[SEC/FUN] UniversalLockPick v0.5 - Steal from locked chests. Supports ALL locking plugins [1058]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, Jun 21, 2011.

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    That's on my todo list. I updated 3 plugins today so I'm kind of sick of programming for now. I'll probably work on it in a couple hours.

    I'm also going to add an option to disable lock picks breaking as well as probability of working.
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    take your time i just got up an hour ago

    think you could add lockable despencers

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    great plugin with cool idea if my users werent already comfortable with lockette i would have chose this had i saw it first, this is great for a truly survival server, and its your plugin man do what you want with it ignore the haters you went through the work to put this up not anyone else.
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    Heya, I know you're working on multiple owners, how will that be handled? Any chance you could have it honor Towny permissions? i.e. members of a town that can normally switch will do so, but outsiders can always pick the door/chest in question.
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    Doubt it, since he won't use LWC either.
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    @Janb @rakiru
    Multiple owners has been implemented already like 2 weeks ago. I guess I forgot to release it -_-
    I'll update the post when I get unlazy.

    Also I'm one of the people helping maintain Towny and I had plans to incorporate these features into it. Might not be soon but hopefully it will happen.
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    That'd be great, I agree with you about disliking all this hard-coded protection and what not, I think most everything should be surmountable to some degree. Forces people to be creative :) Anyway, thanks for keeping Towny alive, and I'll be looking forward to that implementation.
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    Hi SwearWord !

    Thx for this great plugins :) I just want to know, how i config the files for let's player share his chest with friends. And how i can change the pick for an other items.

    Ps; Soz for my frenchness
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    How about support for levers, buttons and pressurepads? Multiple-owner access with a key (gold-ingot or player-configed item)?
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    Swear i have one little qeustion :p
    Can you make this plugin so that we can import the chest list from lwc?
    Than i can delete lwc and load this GREAT plugin :D

    (Can you make a protection against tnt, So the chest wont blow up)
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    To everyone who wanted LWC support......
    In my Careers plugin I figured out a way to support any locking system relatively simply. I figured I'd implement it here so I'll be releasing it soon. Note as of the NEXT version, this plugin will not contain a native locking systems so you MUST have another locking plugin like Towny or LWC.

    @blokzeil1 @rakiru @Janb @Hopium @Zalastri
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    first :D
    I has maked an convert script to LWC (myqsl) to this but it works now :D!
    THANKS for updating!

    //edit dont work here?
    Crafbukkit build: 953
    (look at nlminecraft.nl)
    but we have Towny AND LWC.

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    Does this work with lockette at all?
  15. In the title, it says "Supports ALL locking plugins". Is Lockette a locking plug-in?
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    Redownload it, you may have grabbed a not working copy.

    Is this working for you? And what locking plugin do you use?
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    A optional leveling system with this would be amazing. :D
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    Works now :D
    Maybe a good idea that for the config file, if a player fail the item remove?
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    This is perfect! Exactly what i was looking for. I love the damage penalty idea for a failed attempt.
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    Looks like a great plugin! I sort of just skimmed through all of the comments and haven't actauly tried it yet but does the ignot become consumed on use? Or rather does it become consumed on fail? Thanks in advance! :D
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    ALL of them? Oh because I don't see Lockette..
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    I didn't list every single one. But it will work with every single one and even ones that haven't been made yet.
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    Really? Good. Thanks.
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    Excellent. Works flawlessly with Heroes.

    I wish that you could configure the message on fail/succeed. If you're feeling crazy, add poison or explosion traps?
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    Is it possible to assign more than one item as a lockpick with varying levels of success?
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    This is a great plugin, thanks for releasing it! My one thought though (as has already been mentioned) is could there be a configurable option to consume the pick item on a failure?

    EDIT: I've modified this plugin so that one lockpick item is consumed upon failure (if you only have one pick item, you lose it, if you're holding a stack it removes one). This is how I wanted this to function, but it is not configurable.
    I know a few others were asking about this, so given the permission of SwearWords I'd be happy to release it. I totally understand if that's not cool though, in which case I'll keep it to myself. :)
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    Seeing how noone replied - you still using that custom version and would you be willing to either share it or make your own thread?
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    I'd be interested in this as well.
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    Ahh sorry guys I'm very inactive about these tiny plugins I make. It's a few lines of code right? Submit pull request and I'll merge it.

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