[SEC/FIX/MECH] Locker v1.6.0 - Lock your blocks [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    Locker - Lock your blocks
    Version: 1.6.0 - Download
    Source: Github

    Tired of getting your stuff snatched by other players?
    Tired of hiding your chests to prevent that?
    Then this plugin if for you.
    There is simply no way to view a locked chest if it is locked (If the player isnt allowed to).
    The player isnt even able to place a chest beside a locked chest (If the player isnt owner) to make it a doublechest.
    If a player unlocks a block with a password, it will be unlocked for that player until he logs out.

    Locker is exremely fail-proof. If you locked a block it will be safe. No exceptions.
    It keeps track of every locked block, making it impossible to have an invalid locked block in the database.
    If you suspect that any blocks are invalid, against all odds, there is "/locker validate".
    A player cannot destroy the block under a door if he/she doesnt own the door.
    A player cannot place a chest beside a locked chest if he/she doesnt own the chest.
    An explosion cannot destroy a locked block.
    A block is unlocked if it gets destroyed by its owner.
    A chest is locked if its placed beside another locked chest that the player owns.
    A door cannot be opened by redstone and a dispenser cannot be dispensed by redstone(if its not the owner placing it).
    A door cannot be locked on gravel or sand.

    Remember that a door and a doublechest count as two blocks!


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  2. wow, this is... neat ! So how do i lock a certain block ? Highlighting it then /lock or stand on it then /lock ? i'll definitely give this a try. :D
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    Simply type /lock and hit the block you want to lock! :D
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    Very nice I love this, I replace LWC with this. LWC gives me troubles.
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    Exactly, thats why I made this! :D
    LWC became a pain in the ass, you cant even unregister blocks! xD
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    Yup thank you so much for making this.

    Only one problem can you make this compatible with craftbukkit 556 please on the next update.?.

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    Download the one for 556 (1.0.2)! :D
    It is impossible to make this plugin compatible with both 556 and 561+.
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    K I got it to work thanks.
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    (1).. Does this plugin keep track of my placed blocks? Then when I choose to.. /lock (username) ..ALL my owned placed blocks get locked? ..(2).. Or is it set so I have to lock blocks 1 by 1? I'm hoping for question #1 to be a yes, but if not, could you make it happen? "Awesome Plugin BTW"
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    It only keeps track of the locked blocks, otherwise this would be very laggy.
    kahlilnc: /lock vildaberper clearwolves
    *left clocks a block*
    The block is now owned by kahlilnc, but you and me can access it.
    There is automatic doublechest recognition, doors etc. So youll only have to click once per chest.
    If you are unsure, do /lockinfo and left click the block! :D
    Great idea, Ill add lock by default!
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    When I try to select a block, I don't get any notification telling me it worked or whatnot.
    I tried doing /lockinfo, to verify if it locked, but still nothing shows up.
    Do you have an idea of what's going on?
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    Upgrade to the latest craftbukkit, youre using 561- :)
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    So, hi!

    Love this plugin, simple, elegant. But for some reason it isn't working with the BiomeTerrainMod. It just says Left click to lock... but nothing happens.

    On normal Bukkit it works perfectly.

    The Biometerainmod overwrites some files in bukkit itself, and a new META-inf folder + a custom starter *.bat
    I hope I am using the last bukkit (0.0.1-Snapshot?). Any help?
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    It sounds like youre using an outdated version of craftbukkit.
    Update to the latest version (602).

    The hooks are not working on older builds than 561. :)
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    Not trying to hate or troll in any way, but what makes this better or different to Lockette?
    Either way, it's a very nice Plugin. Good Job.
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    It doesnt require a sign beside your chest. Its also more "automatic" I think, as it is very fail-proof. :)
    And of course, it uses a database.
    Im not sure thats a plus though, but its not noticeable slower.
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    Would it be possible to log the time and name of people who tried to break open chests or doors/the blocks underneath it, etc.
    That would be awesome.
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    Nice idea, Ill add that! :D
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    SQLite would be nice :)
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    Ill probably use the new ebeans thats included with the latest CB. :)
    I have no idea how to start working with it though, hope there will be a tutorial on it. xD
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    Was just wondering, how come you made stone and iron (and whatever else I've not listed) not lockable?

