[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    A channel for ally chat is on the list of stuff to maybe add eventually. A staff channel, probably not.

    What other plugins do you use which might be messing with chat (DynMap included)?

    I've had other similar reports, and it sounds more and more like a Bukkit bug. Particularly the bug which has Bukkit report all blocks inside specific chunks to be air instead of whatever they actually are.
    If you have any plugins which refresh chunks (like BananaChunk), that seems to trigger the bug more often than it would normally occur.
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    i was on a server and it said(no faction zone and no build zone) how can i do this?
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    Probably safe zones and war zones, just renamed. I can't say for sure though, especially without more details.
    You could always ask the server owner how they did it.
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    It was the rules plugin i had :|
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    G1R Productions

    How do I restrict the ability for faction leaders to change their names? Also what is command to change name.
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    Do you mean the faction name? As factions mod does not allow people to change player names.
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    dan2519 said:
    on my pc it says this whenever i try to use the plugin​
    Did you follow the "How do I Install" part of the first post?

    Yes i did i followed it and it still popped up.
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    can i send u a screenshot?
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    Give more info? My first question is did you edit any of the files?
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    If you mean the faction name/tag, the command is /f tag. You can give them the permission factions.commandDisable.tag to prevent them from being able to use it.

    In that case, I don't know. The presence of gson.jar should have taken care of it. I'm actually not sure how you have it set up in the first place, with a pop-up error message like that.

    Can you not ask the server owners? Then you'll know for sure. It's their server, so I would only be guessing how they set it up where they would obviously know how they have it set up.

    That's an internal class which exists inside the Factions JAR file. Have you modified the JAR file, or downloaded an unofficial one, or what? Where did you download it from?
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    Moved the Lib File and it loads...will test.

    Am testing on the MC 1.8 (Just trying to help)
    Bukkit 1109

    16:43:53 [INFO] [Factions v1.4.7] === ENABLE START ===
    16:43:53 [SEVERE] [JAR-LOADER] This file does not exist: ./lib/gson.jar
    16:43:53 [SEVERE] [Factions v1.4.7] Disabling myself as ./lib/gson.jar is missing from the root Minecraft server folder.
    I must compliment your error handling.

    I am just trying to help I don't expect this soon everyone has better things to do.
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    Does it work on Bukkit?
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    Have you followed the How Do I Install notes in the first post?
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    That one should be fine, so I'm not sure how you're getting that error message from an un-tampered JAR file.

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    Do we have to wait to the latest "recommended" build for this plugin to get updated? Currently it's the only plugin not working on my 1.8 server.
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    You might have to wait a bit, yes. Probably not as long as it will take for a new RB, but who knows.

    Could you describe what error message you're getting or what's not working, though?
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    Thanks for the feature requests Brett :)
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    im seeing a few Factions servers up and running looks like it works with 1.8 :D
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    Or they could be on 1.7.3 still like us, I'm planning a Stargate themed 1.8 server
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    no its definitely 1.8. logged on with 1.8.1 client
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    why i get this message,

    You can't use XXX in this territory,it owned by:

    if the land is not claimed ?

    I just upgraded to 1.4.8
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    What this mod needs is some form of encouragement to use all power to gain land. Currently what happens is factions leave a big power buffer, so that you have to kill a lot more than are normally online.

    I propose fixing this by optionally tying the system more with iConomy. Every x amount of time, for y land give y divided by z amount of 'income'. This money means big factions will have a lot of credits at their disposal and will encourage smaller factions to grow and compete.

    If you want somebody to help code this for you, I will fork the project and add it, however I'd rather not dive into Java at the moment.
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    I had a quick and simple idea for a useful feature. I dont know how easy it is to implement but there are chat filters with the same concept. This would just block the faction from being created. This is just an example to explain what i mean:
    "blockTheseFactionNames": [
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    Checked the related code, and yes, that's a bug. Material protection (interaction with doors, chests, etc.) isn't supposed to be triggered in wilderness, war zones, or safe zones, but as you've found it is. I'll try to get a bugfix release up shortly.

    @Autonomy I don't use any economy plugins myself and only added iConomy support due to a donation, so... not something I'll add myself. Sorry.

    @wachnlurn Filter out specific faction names? Certainly doable without a huge effort, but I don't much see the point.
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    It doesn't output any error message, sorry. When I type /plugins it shows up in red (only plugin to do this), however.
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    And you're sure ./lib/gson.jar exists (as per the How Do I Install part of the first post here)?
    Of course, if that were the problem, it would output a very clear error message when you start up the server.

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    factions + color coded dynmap regions = would be sex in box.

    also, how do i set it so ops can claim as much land as they want so i can make larger warzones?
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    AHH! You may have just found the problem! Sorry for the trouble buddy, I know what's causing it now.

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