[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    This factions plugin is a great work, i play Mc only on serv who have it.
    But i have a modification request.
    Because begin in that serv type is a little hard, and modos busy, i wood-like a pre-configuration option for the plugin, like this:
    On creating a faction, this one had a peaceful tag by default, this must be an admin choice, in the config file.
    And when the leader ready to fight, a new command, example: /f PvP {arg:Myfaction} set the tag peaceful to PvP.
    Like the /peaceful for the moderators , but this command must have the player permissions and not be a switch mode.

    i did try to explore the scr for change the code, but i m noob in java.

    hoping, some one more qualified than me be interested
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    Hello :)
    i just have a question.
    Can i , in some way, make so for every new factions member , every faction can claim 2 chunks.
    Not more, not less.
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    Hi there, im playing on a server with "Factions" and im asking my selfe:

    Is it possible to be in more then one faction?

    The reason why i ask is, because i have one building project that is more like a public activity but needs the restriction of the building right. That means I dont want everybody in my current faction to be able to build there. (It is an sort of adventure dungeon)

    Or is something like this possible with the "owner" commands
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    Is there a way to block explosion but keep their explosion effects?

    I ask this because I have a grenade plugin that enables you to throw explosive eggs, it explodes but the effects are gone because TNT explosion is blocked in my config.
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    usually the users do "/f [command]" but they can do "f [command]" too, how can I disable the second method?
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    For the love of god, can fire charges be added to territorydenyuseage lists? Is there some way to do this?

    Okay, i used f config territorydenyuseage materials firecharge and factions tells me it's not a valid thing? Could this be amended, because everything flammable on people's lands is being destroyed.

    Just loooked through the past several posts. Looks like the op does not respond. Does anyone know a way to edit the config files for factions directly? a .json editor?

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    Pikmin Red

    I'm using this plugin on my server, but for some reason when players make TNT cannons and launch them into other players bases, the TNT doesn't explode or cause damage to the terrain. Any way I can disable this? Thanks in advance.

    I believe notepad++ should do the trick.

    Did you try using the ID number?

    I think you would be able to set the arena in a warzone, and then set it so they dont lose power in warzones. That would disable building and power loss, while its still normal everywhere else.

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    I get this error line when I try to start up my server with the Factions.jar in my plugins folder.

    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Factions v1.6.7 (Is it up to date?): com/google/gson/reflect/TypeToken

    It is worth noting I am running a Tekkit server, but am surprised to see an error since other Bukkit plugins have been functioning without a hitch.
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    You can set those areas as a WarZone and disable power loss in WarZones: /f config warZonePowerLoss false

    Not a bad idea. Someone else was asking for a way to choose peaceful or not when creating a faction, but this might work better. I'll consider it.

    Read the user guide. Yeas, you can change the amount of power each player can have.

    With the appropriate permissions you can join any faction and set any player (including yourself) as admin of any faction using the existing commands, remove/kick any player from their faction, and force any player to join any faction.
    To protect areas within your own faction from your regular faction members you can indeed also use the ownership system.

    Really we just need to be more specific in making sure that it's TNT causing a given explosion instead of assuming it's TNT if it's none of the other explosion types we check for. That's actually already changed in the source and will be in the next release.

    /f config allowNoSlashCommand false

    /f config territoryDenyUseageMaterials fireball
    /f config territoryDenyUseageMaterialsWhenOffline fireball

    Directly editing it wouldn't help, and in fact would likely cause the entire conf.json file to fail to load if you added invalid data or messed up the format somehow. That's one reason why using /f config is recommended. As for preventing use of fire charges, see above.
    As for not getting an op (original poster) response,
    A. I'm one of the dev team and effectively the op, and I'm responding here. Fancy that. Free support from one of the people who provides the plugin to you for free is great, isn't it? :p
    B. I already answered this exact question a couple of pages back. Fancy that as well.

    That shouldn't be happening unless you've changed the "territoryBlockTNT" and/or "territoryBlockTNTWhenOffline" settings, both of which default to false (TNT explosions not prevented). Well, unless the faction is Peaceful and they've disabled TNT explosions in their territory.

