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    HideChests - Hide your goodies!​
    Version: 0.2​


    This spell will change your chests to dirt, at least, until you summon them back again. Type /hc add, punch a chest, and it'll turn to dirt. Break the dirt, the chest is back - but only for a minute, then it'll change back to dirt. Type /hc remove, punch the dirt, and the spell will fade.

    • Turns chests to dirt
    • Persists between server restarts
    • Use the command /hc persist add (or /hc persist remove) to enchant (or disenchant) multiple chests, then /hc to turn it back off
    • Chests are saved every minute, whenever the plugin is disabled, and whenever an op runs the command /hc save
    • To uninstall, typc hc uninstalllllllllll from console (yes, 11 Ls) - it will remove the spell from all chests. If you uninstall without doing this, players will lose their goodies, and that's never good!
    • Mostly compatible with LWC (and possibly other chest-protection plugins)! I say mostly because if you use /lwc admin clean, all hidden chests will be unprotected.
    • Goes well with Cabinet.
    Download HideChests

    Source Code

    • Configurable replacement block, replacement delay, and save interval
    • Sense double chests - right now you have to enchant both sides separately

    • Version 0.2
      Fixed a few glitches
      Date: July 17, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 953, 1000, 1060
      Minecraft Version: 1.7.3

    • Version 0.1
      First release
      Date: June 22, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 860, 928, 935
      Minecraft Version: 1.6.6
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    Ooooh :O I wants
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    Looks cool. I'll give it a go :p
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    Getting some errors with 953, please update this :)
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    Take That Team AVO!
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    I have diagnosed the issue and have found it to be a broken ItemInWorld tick from craftbukkit. Nothing we can do until the bukkit team fixes it. @glower
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    Is it fixed? Id very much like this.
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    No, it hasn't been.
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    Thanks for the bugs! I knew about the uninstall thing and it's fixed (haven't released yet, will do soon). I tried to prevent the dirt to chest exploit but apparently it didn't work.
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    Np, hope you release the next version soon, had to remove the plugin until the uninstall is fixed and people want their stuff back.
    Btw, i dont know much about making plugins but, couldnt u just add another If statment? Like when you have typed /hc remove and hit a dirt block that checks if there is a hidden chest in that coordinate?
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    I thought I had done that.... I'll try to figure it out.
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    Ronny Lawson

    Great plugin, only one gripe: the chances of finding someone's chest by running around typing commands and punching are pretty minimal. Any chance you could add a block listener that would check surrounding blocks for exposure, so if a buried chest is unburied, it will be converted back to a chest? This would make raiding more fruitful, rather than typing a command for each block.

    Or perhaps just punching the chest, without typing any commands, will return it from its dirt state? Perhaps configurable in a config if some people don't like it?

    Hmmm.. seems I spoke too soon. Seems that this is exactly how it works already!

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    This is for hiding them so only you and the people you tell know how to find them, but I could add that. At the moment you don't need commands though, only for adding new secret chests and removing old ones.
    It does this already...
    Hmmm.. seems I wrote too soon. :) I could add a config option for breaking bordering blocks to unhide chests, though... we'll see.
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    Would you mind uploading the new version so i can atleast uninstall it until you have fixed the exploit?
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    Just fixed it, will upload when my Internet settles down.
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    COOL PLUGIN! great job! I would have never thought something like this was possible :D
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    Everything's possible... for SUPERMAN!!!
    (not, of course, that I'm superman...)
    And thanks, I'm happy you like it.
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    If only it could turn into stone :(
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    It'll be able to in the next release.
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    does this HEAVILY imply customizable block type?

    if so will this be a global block or a per chest basis? (i imagine the global one is much easier for you)
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    Yes, it does. It'll probably be global to start with and per-chest after.
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    Well for per chest that wud be interesting to manage/code

    btw just as an idea, sometimes plugins can work via command and via player action

    wat about u place chest and put 1 block in the chest's top left corner for example gold block
    then the chest masks with that, it might be a horrible idea idk, just think it cud be handy :p

    *eagerly waits for an update :p*
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    I'll make a automatic selection feature that goes by whatever is most common in a small sphere around it (not including air), I suppose. Kind of like VoxelMimic, except, not...
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    elaborate and define :p

    do you mean a detection sphere? based on material majority?
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    wonderful! :D

    i can see this as very useful,

    and an idea for lockette users

    place a CHEST in front of a wall of say DIRT

    break the block behind the chest (also above that so u can see the are behind the chest)

    then place ur sign in this gap and set ur privacy then replace block above/behind chest this shud hide the sign

    and based on the spherical detection idea your chest should camouflage very well :D

    im sure with enough time and effort you could code a plugin to interface with the real world and become superman, all through the convenince of Bukkit :p!

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    Good idea :)
    Oh, a misunderstanding, the spherical detection is just the default - you'll be able to change it to whatever you want.

    Heh, I'm sure ;)
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    :eek: thatd be weird tho, BLOCK laser vision XD be made of some sort of redstone block (which doesnt exist, so lets settle for red wool) :p

    anyways eager to see what you come up with :D
  30. the purpose is to figth xray, rigth ?

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