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    Is anyone besides me having issues with any faction commands sending twice in game only (not console)?

    I'm using 1.8.0 Factions, but it was also doing it in

    My plugin list is rather huge, but no other plugins should be conflicting with that. It's happening for me and I'm OP so I have all permissions through OP/PermissionsEX.

    This has been happening since I updated to 1.5. I only saw 1 other person in Tickets having the same issue. I have disabled most of my plugins and it still happens.

    Would appreciate any help anyone may be able to provide!

    Spigot 1.5 R0.1 - version 675
    Main plugins: Multiverse build 665, Essentials 2.10.1, Nolagg 1.89.8, AntiAd 2.1, booscooldowns 3.4.2.


    Fixed, it was AntiAd.

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    Is it possible to assign greater power values based on permission groups? I want to set it up so that VIPs have additional power (or maybe can't go negative) over regular players.
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    I clicked in first post to download 1.8 since I am using the bukkit dev one which is 1.6.xx and wanted to see if performance on my server was improved, however, there is no 1.8 download in the link that's provided in the first post in this thread. Anyone has a link for 1.8? Thanks!
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    Help please! I also have hunger games on my server along with factions. They are two seperate worlds with multi world but if two people in the factions want to play they cant hurt each other. Can i disable that. The faction is not set as a peacful faction by the way.
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    Is it possible to block creature spawn in my faction area? not animal but creature. If not would like to suggest please.

    Thank you,
  6. You need to go to the bukkitdev (link on first page)
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    I am waiting for the useful ability to set how much force is needed to establish a claim
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    is it just me or has there been no indication that this plugin is working for 1.5.1? Why hasn't the dev site been updated since December??? Why can't I find any info on which version of this plugin to download for the current version of minecraft? Why doesn't anyone else seem to notice or be asking these questions? WHYYYY??? :p
  9. Perhaps because we just try the plugin and see if it works?
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    Hi, I installed factions and tried to modify the worldsNoclaiming file ingame, which saved to the config but then didnt apply to my server. Here is what I found in the config:

    "worldsNoClaiming": [
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    I need some help... I might just be a noob, but I can't figure out the permission changing. I am using PermissionsEx, and I am doing things such as /pex group default remove factions.kit.fullplayer or /pex group default remove factions.create or whatever, but they can still use all the commands of a fullplayer. Any ideas?
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    Ermmm... is this compatible with Multi-Verse?? if it says it is it means i cba to read lol :p
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    Does this mean I can have a safezone with places with pvp enabled when I have a WG region with pvp enabled there?

    // PVP Flag check
    // Returns:
    // True: PVP is allowed
    // False: PVP is disallowed
    public static boolean isPVP(Player player)
    if( ! enabled)
    // No WG hooks so we'll always bypass this check.
    return true;
    Location loc = player.getLocation();
    World world = loc.getWorld();
    Vector pt = toVector(loc);
    RegionManager regionManager = wg.getRegionManager(world);
    ApplicableRegionSet set = regionManager.getApplicableRegions(pt);
    return set.allows(DefaultFlag.PVP);
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    Is there a way to make faction groups, and people can create a faction in that group?
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    I really enjoy Faction. I've been using the 1.6 on my server since a long time and with great success on what I want to allow and what I don't.

    For various reasons, I've moved to the new 1.8 version, and here comes the troubles :p
    I can't find where I can set the permission for TNT. In a more practical way, I can't find where can I replicate the effect of thoses lines :
    - "territoryBlockTNT": false,
    - "territoryBlockTNTWhenOffline": true,
    - "safeZoneBlockTNT": true,
    - "warZoneBlockTNT": false,
    - "wildernessBlockTNT": true,

    I want no harm to be made on the wilderness neither on faction territory when they are offline. I want no harm on safezones too. And i want TNT to explode and damage terrains on all the other cases.

    After a few hour looking for thoses kind of option in the config.json file, i couldn't find what i was lokking for.

