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    KickStart by aciid
    Kick players with a custom message until the server has finished starting up.
    Once we're on DevBukkit this page will no longer be updated!

    I developed my plugin, KickStart for our server after noticing that some plugins on 1.3 seem to take longer to start up, during this time we noticed that if parts of some plugins (for instance WorldGuard region flags) hadn't fully loaded players were able to bypass any protection they offered. KickStart can be used to combat this problem, and can also be used to optimise the startup of your server since theoretically the server should start up a little faster if it doesn't have to deal with players joining during this time.

    This plugin has 2 modes, its primary mode (enabled by default) is to check the interval between each server tick at a configurable rate, checking to see if the interval meets the target threshold, this check will be carried out a configurable amount of times until all checks have passed meaning the server's ticks are stable. Players will be kicked with a custom message until that happens. All of these values are defined in the config.

    The second mode is just a simple "Kick players for x amount of seconds upon server startup".

    Newest plugin version: v0.7
    Compatible with: [1.4.2]+

    Commands & permissions:
    Config (May be outdated):
    ### Target threshold is the percent of max tps the server needs to pass the check
    ### Default 10 puts the threshold at 90% (100-10), equal to 18/20tps (20 - 10%)
    target threshold: 10
    ### Check interval in ticks, when the plugin should calculate tick delays.
    ### Should not be set below 10. Default value is fine.
    check interval: 40
    ### Amount of times the target threshold has to be beaten. This will be checked
    ### on each interval defined above.
    target match: 5
    ### If set to true, the server must pass all tick checks cleanly without failing
    ### in between, if one check fails the count is reset to 0! Recommended!
    consecutive: true
    ### Enable this to use the feature below. If disabled then feature above will be used instead.
    Use seconds: false
    ### How long players will be kicked for after server start, in seconds.
    Delay in seconds: 30
    ### The message that players will be kicked with when joining during server startup.
    Kick message: Server is starting up please try again in a few seconds!
    ### Enable this to see tick check fails/passes as they happen in console.
    Extra output: true
    ### Enable this to allow OP and players with permission to bypass KickStart
    Allow bypass: false

    Finished thread & plugin released!

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    When will this be approved..?
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    This forum section is low priority as plugins are moving to BukkitDev.

    Plugins on BukkitDev take a few days tops, on here they can take upto a few weeks, sometimes longer.

    Also, when searching in the "Get Plugins" it shows the plugins on BukkitDev, so i recommend also doing a submission there.

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