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    I Am Having A Major Problem! Why Cant I Pick Which Parts Of Land I Want To Protect? I Type /f claim safezone and then it protects different radius's every time. Can i pick the radius? I tried /f claim safezone 5 but that made a huge safe zone claim. Can Someone help me?
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    Can the new update have non claimable land that any member can build on, called Public Land. This land would work in the same way as SafeZones and WarZones. Sorry if there is already a way but I haven't seen anything yet. I do know that you can force whole worlds to be non claimable but I think chunks would be more useful.
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    Is there a way so that when people claim land, other factions can still break blocks and pvp?
    Don't want free protection or anything, really. Just want faction claim to allow factions have faction homes.

    OR, allow /f sethome without actually claiming land.

    OR, automatically set the permanent claimable land to 1 chunk, regardless of power.

    If any of the above is possible, please tell me.
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    Is there a way I am select a region to be warzone cuz its confusing I am trying to make a party safezone and a part warzone but warzone keeps going into spawn area
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    /f claim safezone 100, etc.

    Declare them as enemies, or wait for 1.7 which removes that for neutrals.

    Text is currently spread through most files, so translating much of it isn't very feasible for now. Building from source is easiest if you're familiar with NetBeans or Eclipse in the first place. What problem exactly are you having?

    Read the FAQ.

    All claims are 16x16 without exception. You can find the edges by simply walking around a bit as you'll be notified as soon as you step out of it back into Wilderness.

    Does Industrialcraft plugin include its own compiled-in copy of GSON or something?

    What version check are you talking about? Factions doesn't currently do any version checking of anything that I know of just off the top of my head.

    They are, unless you changed the "removePlayerDataWhenBanned" setting to false (default is true).

    Read the FAQ.

    Claims are of 16x16 chunks without exception. Radius claiming claims the specified chunk radius, not a block radius. You might want to read the user guide.

    You will be able to make custom permanent factions like that in 1.7 which can have various attributes normally reserved for SafeZones and WarZones in the current stable releases.

    You can use /f config homesMustBeInClaimedTerritory false to allow that.

    So... I'm not certain of what exactly you're asking, but each chunk can only be one or the other and if you claim an area as a WarZone which is already a SafeZone, it will be changed over. Vice versa as well, the newest claim is the one that counts.
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    Could I make a suggestion? I don't know if this is alot of coding, but I think faction warps or multiple homes would be a great addition. On the server I play on, factions have multiple bases and it's difficult to get around because the world is so big. So basically new commands would be:

    /f setwarp [name] - Faction admin or moderator uses this to set a warp.
    /f warp - Faction members use this to list the set warps.
    /f warp [name] - Faction members use this to go to a set warp.

    Another idea I have been toying with is Master and Vassal factions. A faction could request to be a faction's master by using /f master [faction]. A faction could request to be a faction's vassal by using /f vassal [faction]. A vassal would share it's master's allies and enemys, but it would still be it's own faction with it's own power, land and admin. Weaker factions could benefit from being a vassal because powerful factions could offer to fund them in exchange for military support. It's probably a ton of coding, so I'm not expecting this, it's just a neat idea I wanted to share.
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    Look up faction extras it has this option

    How Do I change it for If someone walks into safezone or WarZone it says something eles then not the safest place to be and the colors?

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    this is probably a simple question to answer, ops or anyone with admin permissions, cannot access/break in any users factions. Help please thank!
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    Hello, i have a question:

    on claiming land i can set to reset LWC locks, but it only resets chests..

    is there a way i can make it reset all lwc protetions? (doors, furnaces, signs)
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    Is there a way to put faction names after player names, ie. instead of [FACTION] [NAME] msg, could it be [NAME] [FACTION] msg,
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    I got this and I was wondering if I can get rid of the tag in my name
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    Hey I'm running a very large server and this plugin seems to be causing some huge memory leaks, I'm maxed RAM with only 1 player. Here are my specs, 34GB Ram DDR3 1333Mhz, Xeon E3-1260, x2 SSD 120GB, and 1gb/s internet speed.
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    Hey I'm HeadHunts and i am italian, soo i need this plugins but i need at IT language and i try with Eclipse, the file .class do not read... can you help me?
    Can you contact me on skype (azraelmc) or send me a PM.

