[SEC/FUN] UniversalLockPick v0.5 - Steal from locked chests. Supports ALL locking plugins [1058]

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    Plugin: UniversalLockPick
    Version: 0.5

    Allows players to open locked chests with a configured item. By default it's an iron ingot. You MUST have an separate locking plugin such as LWC or Towny. This feature is a part of my Careers plugin which includes Thieves.

    Download | Source

    ulp.lockpick - Can user lockpick.
    pickable-items: 54,64 #specify what items should be locked here.
    lockpick-item: 265 #specify what item should be used to lockpick.
    damage: 0 #Out of 20, integers only. Specify amount of damage the thief takes on a failed attempt.
    probability: 25 #percent change of it working.
    • Complete rewrite.
    • Now requires external locking plugin
    • Added more configuration options
    • Added config option 'lockables' to choose what to lock.
    • Can lock doors and hatches.
    • Permission node 'LockPick.open'
    • Initial release
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    I beg you, support LWC.
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    Damn I searched "LockPick" before I made this and I guess it didn't turn up because he just used "pick."

    If you're implying that I stole this...well I wish I did because everything on my todo list he already finished.
    I guess the only benefit of mine is no commands.

    If you don't believe me look at my other plugins, those are clearly not copied.

    Why? I can implement features from LWC here if you like.

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    Well, that would be nice for people who don't already use LWC, but I've used LWC for a while. It's powerful, I know how to use it, and so do my users. Most non-vanilla servers who are going for an RPG kind of thing will probably already have chest protection of some sort. Ditching LWC would ruin thousands of man hours of item gathering. I figured it'd be easier to support the chest mods that most people already use rather then re-invent the wheel. Even if it'd be a sweet wheel. I'd love to use your plugin though, so I hope you support LWC :]
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    I don't understand because all you would have to do is re-place the chests and they would be locked. The only reason to use LWC is if you DON'T want lockpicks and want multiple owners and password protection.

    Adding LWC support is not on my todo list. I probably could do it but I don't want to personally use LWC. Nor do I want to have the hassle of writing code to make it support LWC and non-LWC.

    Yes LWC is much more powerful than this plugin, but do I need any of those features? No. You have to remember most plugin devs spend their time making plugins to meet their own needs, and release them if others have similar needs.
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    I didn't expect you to drop your lunch and implement LWC usage, it was just a suggestion, as I'd like to use this plugin. :p
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    I disagree. I usually respond to requests if I think they're a good idea.
    I don't actually use my own plugins, except for testing. I develop plugins for others. That's not a very good attitude to have, in my opinion.

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    I developed this plugin for my Towny server, figured that other people might want it and threw it up here. You're telling me that I should be some sort of plugin slave? Of course I implement requests if I like them and would like them in my server. However, Making this compatible with LWC would be writing an entirely new plugin. Get off your high horse with your "holier than thou" philosophies. And as a moderator you should know these threads are for plugin requests/bug reports and not for arbitrarily insulting my attitude. Why didn't you PM me? Oh right you wanted everyone to see you being self-righteous on the Internet.

    You forgot your sunglasses.
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    I wasn't saying you stole it, you just always have to be careful ;)
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    When did I mention anything even to that effect? I'm stating my opinion, which I am perfectly allowed to do.
    I don't have a "holier than thou" philosophy, I was simply stating my opinion on the matter. I didn't PM you because PM'ing you simply to state my opinion is, quite frankly, stupid. This is a public forum for public voices.

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    Just throwing out my opionion but I too would love to use this if it had LWC support... I know nothing about coding plugins so don't know how easy/hard it would be but thats what I was requesting in the other thread you just tagged me in ;)
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    Okay you're a better person than me. Can you stop posting here now?
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    I'm perfectly entitled to post here. And, quite frankly, you're being rather rude to me.

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    so how do you do this like lock the chest? lol i dont kinda like the other one so this one looks to me better cuz there no extra stuff in it it's just lock and pick :D
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    Place a chest. It's locked. Whoever places it owns it.

    I've added doors which I will release in a few days.
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    Super cool. If you're hearing suggestions, what'd be double sweet is if you were moved to make this a sorta thief suite plugin; add stealth, sneak attack (multiply damage dealt from sneak state), pick pocket, and traps (chests/doors/plates rigged to explode or stun).
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    Don't forget hatches. ;-p I look forward to the updates. Keep up the good work.
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    thx now i can lock chest and stuff cant wait for doors and hatches XD
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    @SwearWord I really like the idea of this plugin. Is it compatible with CB #928? Also I have a few requests/suggestions:
    1. Make it so the 'locked', 'unlocked' messages are customizable
    2. Make it so only the owner can break the chest (enable/disable this option in the config)
    I'll be keeping a close eye on this plugin =)
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    For the last time, I am NOT planning on including LWC. I do plan to extend the features of this plugin to include most of what LWC has. However I do want to keep it minimal and lightweight.
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    why? just, why?
    the whole point of locks are to keep greifers out, now they can get back in?
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    I didn't know you were forced to install this on your server. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    This plugin is for people who aren't pussies. Makes it more realistic. An unbreakable lock? That's no fun. I don't even like locks in the first place, building vaults is a huge part of SMP, but some people aren't clever enough for that so I made this. It balances the game and creates a compromise.

    Just wondering do you go on other plugin threads and tell them why you wouldn't use the plugin?
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    I dont want LWC supprt cuz i want plug-ins that dont lag and make games more fun :D by the way when are doors gunna be lockable?i just cant wait XD
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    i see what you mean, but could you make an actual key? or maybe a hair-pin? because iron seems to be quite abundant in most worlds
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    I was going to make physical keys but one of the Bukkit devs discouraged me from doing it since the only way possible, may cause problems according to him.

    I will however make a configuration file allowing you to change the used item.

    @yakasuki @Mhalkyer @compgurusteve @Janb
    New version, can lock anything.

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    thanks :D also can you have like op locks to were people cant pick this certon door like i have this power room and im usen the wireless red stone add on and well the only way in is through a iron door and i dont want to has to lock it to were picklocker get in and shut down all the power :( they did it twice the second time they took the lever the redstone and the sign and all they had to do to get in was pick :( so ya op lock doors plz
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    Irondoors aren't pickable.

    But I will think of an easy way to make unpickable doors.
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    lol never noticed lol but then howed they get? i must cheack how cuz i put a lever in a certain spot inpossable to find.but lol they told me they picked it.also can you fix the config file it doesnt show witch item is pick even tho its iron cuz i was giong to change pik into a diamand so its hard to get.

    god dang im not paying attention today XD but ya can you add the lock pick change

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