[SEC/FUN] UniversalLockPick v0.5 - Steal from locked chests. Supports ALL locking plugins [1058]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, Jun 21, 2011.

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    does this support bukkit inventory tools?
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    Please SwearWord,make 1085 version..We really need it on our server.
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    It works on 1085
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    Doesnt work with World Guard anymore there can bypass it and access Shop chests
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    I'm using Lockette, and PermissionsBukkit

    I don't know if it's not working on Lockette protected chests, or if the ulp.lockpick permission node isn't being recognized by PermissionBukkit.

    But the long and the short of it is this plugin does not seem to do anything. No effect, no messages, nothing.
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    Please update this plugin. We need it! :oops:
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    I'm using Lockette and Yeti Permissions 2.7.4 and it works fine. I haven't released it to my players since I waiting on the fix proposed by CoyleTrydan. I have a loosely based RP server for Bethesda Softworks Forums and this custom fix is a must have for this plugin.
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    Very nice plugin... would you mind re-posting the source? The link you have seems to be broken, and I'd love to see the inner workings :)
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    I love this plugin, great for factions, but what about doors?
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    Dude mind to update the source? Its kinda broken.
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    To put this to rest, no I will not support this plugin any longer. I don't even have the source with me still.

    That said, I don't know why everyone is begging for the source. Yes to make it universal it requires a bit of thinking but it's pretty damn easy. For devs that can't figure it out, what I do was listen onPlayerInteract on the Monitor priority level. First like should be if(!event.isCancelled()) return;

    This prevents your lockpick logic from being run if no other plugin had already cancelled the event. For a successful lockpick just uncancel the event. You guys can use this to make an updated version but you need to give me credit.

    Come on guys, use your heads.
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    Can you atleast update download link?
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    I have recently joined Bukkit and I have wanted this Plugin badly I have not ask for the source but if you were kind enough Just to update the link I would be SO Elated. Me and My Friends have wanted to have a lockpicking function on my Server and we all want it horribly. I know i'm just another common reviewer but if you just can spare some of your time to update the link I would be so grateful. It's probably unlikely that this will be read. But Thank you if you take the time to read this.
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    "To put this to rest, no I will not support this plugin any longer"

    This entire thread should be deleted since it contains nothing of value. No source or download.

    Shame - since there are currently NO released lock picking mods available. This one, shall forever be missed.
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    Assassin Rasmus

    Hey there. May you put this on a different DL link or send it to me, I cant get it and i want it for my PVP server
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    I get a 404 error when i try to download it, can you fix it?
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    PLugin and source plz?

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