    Is your Tekkit server still running CraftBukkit 1.1-R4? If so, that's why CraftBukkit 1.1-R4 is quite outdated. CraftBukkit 1.1-R6 and up should work fine for Factions 1.6.7.
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    Hello, maybe this is a stupid question and already has been questioned by someone but ,please, answer me.
    Somehow other players can go in to others account and delete faction before they even login. Between I'm using AuthMe authorization plugin. Maybe it is my config problem. If so, please, can you tell me how to configure Factions the right way?
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    Not to be rude but... it seems you've been hosting a crack server or hamachi ? :< which is not a good idea.
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    In faction tpa? That would be sick!
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    That would not work, because you could just have another faction member use the command, and I want the cooldown per faction, so I can set multiple factions to enemy within a reasonable time, but cant set them back for another hour, or day. Also, ally, neutral and enemy are seperate commands, so they would have seperate cooldowns
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    Pretty Sure you can group the cooldown with bCooldown or the like, However I see your first point.
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    Just wondering if you could please implement an optional faction member teleport with a command like
    /f tp (player name)

    Then to accept or delince the teleport

    /f tpaccept
    /f tpdeny

    would be great if you could implement this and would make this plugin perfect for my server.
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    Just a suggestion:

    I am NOT a plugin developer and I do not know much about java, but I think that this would be an easy plugin for one of the authors to create:

    Based on your "Factions" claiming land command, I was thinking that you could create a simple anti-griefing plugin.
    This would be done by letting every player claim land for him/her-self. This person would be able to claim land based on the permission node, for instance 'awesomeplugin.claimland.<any number>'
    Only that person would be able to build and destroy in that area, at least besides people who have a permission node like 'awesomeplugin.bypass'. This is just a basis for an idea that I would love to see come to life, if there is already a plugin like this PLEASE let me know :).
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    Joormatt So... let everyone create their own faction, and set power loss from death to 0 if so desired (/f config powerPerDeath 0). Server admins/whatever can use /f bypass to bypass all protections. Isn't that effectively what you're asking for?
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    Essentialy, yes, but have everyone's faction made as soon as they get on without them having to do anyting, but just including these features reduces alot of ram and cpu usage which a lot of server owners could use.

    EDIT: Also keep the map and let admins be able to claim SafeZones
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    Could you please add a option to set how much money factions can have max in there bank?
    Players lose money when they die on my server and easy store it in faction and lose nothing.
    Think it wouldn't be that much work to add just a config like with maxmoneyinbank
    Hope you will think about adding it.
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    I definitely don't have the time or desire to write and maintain another plugin, just personally.

    No further economy related features are planned by me since I don't use an economy on my server (can't speak for Olof), but we do accept pull requests if someone else wants to implement it.
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    Could you talk to another dev about it, or recommend me to a place where i could learn java?
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    Alright will let our coders add a pull request if Olof also don't wanna do it.
    Thanks for the answer though.
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    Pikmin Red

    It seems we have encountered a quite odd bug. Factions seem to be disbanding themselves. No players are a part of the the faction have been on at that point, and no one has forcibly disbanded it with admin commands. I have two screenshots of this happening, the latter showing the complete randomness of it. If you'd like, Ill upload the images.
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    How can I enable pvp against same faction members? Or atleast enable it in ceratin areas?
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    lol where is the the .jar that we have 2 download and put in the lib folder thing????
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    Probably factions where the users have been offline for too long, as per "autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity". After all faction members are gone, the faction will be disbanded unless it's a permanent faction.

    WarZones and: /f config warZoneFriendlyFire true

    Gone. No longer needed since newer releases of CraftBukkit include GSON.
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    Hate to be a nag, but is the Iron Golems being faction specific coming out with the 2.0 release? When can we expect this if so?
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    Is there a way to claim safezone and warzone with wand? It is so hard to claim exactly where you want it.
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    Hi, I'd like to write about an error that's been happening on my server.
    When I shut down my server, every program disables correctly except factions.
    I get this message:
    Factions: Disabling Factions v1.6.7
    Factions: v1.6.7] Failed to save the board to disk.
    Factions: v1.6.7] Disabled

    Then, when the server starts back up, all factions are disbanded. I have a relatively new server so I'm restarting the server a LOT. + I'm using factions to claim safezones at home, so I can't have it. Any help is very accepted and appreciated.
  30. Brettflan If you aren't logged and if you write "f" command without "/" the command works! Can you fix this?

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