Want to give people access to extra commands and Bukkit permissions on certain chunks? Get a module that does that.

    Anything you want for Chunky can be brought to life

    Developers: Why Chunky?
    We make it ridiculously easy for you to extend Chunky. What's the most annoying part about making a plugin? Persistence and setting up commands.

    Chunky has a powerful Persistence API. This means we do it for you. Make any object, give it ANY properties and how do you persist it? One line: save(). No writing out to YAML or anything tedious. Your module's data will always be saved and loaded properly with no errors.

    Chunky also has a Command API. Register your commands as chunky sub-commands or register sub-commands under your own commands. Infinitely. Long chains of commands like /c command subcommand anothersubcommand will be delivered to you as if it was a simple top level command. It will also have a build in help and sub-command listing.

    Come on to our irc channel, #chunky or #chunky-dev at irc.esper.net and we'll show just how easy and how much potential extending Chunky has. Talk to us about your idea and we'll help you make it.

    Learn Chunky:
    Right now until our wiki is complete at http://wiki.getchunky.org/ we will be operating out of our BukkitDev page

    Modules Using Chunky:
    • ChunkyVillage - Allows players to create and manage towns and vote for their leaders.
      Similar to Towny and adds intense politics to Minecraft.
    • More to come as Chunky
    Get Chunky:
    Made the right decision? Grab the latest version at our BukkitDev page.
    Feeling bold? Grab our latest development build at our Jenkins repository.

    Change Log:
    • Initial Release
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