[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    I like throwing idea's out there and here very good one and could solve a problem.
    What about adding a configurable time that allows a base to be tnt'ed after the faction has logged out?
    Example: FactionA goes to bomb FactionB. Currently when FactionB realizes they are going to get bombed they just log off and have no reason to defend (This is with DisableTnTwhileoffline=true). If there was a time after FactionB logged off where FactionA could bomb it would encourage factions to stay online and defend their base's unlike what currently happens.
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    How about deny f home when in enemy claimed land? that would make traps much more fun to have :D and will make raiding more risky!
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    ^ Yes. I think that would be awesome. I love the plugin but people seem to evade bombings by logging out and it's irritating.
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    Someone, help please.
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    If I remember poeple couldnt use blocks under them to climb walls and jump over things in others teritorries instead they get teleported down, but they appear to able to do that now. any ideas on this ?
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    Could you make it possible to just completely disable the plugin in certain worlds? We have 7 worlds and I only want factions in one of them. I know you have the option to stop power loss and claiming in other worlds, but I just want to completely have it not exist in other worlds - it still sends you a message when you die in other worlds which is really annoying :\ Also the chat is still affected in other worlds.

    EDIT: I don't think this works at all with HeroChat any more. Just looked at the HC source:

        public void onPlayerChat(PlayerChatEvent event) {
            if (event.isCancelled()) {
            Player sender = event.getPlayer();
            String name = sender.getName();
            ChannelManager cm = plugin.getChannelManager();
            Channel c = cm.getActiveChannel(name);
            if (c != null) {
                String group = plugin.getPermissions().getGroup(sender);
                if (c.getVoicelist().contains(group) || c.getVoicelist().isEmpty()) {
                    if (!c.getPlayers().contains(name)) {
                    c.sendMessage(name, event.getMessage());
                    CraftIRC irc = plugin.getCraftIRC();
                    if (irc != null) {
                        String ircMsg = Messaging.format(plugin, c, plugin.getIrcMessageFormat(), name, event.getMessage(), false);
                        for (String tag : c.getIrcTags()) {
                            plugin.getCraftIRC().sendMessageToTag(ircMsg, tag);
                } else {
                    sender.sendMessage(plugin.getTag() + "You cannot speak in this channel");
    It does setCancelled on everything now :\
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    Sounds like a definite Bukkit bug, then. I remember there have been a lot of bug reports about block data passed to plugins being incorrect in chunks sometimes after teleport (something like that), but I thought they'd finally fixed it with 860.

    An option to keep factions from being able to claim land which isn't connected to their existing claims (with the exception of their first claim, of course) is something which has been suggested, and I'm not averse to it. I just don't currently plan on implementing it. Lack of motivation and free time.

    Another fair suggestion which has already come up, but not currently planned.

    The full error message shown in server console or log would be useful.

    War zones as suggested, or safe zones.

    I'll check on "warZoneDenyUseage" to see if there's a bug with it. So were you also wanting to allow building/destruction, such as with "warZoneDenyBuild"? I'm slightly confused.

    I suppose they can be made anywhere, which includes other factions' land. Seems sensible enough to require they be placed inside the faction's own territory. I'll add an option for that.

    Scroll down to Chat configuration in the second post.

    Not currently planned.

    It's actually still built against Permissions 2.5.5, since I just checked; I suppose I could at least update that to 2.7.4.

    Not a bad suggestion, but it would take a fair bit of work to add in proper tracking for that sort of thing.

    Sensible enough and easy to implement; I'll add it in the next release.

    That could be a substantial undertaking, making it check the world before basically doing anything. Not planned.

    That's how all chat plugins work by necessity for local/channel chat, cancelling the chat event and sending individual messages to the appropriate players. Factions forcibly loads some chat plugins like HeroChat before itself to prevent chat-related conflicts.
    In Factions 1.3.0 I also added in functions to the main plugin class which can be hooked by other plugins for just such purposes. The HeroChat dev(s) are welcome to hook into Factions much like is done for Permissions, using these functions in the main Factions plugin class:
        // Does player have Faction Chat enabled? If so, chat plugins should preferably not do channels,
        // local chat, or anything else which targets individual recipients, so Faction Chat can be done
        public static boolean isPlayerFactionChatting(Player player) {}
        // Get a player's faction tag (faction name), mainly for usage by chat plugins for local/channel chat
        public static String getPlayerFactionTag(Player player) {}
        // Same as above, but with relation (enemy/neutral/ally) coloring potentially added to the tag
        public static String getPlayerFactionTagRelation(Player speaker, Player listener) {}
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    If i forked and did a pull request for the world disable stuff would you accept it?
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    I received the message: You lack the permission... i find ans i find anything to help me.
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    I am actually unsure how to get that, it is hosted through brohoster, in tcadmin, since you are a developer, I would be willing to give you the ability to go in and view the files if that would make it easier for you.
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    Yes, that's it exactly. I was using it to have areas where people could build, but not claim. Then use WorldGuard for smaller, protected areas better suited for an already existing city.

