Inactive [SEC] EpicZones v0.37 - Polygon Based Area Protection - Now with Economy Support! [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    • Polygonal and Circular area creation. (Not just cuboids!)
    • In-game zone creation.
    • Provide a Circular border to your map.
    • Hierarchical Permissions with Child and Parent Zones.
    • Display Entering and Exiting messages in chat.
    • Enhanced /who
    • Advanced control of zone based regeneration
    • Many zone specific controls for things like Fire, Explosions and Mob spawning control
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    Okay, so support for this mod is null at the moment, oh well, I'm going to say what my concern is anyway...

    Is there anyway to give permission to a certain player for a certain zone? I've tried using '/zone perm *user* build allow' but no prevail. I have also tried changing thier specific permissions to 'epiczones.*zone*.build.allow', but again this didn't work. I'm sorry if i have missed something, but i would really like to know if i can do this, as i'm sure i could do this a while back..?

    Also, my zone enter messages aren't coming up for my new zones... old ones are fine, and also new zones are coming up as 'circles', even though i have done about 6 points to be sure that it makes a polygon.

    I will post the last two things to the bug report page though.

    EDIT: Forgive me, I hadn;t done a plugin reload before posting..maybe i'll do that next time, but just to confirm, to give a specific user permission, do i just do /zone perm *user* build allow?
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    What I've done -- add zone permissions to the user in the Permissions file. Something like
            - epiczones.FrostHearth.destroy.allow
    (case sensitive)
    then do a /permissions -reload (worldname)

    that should be it. No reboots necessary.
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    Josiah Staggs

    /zone edit [zonetag]
    /zone perm [username] build allow
    /zone save
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    what most people (any myself, at first) forget to do is the /zone save at the end. without "/zone save", it won't remember any editing on zones you may have done - including permission handling.
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    Sorry if this comes up twice, but here goes:

    I've had some issues loading epiczones, I'm on bukkit 818, and I have made a zone, called 'one', and it has been saved, and comes up when I use the list command. I then reset the server, and get this message in the terminal window:

    Can you have a look at that and see if one of my plugins is fighting epiczones, of if I'm being a complete noob and doing something wrong?

    Thank you!
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    please post a copy of your Zones file(s). My guess is that you've got a special character in there somewhere that EZ is choking on. Maybe in the Enter or Exit message?
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    Thanks anyway, but I've since found another zone protection plugin.
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    I still have not found a solution to the issue. If the author could give us any hints?
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    It would be good is the author of this plugin would just tell us if they plan to update it or not. I've had to go to a different zoning plugin for now as EpicZones no longer works properly with Permissions 3.0 but the new plugin I have is just not as good.
    Any chance fora clue about your plans, jblaske?
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    I'm unable to keep moving forward with EpicZones, due to time restraints in my life. I've opened discussion with some of the devs to see if anybody want's to take it over.

    So until somebody is able to pick up where i left off (it is open source after all) there won't be any updates.
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    that's a bummer :/ this plugins was amzing
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    It works with Permissons 3.1.5
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    It Does??
    I keep getting "You do not have permission to do that" For every zone my groups should be able to build in...

    Edit: I just realised that this message comes from DefaultCommands, not EpicZones. But I still can't figure out how to make EpicZones works with Permissions 3.15. It seems that my zones permissions are not recognized.
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    Hmmm, I've provisioned commands like /zone to work, but I actually haven't attempted to update any zone permissions yet. I'll report back if I get it working...
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    So i know the creator is updating anymore but i figured someone who read this forum still might be able to help me. I want to get rid of the global zones that are named for the world and its nether counterpart. I managed to shrink them down to a radius of 1, but nothing happened. When i made a zone for my friend it said it was a child of the global zone of my world. The reason i want to get rid of them is cause i have no need to restrict people to the center of the world... mainly cause i have my starter town a way off from the center :p Does anyone know a way to get rid of them? Deleting them just makes the server create new ones when it starts back up. Also i turned off the the radius restriction in the main config file, and also changing the zone type from GLOBAL to POLY/CIRCLE it doesnt fix it, the server just makes new ones.
    Also, it was probably just my friend messing with the server, it seemed to create global zone files called World1 and World1_nether even though my world is named Krynn in server properties and in the folder that holds the world
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    Hmmm ok, guess the problem come from that new GlobalZoneDefaultAllow properties. I didn't had GlobalZone in the version I was using.

