[SEC/FIX/MECH] Locker v1.6.0 - Lock your blocks [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    Locker - Lock your blocks
    Version: 1.6.0 - Download
    Source: Github

    Tired of getting your stuff snatched by other players?
    Tired of hiding your chests to prevent that?
    Then this plugin if for you.
    There is simply no way to view a locked chest if it is locked (If the player isnt allowed to).
    The player isnt even able to place a chest beside a locked chest (If the player isnt owner) to make it a doublechest.
    If a player unlocks a block with a password, it will be unlocked for that player until he logs out.

    Locker is exremely fail-proof. If you locked a block it will be safe. No exceptions.
    It keeps track of every locked block, making it impossible to have an invalid locked block in the database.
    If you suspect that any blocks are invalid, against all odds, there is "/locker validate".
    A player cannot destroy the block under a door if he/she doesnt own the door.
    A player cannot place a chest beside a locked chest if he/she doesnt own the chest.
    An explosion cannot destroy a locked block.
    A block is unlocked if it gets destroyed by its owner.
    A chest is locked if its placed beside another locked chest that the player owns.
    A door cannot be opened by redstone and a dispenser cannot be dispensed by redstone(if its not the owner placing it).
    A door cannot be locked on gravel or sand.

    Remember that a door and a doublechest count as two blocks!


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    I will start developing this again in a couple of days, when I have time.
    Its all about DefaultCommands right now. :)
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    Thanks for the reply. Just as an update, it seems that there is a particular spot where neither iron doors nor wooden doors can be locked. It's the "basement" of my (ahem) Sub-Aquatic Research Center. But on the main floor, either kind of door works. Ditto for other spots on the world. Any chance it might have something to do with the basement being surrounded by water?
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    Here's a vote for MySQL persistence as an option. I know you say SQLite is better for this kind of thing, but I always prefer being able to use something that is a little more transaction safe (yes, I use InnoDB) and that allows me to query underlying data in one place (like McMyAdmin). But just to show that I'm a reasonable guy ... what's the best query tool for SQLite? And is SqlLite crash-safe (meaning if the server goes down in the middle of a command, will it recover the way ACID databases do)?

    Well, duh. I just found phpLiteAdmin ... will give that a go.

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  7. How easy is it for you to add a new block to the database?
    I would really appreciate it if you added glass.
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    Hi boss,
    I really like your plugin and have question for you,...
    Do you plan to add an MySQL support for saving locks?
    I would realy appreciated that..
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    Only thing I dont like about this plug-in is, there's no visual indication if a chest is locked or not.

    Feature Request: Can you make it so that when you /lock a chest, a sign automatically appears on the front of the chest indicating who own's it.

    Optionally you could list (one per line) up to 3 other people that have access.

    Also, if the chest is unlocked at some point, the sign should automatically disappear.

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    Looking for new Lock plugin.
    Having too many problems with old one, and dev is MIA.
    Does this work on 1060?
    Is it still being developed/supported?
    Don't want to have to search again if 1.8 version of CB breaks it.
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    I'm using this plug-in with 1060. It works fine. The developer is still around, but no updates have been done for quite some time. I haven't been able to find a better plug-in (yet).

    One thing I dont like is there's no easy way to see which chests are currently locked or not. [You have to issue a command (/lockinfo) and then click the chest. You have to do this for each chest.]
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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    This is the best locking plugin, please continue to update it!
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    How do i make a group?
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    My brother figure out a way to break doors. Here is a diagram
    (Sticky Piston)(Any Bock)(Door) When the piston is activated it pushes the block into the door and breaks the door down, then when you pull the piston back, you are free to walk through. Please fix this if you can, Thank You!
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    is it possible to lock a dispenser but allow others to dispense from it?
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    Hello, possible to add redstone support please ?
    "Redstone is protected"
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    What do you mean by redstone support?
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    can i make certain groups can lock specific numbers of blocks like for default only 5 but for vip unlimited?
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    i have 1185 version of crafbukkit does that work with this, reason i ask because yes i am an op, and im no good at setting permissions and the reason i say that is, every-time i left click after typing /lock it says ''i do not have permission for this ?'' any help much appreciated
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    Umm one question, i have minecraft 1.8.1 and the latest recommended build 1185. But when i type /lock and i left click on my block it says "You don't have permissions to do that" and im OP -.-

    Ok i have fixed that :) but now i want to know how to lock multiple blocks at once. because im building a prison, and i wont lock every block one by one, i want to lock all at once :p

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    Not to be ungrateful, but I think it was crazy of you to drop Permissions3 support like that. Out of the 26 plugins my server runs, yours is the only one who did that, and now I am forced to navigate the overly-complicated upgrade process of getting to another Permissions system. Meanwhile, hundreds of my players chests are locked and cannot be accessed because none of us, including the Op, "has permission to do that". See the above complaints for all of your users having the same problem. (And we are forced to upgrade to 1.5.3 to get CB1185 compatibility....)
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    Hey, don't know if this Threat is still active, but at least, i hope so...

    I got a question about database....

    Can i switch it to my MySQL Database? and if yes, how? can't find any hint... and no idea if it works like others by adding
    host: 'localhost:3306'
    database: 'database'
    username: 'username'
    password: 'password'

    Thanks in advice,
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    Well as everything is in Beta and moving fast foreword. you need to stay updated with everyting.
    Permissions3 is a inactive plugin.
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    You cant, Locker uses the database system build into bukkit.

    I dont see a reason why 1.5.2 wouldnt work with 1185.
    If your 26 plugins doesnt use the official permissions, then theyre outdated.
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    could you add support for mysql database please?
    i like to have all my stuff in one DB >,<

    Very nice Plugin anyways ;) I really love it xD
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    Maybe, but Im not too experienced with MySQL.
    I might look into it when I have the time though.
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    yeah ;) I'd appreciate it =)

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    Some simple things that would make this wonderful mod even better, is to allow a setting that any lockable block that is placed, is automatically locked to the owner that placed it. Would save a lot of new players on my server from having to learn the hard way that things can be locked.
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    Wow .. I seriously thought this plug-in was dead. It's nice to see the author is still here. :)

    Out of curiosity .. did you add locking for trap-doors in this latest update?

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