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    Version: v1.1.0/v1.0.5

    I've always wanted to make a plugin that stopped people from using "God" plugins to go invulnerable then kill people while invulnerable.

    Basically how this works is if you type /NoPVP or /NP You're turned invincible and your damage versus other players is removed, basically removing you from PVP.
    You can make other players go into NoPVP mode by typing "/NP (Player)".
    Please note that there's a configuration option to disable all damage to you or just PvP Damage in NoPVP mode.

    As this is my first plugin, additional functionality may be added in the future, as I become more familiar with Java and with Bukkit.

    There is optional permissions support.

    Allows the player to damage other players while in No PVP mode.

    Allows the player to use No PVP mode.
    'nopvp.use' OR '<world>' if configuration option multi-world-node is set to true.

    Allows the player to use No PVP mode on other players.

    Makes it so other players can't change your No PVP mode setting.

    Stops nodes from being disabled when you enter No PVP.

    Includes all of the above.

    * Make yourself invincible, and stop yourself from damaging other players.
    * Make other players invincible.
    * Optional permissions support.
    * Optional PermissionsBukkit support.
    * Configuration
    * Optional persistence. You only need to type the command once in the lifetime of the server.
    * Dynamic command disabling, no teleporting/using spells/tpaccepting while in noPVP.
    * Total invincibility or partial invincibility via configuration.

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    Planned Features:
    * zip.

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    Version 1.0

    * Initial release.

    Version 1.1

    * Configuration
    * BukkitPermissions support
    * (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL) disable nodes on NoPVP.
    * Optional status persistence.

    Version 1.0.2

    * Fixed disabling nodes. Works 100% now.
    * You can now add nodes when entering NoPVP.
    * New node, 'NoPVP.NoNodes'
    * 'NoPVP.Use.Override' renamed to 'NoPVP.Override'
    * Removed debug messages from disabling nodes.

    Version 1.0.3

    * You can now disable all damage or just PvP damage on NoPVP.
    * Fixed to b1240, one minor bug.
    * Configuration has to be updated, if it isn't the plugin will be angry at you and probably shut down.

    Version 1.0.4

    * Minor fixes, plugin won't shut down if one configuration option is true now.
    * Updated one piece of code to match 1317.
    * Re-uploaded, Something was wrong.

    Version 1.0.5
    * Added multi-world support. (Thanks @cr0ss for idea.)
    * Fixed a few minor 1.0.0 bugs.
    * Please note that potions can still cause damage as of testing, this is a bukkit bug.

    Version 1.1.0
    * Fixed re-logging while in a 2nd world (Thanks @cr0ss)
    * Fixed the 'disable-nodes' system, now disables commands instead, put * to disable the command past that line. (/time *) would disable all time commands.
    * Re-coded the entire plugin, should use less resources now, half a year of patches from 1.3 code had added a bunch of junk.

    Version 1.2.1-1.2.2
    * Updated to r6's coding standards.
    * Added protection from arrows, minor bug stopped that from happening before.

    Please post any bugs or suggestions below.
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    @ikillforeyou Any luck looking into this with the new dev builds? <3
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    It's working on our server with the newest dev build? Could you get me an error log?
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    Oh it's working fine. I was wondering about perhaps adding in the functionality of working with multiverse (turning it off when they switch worlds). :)
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    I'm just really busy, I'll probably get around to that when more pressing matters are finished.
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    Ah ok. Sounds good. :)
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    I have a suggestion. A lot of people quickly switch to /No PvP Mode when they are in combat to TP away and such. There should be a way to disable all TP or /home functions with No PvP on. I know that may not fit others needs, but It would help me a lot.
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    There is that feature, but it's only supported for permissions 3.
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    That's unfortunate. Will PermissionsEX support for those features ever come?
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    Probably not, the way it works isn't very good either.
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    @ikillforeyou Awesome man. Working like a charm with the new multiple world support, even on CB#1538 (testing new stuff right now) with old PEX version 1.15

    Thank you so much.
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    Currently working on a huge patch to fix some performance issues, expect it soon.
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    Will that include the features that I suggested? *Fingers-crossed*
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    That will come in a later patch, I think I've figured out a way to do it.
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    There appears to still be a minor bug with NP across worlds that you implemented. Apparently when you cross worlds, it removed the /np function, and all is well. UNTIL you log out and in, then it places /np on you again.

    My set up is like this:

    Base world, /np is on and the people have permission to use it.
    2nd world, no permission to use it and when they cross over, they lose the /np (so it is off). However, in the 2nd world, when they log back in, they automatically have NP on again (even though they still don't have permission to type /np).

    Seems like it just auto defaults to it being on after they relog in that world.
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    Awesome, great to hear.
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    Both features have been implemented, expect a release tomorrow or so. Maybe even tonight.
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    Amazing, [diamond][diamond][diamond] diamonds for you good sir.
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    Pushed out a dev build, too tired to test it fully tonight, if you guys want to go ahead, there may still be some debug messages, but you can live with those until tomorrow. =P
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    Would 'nopvp.nonodes' make it so groups have the ability to TP away with /NP on rather than the ones who cannot TP away with it on?
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    Yes, nonodes bypasses the disabled list and lets you use it anyways. I actually forgot to test that, so it might not work. =P
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    lol. I would test it, but I'm too tired as well :/
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    Dev build seems to be working fine now for the issue I was having multi world. Thanks so much!
  25. Seems like a really good plugin for my moderators to use when helping users without being tricked into tp'ing, then being killed! Thanks for the release! :)
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    does your plugin still work with 1.1?
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    Not sure, I can't test right now either.
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    Could you maybe add this:
    When people use a command like /nopvplist, they will see a list with who is in no-pvp.
    That would be usefull for events etc. ;D
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    Okay my players cant use /nopvp even though they have nopvp.use and
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    issue with this plugin is the people with /nopvp on take no damage from mobs at all.
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    There's a configuration option to disable all damage to the NoPvP player, or just player damage.

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