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    factions.participate grants almost all basic commands, including open/close.

    EDIT: by the way, on the subject of Endermen block removal and placement, it looks like tracking methods for that were just pulled into Bukkit in the last hour or so.
    So, that'll work.
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    What can i do for recharge the power? Only waiting? is possible to set increase by kills?
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    When i try to change something for my config and reload it just automatically changes back to the default config file. please help XD
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    Power degeneration while offline would be a nice option to have somewhere. The first thing I noticed about the plugin is mass recruiting players who will go quit in a day or two and just passively contribute 10 power points while offline seems to be the best way to run a town. The players will get booted automatically after a set number of days offline, but what I really wanted to change in the configs specifically was players having power points degenerate down to 0 over 2-3 days while offline. Something like would reward having a town built of active members over a town with lots of inactive members.

    Hopefully the option for something like this gets added some day because it would be a lot of fun!
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    i thought there was an option to lose power while offline, i would have to reread though. but man that would be such a headache...everyone and there mother is going to complain "i cant login for the next week", can you make my faction peaceful? not good for public servers imo. Maybe for tightly managed semiprivate servers. Yea the current system is a little flawed but works pretty well for what players want. Maybe someone can think of a better system for Factions 2.0 though.
    Maybe if the offline power loss could scale with time actually played on the server... As in you play less than 1 hour and lose 5 power a day or whatever, but if you have played 24 hours you only lose 1 power a day. probably somewhat tough to implement but i dont know, i can't code ;P

    Edit: even better have a formula for time played in last week and last month and have it scale on those numbers.
    Edit 2: give faction owners a "reserve list" they can place a few members on the reserve list for a specified number of days and those players would not lose power. Make the reserve list limit and reserve list days configurable. To take it even further you could make this permission based so by default there is no reserve list but given the permission node, faction owner would then have the reserve list to use. That is kind of a stretch though.

    None of this really fixes factions claiming far less than their power limit however so blah i dont know.
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    Joshua Abraham

    Factions doesn't seem to be working with the latest version of iconomy (6). It acts like theres no economy plugin at all.
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    @Brettflan - Any way you can add a log for the command /f bypass. I have been having issues with admins taking advantage of this and i would really like to catch this "Rouge Admin" and possibly prevent situations like this from getting out of hand again. Thanks Mate
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    How do I make it so players in the same faction cant hit each other?
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    Waiting for it to recharge is currently the only way.

    Read the top of the user guide's configuration page which addresses that problem. You should additionally note that there will be an error indicated at the start of your server log/console indicating the source of the problem.

    Not a bad idea, having a player's power decrease over time while they're offline. I'll add it to my "look into soonish" list. It should probably also cut off at 0 (by default, but settable) and not automatically drop any lower.

    Has 6 been officially released now? I'll have to see about updating to accommodate it, then.

    Hmm. At the least, I can have it post to the server console/log when a player enables or disables it.

    As I've mentioned, that's a bug which happens when the "enablePVPAgainstFactionlessInAttackersLand" option is enabled. It will be fixed.

    Since a new RB for 1.8 was just posted, I'll try to get out an update in the next day or two which prevents Endermen from placing or removing blocks in claimed territory.
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    can u add the possibility for recharge the power by the kills others enemy factions? Is pretty funny :D
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    Tracking cause of death in Bukkit is a bit of a pain, so this isn't currently planned. It's not a bad idea, though, so it might eventually happen.
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    Working with #1185?
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    Yes, but you might still wait a few minutes. I'm about to post a new release which stops Endermen from messing with blocks in claimed territory.

    Note that 1.5.0 is only compatible with CB 1185 and above; it will not work on 1060 or other older CB builds.

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    Yaaaay! :D
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    is there a permission node for who the powerOfflineLossPerDay effects? I would prefer to not have this effect my regulars.
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    I want to make players able to reset their power to 0 (if power is under 0) for money (iConomy).


    Player power is -48
    Player types /rpower, pays 50 credits (iconomy)
    His power is now 0.

    How can it be done? I don't know anything about scripting in java.

    about this config:

    Is it possible to make enemies able to place TNT (denybuild) in enemy territory? For attacking..
  17. Hello, I'm interested in using factions on my server but the other admins would like to ask if the following is possible in factions:

    Scenario 1:

    Players A, B and C. A joins a faction where B and C do not, Factions is setup so that A cannot hurt B or C as they are factionless but B wants to hit C and C wants to hit B but neither want to go near A.

    Scenario 2:

    Players Alpha and Beta are in the same faction and want to fight each other but not kill each other, effectively like the duel system you get in a lot of games where the players are left with very little health after the combat. Basically they fight each other but they can't kill each other, they can only go to half a heart and that's it.
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    Hi, i activated the option in the config for activate iconomy but, when i create a faction i dont see any message for pay for create faction. Its working the bridge of faction with iconomy 6?
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    That's sadly not feasible, due to the apparent inability to check permissions of players while they're offline.

    1. That would require a new command, and I'm not keen on adding commands which have no purpose unless you're using an economy plugin.

    2. There's currently no method to deny only certain material types for building/destruction.

    1. "disablePVPForFactionlessPlayers" only cares if one of the two players is factionless, and makes no further distinctions. You could however set up a War Zone and let them fight in there.
    2. You could likewise allow those players to fight each other in a War Zone by enabling the "warZoneFriendlyFire" option, and could also set the "warZonePowerLoss" setting to false if desired. They won't be kept from killing each other, but they at least won't suffer power loss from killing each other.

    Read the release notes. Specifically:
  20. @Brettflan
    Hey again ^^,
    Has it been suggested that power is regained on a kill?
    Might bring some interesting combinations of play to the table, Forcing people to PvP more rather than chicken out if they fall negative.
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    I know that this is too much to ask, but could you please make a new plugin with that command? (iConomy 5 support, bukkit built-in permissions).
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    how does one update this without old faction settings be reset?
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    The option territoryEnemyProtectMaterials doesnt currently seem to do anything either way when set to true or false. Also I dont know if there is a way to set this but I'd like to have it set up where enemies can access protected materials while the other faction is online but not when everyone is offline. Don't know if another option would have to be added in the config to do that or if I can do that right now and I just missed something.
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    Yes, on the last page.

    Sorry, not planned.

    Updating does not reset your conf.json file. A damaged conf.json file causes it to reset to defaults. Read the top of the user guide's configuration page which addresses that problem. You should additionally note that there will be an error indicated at the start of your server log/console indicating the source of the problem.

    1. There do appear to be some issues with it; I'll check into it further.
    2. Another option would be needed for that.
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    20:48:52 [SEVERE] [JAR-LOADER] This file does not exist: ./lib/gson.jar
    20:48:52 [SEVERE] [Factions v1.5.0] Disabling myself as ./lib/gson.jar is missing from the root Minecraft server folder.
    What does this mean?!
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    It might not be updated yet only the factions part is updated not that
    Edit: Nevermind its updated
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    great release and thanks, to upgrade to i just need to replace the jar?
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    It means you didn't read the "How Do I Install" part of the first post, and need to do so.

    Indeed, but hang on a minute. Bugfix release coming very shortly.

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    great thanks alot
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    My players factions keep getting randomly disbanded.

    Versions Cb - 1185 Factions 1.5.1

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