[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Great plugin. Thanks for your work.

    I just had a player report that he was able to access an offline faction's burning furnace. I checked the furnace and it was accessible while burning but not after it stopped burning. Not sure if this was the intended functionality.
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    I get this error when I try to add factions participate and factions create
    help please >.<
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    Brettflan can u implement iConomy support to add a cost on faction creation? :D
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    This has been asked often and the answer is "not currently planned"
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    I currently have safezonedenyusage set to true, however players are still able to access chests? I haven't tested it with any other items though. Any ideas? I'm using the latest versions of Factions and CraftBukkit.
  6. Hmm, not intended. After a little thought, I expect adding "BURNING_FURNACE" to your "territoryProtectedMaterials" and "territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline" lists will take care of it. Can you test that for me? If so, I'll add that to the default configuration.

    That's a problem with Permissions; please post in their thread.

    "DenyUsage" is for preventing items in the player's inventory from being used, such as buckets and flint&steel. See the associated conf.json options. Doors and such are on the "ProtectedMaterials" list. Why would you want to prevent players from using doors and chests in a safe zone?
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    Is it possible for some admin friendly Commands like.
    -Being able to teleport to someone faction Home.
    -Being able to kick a single person out of a faction (Alt accounts)
    -Forcing a player to join a faction.
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    still got a problem with an echo so when i say HI my chat says
    Pirate robo hi
    robo hi
    i do not use a prefixer
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    can you implement faction mod and leader are the only person allowed to build in the territory? because sometimes some new invited members are not trust worthy and allowed them to grief the faction territory.
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    I think you missed my post on the previous page
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    Ok I seem to have a small problem, did a small keyword search and didn't come up with anything but here it goes.

    After updating to 1.7.2 factions was still working as intended, once other plugins started being released as a CB for 1.7.2, I started updating. Now the problem I have is the faction tag will not show, I have deleted the plugin and re-installed, but to no avail.

    The factiontag=true is set that way, but could it be another plugin that somehow when updated, overrides it? All in all the factions STILL work, it's just the chat tag that isn't "showing".

    BTW It's 1.7.2 RB #953.
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    I want to thank you for this great plugin, and especially for open sourcing it. This is great!

    Anyway, Perhaps you remember me messaging you a few weeks ago about factions source.
    I did download and put a mod in. There are now new options "territoryPainBuild" and "territoryPainBuildWhenOffline" that allow a middle ground between denybuild and freebuild in faction territory. If you place or destroy a block in enemy territory, you take 1/2 heart of damage. This is a simple change, but I wondered if you would like to incorporate it? I've been running it for weeks on my server, and my players love it!

    The other addition I wanted to add was automatic permission adding. Each of my main factions has specific powers, and I want players to get those powers when they join the faction, rather than adding them manually. I want to have it check for a Permissions group with the same name as the Faction tag, and add them to that group. I'll do this as soon as I have the time and figure out how. The permissions API does not seem to allow adding players to a group! If you are interested in including this, I'll add config options for it when I get there.
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    This plugin gives me double chat,and it's one of my plugins. can you tell me which plugin i need to remove? reply so i can tell you all my plugins
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    "you do not have permission" keeps coming up everytime i try to use a faction command, help?

    Permissions is sorted and working it just comes up with this message everytime anyone trys to create or join or use any faction commands
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    DJ Olditmes

    Is there a way to delete factions?
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    Hey guys, I'm having a problem on server restart where all factions get reset. Is there any knowledge of this bug?

    edit: The files aren't updating on the FTP which is the cause
  17. support for multiowlrd?
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    I'll donate some more if you can add number of kill/death for members and factions. Also but most importantly be able to save numbers to a text file and/or reset the values and start a new text file (for weekly stats). This would be superb :]
  19. Tell you what, I will modify the /f kick command to allow users with the admin-level "disband" permission to kick anyone from their faction.
    As for "why won't you add feature X?" questions, as I mentioned before, it generally comes down to not having much free time to devote to the plugin for now. Also, while you may think "feature X" is absolutely critical, others won't care about it but will instead think "feature Y" or "feature Z" (you get the picture) is absolutely critical to add to Factions.