    Can you help me ? :)
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    A feature like empires existing out of multiple factions is not possible. What you can do though, is let the players forge alliances.
    I really advise you to read the full userguide on here:
    There is a section about configuration. Please read that.

    EDIT: Now, I had some time to look over it to find the option for you:
    "territoryDenyUseageMaterialsWhenOffline" is the config you searched for. Go o the full userguide to see what you have to change exactly and how. Cheers.

    As far as I am conserned, worldguard overrides faction-pvp flags. That means, you can have a warzone, where there is a WG region with pvp off, the players will not be able to pvp.

    Have you checked if your inheritance settings are correct? Just in case you do not inherit anything.
    If the kits do not work ( and your inheritance is correct) try it without using the packages.
    I myself don't use PEX, but if you need further help go and ask the authors of Pex please.

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    I know all of what you said :). And the website too. It's for the 1.6 and i'm more than fine with the 1.6 config file.
    I was asking for the 1.8. Where such lines et such documentation don't exist anymore. (This one doesn't talk about it)
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    Then you must wait for cayorion to update it all.
    As you can see he is working on it and he told me on teamspeak that he will update the documentation aswell. You can try to read the source-code for the flags, eventualy I have time myself and I can search it for you.
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    Would it be possible to set it so when a faction's power is half their maxpower (or a quarter (make it configurable)) to allow the enemy faction to access chests and place things like redstone torches and levers?
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    Hey, got a question.. It is possible to make that people without factions (factionless) can't break or build any blocks in specified blocks? once you get a faction you can do like normal.. wildernessDenyBuild this one isn't solution
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    It would be possible, but it'd require some coding. I assume though, that Cayorion himself will most likely not implement this feature in (He isn't working on new features right now). But factions is open source and you can write a pull-request or a plugin that extends these features. Maybe knock on the doors of factions plus? Or submit a ticket (on bukkitdev) so someone can possibly take it up.

    Cayorion will unlikely support any clientside mods in the future. And if, this work sounds more like something for rais minimap author(s) and not for cayorion. Just as a side-note, there is a plugin for dynmap that shows faction territory, you can maybe use that one on your server.

    Possible, bu it would require more coding. I would suggest you to plan your servers spawn-protection otherwise and make factions for users ""selfdefense"".
    Example: Player joins the server, cannot break and place. Hears that he can only break wilderness if he is member of a faction --> he joins a faction just to harvest plants...

    Well, this might work out on a smaller server, but we cannot invest a good bunch of time just for a small group of servers.

    Maybe make a plugin that extends factions yourself. Or hire someone to do it ;)

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    dammit, not that word.. It should be worlds, not blocks... My server has mix of 5 worlds and i need to make that factionless can't break/place blocks in faction world, isn't possible without coding?
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    Not when you only have factions installed, no. Sure, there are sneaky ways around it, so think about the possibilitys, look on bukkitdev once more and then decide How you want to do it.
    ((One sneaky way could be, that not allow people to go to this faction world manually so people would have to join a faction for the command /f home which would teleport them to the faction only world. Just an example))
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    I am currently developing a server, and i hate grief, how do i make the faction plugin so other factions can't overclaim another faction if they have more power? How would i do this? is there a setting or command to disable it?
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    It is not in the 1.6 documentation and reading up the current source code doesn't work out that well since cayorion is reworking everything.

    I am sorry, but I cannot help you atm. Please stay tuned for the 2.0 documentation in the future.
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    Factions 1.8.0 is glitching! Instead of a faction tag, it shows [FACTION] I use ColorMe v3.8
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    A suggestion I would add in the next update would be removing the ability for moderators of a faction to unclaim land that they don't have owner in.
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    I find it funny how you double post stuff on here and on bukkitdev. I can assure you that I will give you support for your problems as good as I can. Anyways, your answers are on bukkitdev
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    I think there should be a command such as /f ownerall which would give ownership to all the land so you don't have to go to every land chunk individually. Let me know if this is possible.

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