    If I set it to false, then no one can even entry in my zones. Since my server is all divided in zones, as soon as a player logs in, he cant't move.

    If I set it to true, then everyone can build everywhere. The DefaultBuild and DefaultDestroy properties doesnt apply anymore.

    Properties should be divided in GlobalZoneDefaultBuildAllow, GlobalZoneDestroyAllow, GlobalZoneEntryAllow

    Can't find a way to make it work without having to Change all my 22 zones to give Permissions for my 18 groups ..... :'(
    That doesn't make sense.

    Can I just delete the global zone for a specific world?
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    strange, the radius restriction per world should fix this... (enableRadius: false) then the global zones shouldnt be a problem...
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    I accidentally left [enableRadius: false] and only discovered it when some players started building a town waaaaaay out at -5600. So I know that you CAN turn off the radius feature with this switch.
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    Hmmm EZ doesnt seems to work with Permissions 3.15.
    Inheritance from global permissions seem not to work so only global permissions works. None of the zone permissions apply
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    As long as you are setting zone permissions using the config.yml in the EpicZones folder, it works.

    Permissions only handles access to EpicZones commands.
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    well what i can gleam from the wiki and my practice using this plugin, a global zone is the basis for the entire world. Its like the that comes with all servers but its for all the zones in that world. I can live with this, but i'll just leave the radius thing off.
    Does anyone know if its possible for a child zone to have a child? Like ZoneB being inside ZoneA, and then ZoneC inside ZoneB. I wonder if this would cause stacking effects? Would things from ZoneA work on ZoneC. If all of these are true then not being able to turn off a global zone would be much easier to manage
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    Yes, of course, you can have as many levels of children as you need.

    Just set your global zone to allow everything and then create zones where you want restriction. The global zone can't NOT exist - the zones you create are all children of the global zone for that world!

    You cannot delete the global zones. Just set your global zones to allow everyone and then restrict your custom zones accordingly.

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    I have a global zone for my world. but the regen is off in config file and if I type "/zone info world". but my health get recharged. and I don't know how to fix this.
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    do u play peacefull, then its normal...
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    what do you mean with peacefull. and for more info my other wolds don't do it :S
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    My issue has been resolved and was unrelated to EpicZones.

    Great plugin :D
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    Minecraft has difficulty levels you can set. I don't remember off the top of my head if you can do this for multiplayer but last I knew there was a way to set your client to "Peaceful" difficulty, which regens your health and (in singleplayer) turns off mobs, so you can just build and be safe without creepers ruining your day.

    However, if regen is only happening in one world on your server, it doesn't sound like this is a client issue. Are you sure you aren't in a child zone that has regen active, and THAT is what is causing the regen? I haven't experienced this issue myself, none of my zones are set to regen at all.

    Can you post your configs? Are you editing the flags in-game, or in the config files? If you edit the config files, be sure to do an /ezreload afterwards to make the changes active, or edit the configs only when your server isn't running.
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    I found the problem. it was my server host :confused:

    my host has for the some php editor. that looks like this.
    Hmod settings ONLY : works if you have installed hmod !
    the problem whas that enable-health was turned on. auto-heal was false (i dont know why that worked because i dont use hmod).
    Really strange problem :eek:
    I forgot to look a this settings because I never touched them and auto-heal in the world was first disabled but when it start healing I looked at epiczones.

    Thanks for your great plugins ;) and please keep up the good work :p
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    i mean only spawn-monsters=false, but its solved anyway...

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