    Some other plugin that messes with chat is causing it. I'd guess that plugin is doing its thing after Factions and is either un-cancelling the chat event or ignoring the fact that it's been cancelled.

    Yes, that would be caused by another plugin which messes with chat, most likely one that does local/channel chat.

    Sure, sounds like an interesting addition. Could you submit a pull request over on GitHub?

    If you get that message, then permissions are not sorted.

    /f disband [faction]

    That is an interesting idea. It would take some thought as to how best to implement it and what specific relational data to track. It comes down to being a lot of work no matter how you slice it.
    I'll think about it, but don't get your hopes up too much.
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    Ahhhhhh I see, yes, I did change the local chat from essentials so 2 different worlds didn't have to hear so much chatter. It gets frustrating when trying to read what only 1 person is saying and 20 others are talking as well.

    Thanks for that as well, but is there anyway to have a "local" chat and still have the factions tag come up? or is that in no way possible? Alot of people complain about not seeing their tag and I assure them, factions is still working but they just don't seem to believe it.
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    Factions are unable to claim/unclaim enemy land. Is this be design or is there a bug?
  22. Not without the chat plugin in question using the provided hook functions from Factions, which is relatively simple. I've actually done that directly for EssentialsChat myself (since I use it with local chat) and submitted it to the Essentials project. If you read the version notes for the upcoming v2.5 release of Essentials, you'll see it's listed there. So, once Essentials 2.5 is released it will be directly supported where Factions and EssentialsChat get along perfectly.
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    "An internal error occurred when attempting to perform this command"
    I've tried to reload the plugin, deleting and uploading the plugin again, and nothing is working. How can I fix this? Is there a conflicting plugin or something? Maybe Essentials is affecting Factions instead of Factions affecting Essentials.
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    Was wondering if there is a a way to set the max Character limit on the faction tags to something over 10?
    Maybe 15 / 11?

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    im admin for my server and i want to make a larger area claimed but it says: "you cant claim more land. You need more power!" How can i make it so i have unlimited power to claim?
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    Getting the same thing here. Here's my groups.yml:

    Code (Text):
    1. groups:
    2.   Default:
    3.     default: true
    4.     permissions:
    5.   - factions.participate - factions.create  - essentials.help
    6.     - essentials.helpop
    7.     - essentials.list
    8.     - essentials.motd
    9.     - essentials.rules
    10.     - essentials.spawn
    11.     inheritance:
    13. []
    14.     info:
    15.       prefix: '&e'
    16.       build: false
    17.       suffix: ''
    18.   SemiAdmin:
    19.     default: false
    20.     permissions:
    21.     - -groupmanager.mantogglesave
    22.     - essentials
    23.     - essentials.clearinventory
    24.     - essentials.cooldown.bypass
    25.     -
    27. essentials.deljail
    28.     - essentials.give
    29.     - essentials.god
    30.     - essentials.heal
    31.     - essentials.heal.others
    32.     - essentials.invsee
    33.     - essentials.item
    34.     - essentials.jails
    35.     - essentials.kickall
    36.     - essentials.kit.*
    37.     -
    39. essentials.mute
    40.     - essentials.sell
    41.     - essentials.setjail
    42.     - essentials.signs.protection.override
    43.     - essentials.spawnmob
    44.     - essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass
    45.     - essentials.teleport.timer.bypass
    46.     - essentials.togglejail
    49. - groupmanager.*
    50.     - essentials.burn
    51.     inheritance:
    52.     - moderator
    53.     info:
    54.       prefix: '&c'
    55.       build: true
    56.       suffix: ''
    57.   Builder:
    58.     default: false
    59.     permissions:
    60.     - essentials.afk
    61.     - essentials.back.ondeath
    62.     -
    64. essentials.balance
    65.     - essentials.chat.shout
    66.     - essentials.compass
    67.     - essentials.home
    68.     - essentials.kit
    69.     - essentials.kit.tools
    70.     - essentials.mail
    71.     - essentials.mail.send
    72.     - essentials.me
    73.     - essentials.msg
    74.     -
    76. essentials.nick
    77.     - essentials.pay
    78.     - essentials.portal
    79.     - essentials.protect
    80.     - essentials.sethome
    81.     - essentials.signs.buy.use
    82.     - essentials.signs.disposal.create
    83.     - essentials.signs.disposal.use
    84.     -
    86. essentials.signs.free.use
    87.     - essentials.signs.heal.use
    88.     - essentials.signs.mail.create
    89.     - essentials.signs.mail.use
    90.     - essentials.signs.protection.create
    91.     - essentials.signs.protection.use
    92.     - essentials.signs.sell.use
    93.     -
    95. essentials.signs.trade.create
    96.     - essentials.signs.trade.use
    97.     - essentials.suicide
    98.     - essentials.tpa
    99.     - essentials.tpaccept
    100.     - essentials.tpahere
    101.     - essentials.tpdeny
    102.     - essentials.warp
    103.     - essentials.warp.list
    104.     -
    106. essentials.worth
    107.     inheritance:
    108.     - default
    109.     info:
    110.       prefix: '&2'
    111.       build: true
    112.       suffix: ''
    113.   Moderator:
    114.     default: false
    115.     permissions:
    116.     - essentials.back
    117.     - essentials.ban
    118.     - essentials.banip
    119.     -
    121. essentials.broadcast
    122.     - essentials.delwarp
    123.     - essentials.depth
    124.     - essentials.eco
    125.     - essentials.getpos
    126.     - essentials.jump
    127.     - essentials.kick
    128.     - essentials.kill
    129.     - essentials.setwarp
    130.     - essentials.time
    131.     -
    133. essentials.togglejail
    134.     - essentials.top
    135.     - essentials.tp
    136.     - essentials.tphere
    137.     - essentials.tpo
    138.     - essentials.tpohere
    139.     - essentials.tppos
    140.     - essentials.tptoggle
    141.     - essentials.unban
    142.     - essentials.unbanip
    143.     -
    145. essentials.whois
    146.     - essentials.world
    147.     - groupmanager.listgroups
    148.     - groupmanager.mandemote
    149.     - groupmanager.manload
    150.     - groupmanager.manpromote
    151.     - groupmanager.mansave
    152.     - groupmanager.manselect
    153.     - groupmanager.manuadd
    154.     -
    156. groupmanager.manudel
    157.     - essentials.ext
    158.     inheritance:
    159.     - builder
    160.     info:
    161.       prefix: '&5'
    162.       build: true
    163.       suffix: ''
    164.   Admin:
    165.     default: false
    166.     permissions:
    167.   - -factions.manageSafeZone - -factions.manageWarZone - -
    169. factions.adminBypass - -factions.reload - -factions.saveall - -factions.lock - -factions.disband - -factions.worldOptions  - '*'
    170.   - -essentials.protect.damage.*
    171.     inheritance:
    172.     - semiadmin
    173.     info:
    174.       prefix: '&4'
    175.       build: true
    178.    suffix: ''
  27. Find the error details which were output to the server log/console corresponding with that. Without that info, there's no telling what might be causing it.

    "factionTagLengthMax" in conf.json.

    All factions have the same power limits, no exceptions. The only unlimited claims are safe zones and war zones.
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    how do i make safe zones
    Edit: never mind i found it thx :)
  29. Does this support a multi-world server? Because my server has 5 worlds, in one of which being the world I would like to use this plugin.
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    Whenever someone tries to hurt me inside my faction zone it tells them "You tried to hurt _____" and it tells me " _____ tried to hurt you." How can I disable this to make all faction claimed land except SafeZones PvP?

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