    Soo i have install DJ java decripter but i don't know that compiler...
    Sorry for my bad English but i'm italian.
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    okease alloow Bpermissions
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    hey all,
    ive had a look around i was hoping someone could tell me how to get that minimap from Sayshal's video.

    thanks all,
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    can you add world edit support to the claiming of safezones and warzones. pls
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    Can you add X and Y (dimension) claiming? like the one with "Worldedit" I think its easier and much accurate to claim a land doing that. Thanks
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    Any possible way to prevent players from using enderpearls in war/safe zone?
    Or blocking usage of any other item?
    Maybe add it in the config there is a claimed land config and for ofline.
    But nothing for war/safe zone.
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    when i set worldGuardChecking: true
    it wont work , ive even used /f config worldGuardChecking true
    but people can still claim there area , please help
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    MassiveCraft "ResidenceChecking"
    Could you make this plugin hook into the Residence API and make it where there is an option in the configuration to disable making factions in chunks containing residences? Tag me back when you reply please.
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    any chance of adding a Spout version of the claimed area map?
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    can someone help for some reason people are being booted from the faction when they are inactive for a few day is there a way to fix this
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    This plugin is awesome. Everyone in my server loves it but I found a major plugin.
    My server uses Multiverse and scavenger.
    Lets say a player have a faction in the faction world and he sets a faction home spawn in that world. If he dies in another world with scavenger perms. He'll spawn in faction world with the items from another world. So if people die in the free build world with diamonds in their inventory, that'll just ruin the economy in the faction world. I tried to find a way to fix it but I can't find any solution. Can please add an enable/disable home auto respawn on death option or support for scavenger? thanks! and again, this is a great plugin.
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    One question, why are player's factions getting reset everytime i restart the server? Their factions just disappear.
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    I have an unfortunate announcement: since I've just closed down my own Minecraft server for various reasons (mostly boiling down to me not having enough time to devote to it), most of my motivation for working on Bukkit plugins is now gone. I most likely will not be actively developing any plugins I'm involved in from this point on. However, I still plan to maintain all plugins as needed for new Bukkit releases and minor bugfixes and such, I just probably won't be adding any major new features or answering much in the way of support questions.

    The source will remain available for all plugins, and I'd welcome anyone to take up active development. For Factions, Cayorion / Olof (the original author and still constant contributor for the plugin) will of course remain to develop the plugin and will continue to run the Massivecraft server.

    If anyone really wants a particular feature added to one of the plugins I've worked on, I will still consider doing sponsored feature requests; no promises, of course.

    Also, for Factions, I plan to try to make sure the 1.7 branch is ready before halting active development on it. There will also be at least one more 1.6.x release before then, probably quite soon. So, this announcement is a bit in advance of me ceasing active development on Factions.

    Sorry, guys. Again, I will at least try to bugfix and maintain my plugins for Bukkit updates, but that's about it.
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    is it automatically non ops cant make factions? because if non ops can how do i change that
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    I would like to configure my factions like this (sorry about my english):

    For declare war, Faction "A" and Faction "B" need to declare war each other, BOTH.


    Faction A declare WAR to Faction B
    Faction B NOT DECLARE WAR to Faction B
    They are in PEACE / Neutral

    Faction A declare WAR to Faction B
    Faction B declare War to Faction A
    they are in WAR.

    Is it possible ?!?!
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    Hello, why we can't open chests on safe/war zones please ?
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    Swoosh Bear

    I have a question.

    How do I disable the alias of not having to put the / in front of the f? I'm trying to make an arena where players can't teleport out of and I can block the command "/f home" but I can't block "f home".

    Is there any way to disable this alias?

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