    Also, locked blocks is a great idea, but could you possibly implement cuboid locks? I just can't help imagine me locking my door and the surrounding area, just to have someone bust in from another wall (or is there a plugin that provides cuboid protection?)
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    Ill add the valueable blocks, nice idea! (Pumpkins, Glowstone etc.)

    Im working on a good soultion for this. It could easily be abused if it was like cuboid.
    Please reply if you have a good idea! :D

    Hmm, I think WorldEdit has cuboid protection though.
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    Can you add a lock password?
    And maybe add some iConomy support in this too.
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    IDEA: you could implement a visual-lock-test.. or by command = /vislocktest. Although it would borrow from another plugin in someway, I believe it would make this complete. The command could just change ALL the player's locked blocks to a different [item-id] such as *red wool* for a limited amount of time, then change them back to original block-id state, but still locked of course. That way the player could SEE what is locked without question. It needs error handling though; so if *red wool* is a locked block, it would simply change it to *yellow wool*. Any changes would need to be notified in Chat-Window... (( Even better error handling would be to BLINK all locked blocks into *red wool* so you wouldn't have to change to different id's if the locked block id already existed ))... Giving Admins ability over this command is a must. And if you were to implement this, maybe add /vislocktest [timeframe] to give players however long they needed up to maybe 10-min to prevent "grief block blinkers" lol. Might also want to disable block breakage during blink cycle so players dont start collecting wool or whatever else during its blink cycle. Hope its not a massive undertaking, but it would be awsome if you could work it out. :)
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    vilda, does your defaultcommands allow the spawning of wolves?
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    hey i had an idea for this pluggin. if player A places a block, and player B destroys it, player A gets notified.
    having a chat alert rather thaytn a total indestrucatableness would be use full if 2 people want to work togeter on a building project. so if player C is making a house, and player D wants to help, Player C can fix any mistakes Player D makes, and vice versa. and another feture could be have a sepaerate permiusion node to alert you if your personal blocks are destryoyed, and if anyones block is destroyed, like for an admin. i have no idea if this would work, but the permisions nodes could look something like this:

    - 'Blockalert.personal' this would be for people who want to be notified if their personal blocks (the ones they placed) are destroyed.

    - 'Blockalert.all' this would be a good admin/moderator tool. if Mr.Grifer is breaking player a's house, but player a isnt online, then the admin would be noified and get a message in the chat saying 'Mr.Griefer is damaging playera's stuff'

    - 'blockalert.bypass' another tool for admins if there cleaning up a grief structure, their chat isnt spammed with "admin is grifing mr.grifer's stuff"

    - 'Blockalert.allow' a good tool if 2 people are working togeter. lke in my earlier example, if player C is building a house, and player D wants to help, then player C would type /BlockAlertAllowList addplayer <player D> and then player C would get a message in his chat saying " player D has nbeen added to ur block allow list" and this would prevent player C's chat from getting spammed with messages or you could shorten it to /baal addplayer <player D>
    and if player C wants to remove Player D from his list, he types /baal removeplayer <player D> and gets a similar confirmation message. and u could add a list viwe option to see everyone u have allowed to break ur blocks.

    i know this may be a big request, but i would really appreciate it if u considered it :)

    i just realised this after i posted this, but my idea is kinda similar to the plugin "World safe v1.5" by Dere011. its also sorta similar to "honeypot rev 4" by argomirr. if u do decide to try this, mabey u could collaborate with them
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    Thank you for this, works like a charm with #617 and without any other plugin ;)
  29. do you plan on allowing like /lock <permissions group>

    this would work a treat on doors :) could give it my admin group
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    Could you please consider adding support for levers? We would rather not have twenty seven people power-cycling our main City's 'cullis gates.

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