    "warZoneDenyBuild" was set to off, and they can build in there already, it's just we only noticed because someone was trying to place lava for decor for their shop and couldn't.

    Not sure if it helps, but when it was alerting them, it would say two different things. I can't recall when it said which, but depending on whether "warZoneDenyUseage" was set to true or false, it would either say "[yellow]You cannot build in a war zone." or "[yellow]You cannot build in territory [red]War Zone." with what's in the brackets their colors, of course.

    I was also having problems getting autowar to work(haven't tried autoclaim or autosafe yet, and my server's down right now so I can't), as it would only claim the plot of land that I was in when using the command, but that's not a major problem for me as I have an easy workaround using /powertool. Just figured you might want to know about that as well.
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    Okay :)
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    So here is what I got from the server log.
    This was what happened during the time Chris tried to /f create zoners.

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    Would it be possible for you to check if the player is an op before showing them the server admin commands in the /f help pages? I don't particularly want my members seeing all those commands.
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    Is there a way to get rid of like the 'f' and that in chat? It's really annoying and looks messy :S
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    That isn't this plugin. The errors clearly show it's either mcMMO outdated, or your CB. I would suggest trying to update mcMMO.
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    Hello, I'm the admin of my server and wish to know if i can set it where I (and only me) can claim as much land as wanted. Is it possible?
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    So, when he types /f create zoners, and it says internal error that means mcmmo is outdated? Cause it only happens when I have Permissions or PermissionsEX installed, nothing to do with mcmmo, it works fine until I create those.
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    Umm how the hell to i get power so i can claim more land is there a admin command to get more a lttle help
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    I have one question, and forgive me for asking if this was already answered elsewhere in this thread.

    Does this plugin support multi-world, and if so, does it support the ability to disable it in some worlds (or only enable it in certain worlds)?

    The reason I ask is because I run a server that is mainly creative (no PvP, you can spawn blocks, kinda like Classic but with a wider variety of blocks), however, some of my players are itching to get into battle. I'd like to give them the option to have factions in one world (eventually more, if it's popular).
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    Sounds like you didn't read the information about the plugin... To get more power you need more members or simply go in the config and change the maximum amount of power per person then go into the player file and put your power to that amount...second step simply so you wouldnt have to wait for power to go from 10 to w/e you set.

    There is multiworld support and you can change if land can be claimed there along with if power is lost when you die there. In the config file at the very bottom is this.
      "worldsNoClaiming": [],
      "worldsNoPowerLoss": []
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    Don't know if this has been brought to your attention, but the No Faction counter for the faction list doesn't display correctly. Even though there were like 2 people online without a faction, the counter still said 0 people were in "No Faction".
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    Thank you! I know my players will love this
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    As long as the code is at least passable and it doesn't detract from the plugin (cause problems or generally conflict with the focus of the plugin), I do indeed accept pull requests.

    Read the first post for Permissions.

    Right you are, it was bugged. It'll be fixed in the next release.

    I'll check into it.

    It's possible, of course, but currently it caches the pages and uses those for everyone. Ideally it would check the user permissions for each command and only show the ones actually available, but... it would take a rewrite of the help code.

    Look to Chat Configuration towards the bottom of this post. The 'f' and similar are due to color codes getting stuck together from a bad faction tag insertion spot being used.

    Using Permissions as outlined in the first post, yes.

    The error messages point to problems with your Permissions plugin of choice. You should post that error log over there.
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at ru.tehkode.permissions.compat.PermissionHandler.permission(PermissionHandler.java:76)
    at ru.tehkode.permissions.compat.PermissionHandler.permission(PermissionHandler.java:67)
    at ru.tehkode.permissions.compat.PermissionHandler.has(PermissionHandler.java:40)
    Right you are. Should be fixed in the next release.

    So to be sure, that recent $10 donation was from you?

    By the way, after some thought on how to implement it, I've changed my mind on adding a configurable delay for the "all faction players are offline" check, such that it doesn't consider them offline until X minutes after the last one logs off. I thought of an easy low-impact way to add that, so I will.
    People on my own server were clamoring for that now that I'm planning to prevent offline TNT cannoning for them. :)
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    Thanks! A number of my users will be glad to hear this.
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    Is there any chance that you will bring out some different sets of languages for that plugin? like templates?
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    I've been thinking could you make it so you can have sub factions inside a large one. I have 4 main factions on myserver as i don't want it messy with lots. But people ask if they can make there own. Maybe like in this smaller groups players have private chats, can tp to each other. Mainly so groups of friends have a may of being connected.
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    Would still be nice to see the ability to merge factions together seamlessly. With land transferring over without having to reclaim it all.
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    It was :)
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    Not to sound like a broken record, but: sorry, not currently planned.

    I thought so, but wanted to be sure. I'll add that option to disable PvP for people not in factions to the next release.

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