[SEC/GEN] PasswordProtect 1.1.5 - Protect your server with a password [1.6.2-R0.2]

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    PasswordProtect - Protect your server with a password
    Version: v1.1.5

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    Version 1.1
    • Added ability to change the encryption (MD5, SHA-128 etc.)
    • Fixed bug with the potion effects
    • Now stores the jailedPlayers, /reload support
    • General cleaning

    And please:
    Leave a comment if you download it.

    Y no approvals since 1 month?
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    Downloaded it, thought it would be a great feature, but when I tested it, I entered in the correct password, and told me it was the wrong password. I double checked, and triple checked that it was correct. Then I changed the password, and went back on to try it, same thing. Then after a few more tries, after I re-logged into my server, I found myself upside down, not able to control my character. So I since removed the plugin from my server.
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    it works fine, its just you have no command to set another players password. it sucks because retards who do the commands wrong i cannot set there password for them and tell them it. and also i cannot find where the passwords are stored. please respond
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    The password is stored in the config.yml
    Remember that it's encrypted/hashed!

    Version 1.1.2
    • Updated to support new chat event (bukkit 1.3 change)
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    how do you de-encrypt the passwords?
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    Unless you have the cleanPassword set to true, there is no way.
    The plugin works like this:

    Password is provided via command -> gets encrypted -> gets stored in the config.yml -> Player joins -> enters password -> encryptes again -> check if the encrypted values are matching
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    So If I Set Clean Pass To True I Can View Passwords
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    Read the topic? Yes, if this is enabled, you can view the password via /password
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    So this basically sets a server password that people have to enter in order to join the server? I want this to be an easier alternative to whitelist on my server.

    Like, only people that have the password from somebody already inside the server can join. I only need to make sure I ip-ban them. :)

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    There is only one password for the whole server.
    I added the password to the rules - then changed the message onJoin to "Read the rules for the password /rules" -> the needed to read the rules :)

    (Of course works too, to tell the password only to some people you trust :))
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    Good, good... Can you add an option where people only need to enter the password once? So as to act more as a whitelist? Can you add an option where it doesn't show that the person entered the server so random people don't get the password from other players. :) Here, free cake as a thanks for reading. :) [cake]
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    Hi, just wondering if there is any way I can edit the preferences, all the files are in .yml and I can't do anything.
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    Seriously? You don't know how to edit a .yml?
    Thats the default config file system of bukkit. Use NotePad++ or something else.

    Whats about the bypass permission?
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    I need it to be automatic. That's the whole point. :)
    Oh, and what about my other thing where it doesn't say that they've entered the server yet?
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    If you don't want to add it, please, just say so. If you just haven't gotten around to reading my request and responding, that's fine too.
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    Sorry I read your post, but forgot to answer, srry!
    I'll look into your suggestions. Maybe I can add them.
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    Hello, I downloaded PasswordProtect, and a have a problem I can't seem to fix. My password never works when I use it to login. Are the apostrophes in the sample config you provided supposed to be at both ends of the password?

    For example, reply to this post with the number matching the correct format (if you choose 4, then reply with the correct format):

    1. 'YourPasswordHere'
    2. YourPasswordHere
    3. "YourPasswordHere"
    4. (custom)
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    Variant 1.
    "Single" is the one used in YAML.
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    Is there any way to set a time limit for the bans becasuse some people on my server get banned and i never see them again because i dont know if they were banned for just left the server i have gone from 50 people a day down to 23 so please help!
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    No temp ban for now...
    I may add it to the ToDo, after my finals I've got time to develop this again
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    cool thx cant wait :)
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    I would also like to see a single login feature. Do you know of any easy way to add this feature on my own?
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    So basically a whitelist feature where you need to login only once.
    If enough demand is there I might add this feature when I'm bored ;)
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    I'm having a small issue, I cannot get it to accept the password I've set in the config.yml file. I've tried using this syntax in the config.yml :
    password: 123456
    password: '123456'

    I'm using Notepad++ for edits, and it's removing the ' from the file on save, my overall issue is that once i set the password, no one can actually use it, they are all getting banned for incorrect attempts. So at this point i have OpsRequirePassword set to False.

    Syntax when signing in: /login 123456 or /login '123456'.

    Any assistance would be great, and that's not my actual password, just an example.
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    Sorry for my late response

    Works fine for me, with passwordClean setting.
    Otherwise the hash is a string and even if the yaml file sees the input as a number it works like it should.

    Ingame you don't need to type '124' just 124
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    Looks like an excellent plugin, and though whitelist is simpler, this can be used for public servers who want to stop floods of accounts of spammers from attacking the server without going to the trouble of whitelist.

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