Inactive [SEC] EpicZones v0.37 - Polygon Based Area Protection - Now with Economy Support! [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    • Polygonal and Circular area creation. (Not just cuboids!)
    • In-game zone creation.
    • Provide a Circular border to your map.
    • Hierarchical Permissions with Child and Parent Zones.
    • Display Entering and Exiting messages in chat.
    • Enhanced /who
    • Advanced control of zone based regeneration
    • Many zone specific controls for things like Fire, Explosions and Mob spawning control
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    Ah. Sorry, I didn't see that. Thanks again. [​IMG]
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    Crash / Bug: When I enabled the zones and tested w/ my test acct, I logged in outside the radius, and my client immediately crashed. I got back to spawn (tp'ed myself from my admin acct) and went to the border on foot. It crashed with the same error message:

    Client Error:
    Internal exception: java.SocketException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

    Server Error:
    2011-02-06 18:52:22 [INFO] Villiamn lost connection: disconnect.overflow
    2011-02-06 18:52:23 [INFO] Freed 117.77240753173828 MB.

    Polygonal zones aren't working. No error/crash, just.. not sending the text when you enter/exit. I've got the correct setup, now, in the zones.txt

    Also, could you list the possible permissions on the OP (epiczones.<zone>.build, and friends)
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    Yeah, there seems to be an issue with map radius detection, If you disable the radius protection that should fix that (but your map radius won't be protected) I'm looking into this currently.

    Would you mind sending me your zones.txt file? I'd like to take a look at it.

    When defining polygons (i'll be posting this in the OP as well) you need to make sure they are declared clockwise. Otherwise the edge detection gets all wonky.
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 5:39 AM ---
    Version 0.4 is out. Just a small update.
    • Fixed some issues in map radius
    • Fixed bucket zone detection
    • Added Distance to /who
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    Not trying to be a pest becuase I know you've got a lot on your plate with this plugin. Do you have an eta on nomobs? As in, "yeah shouldn't be too long" or "major changes to bukkit required, don't hold your breath".
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    PVP and NoMobs should be soon, for sure. Regen shouldn't be too far off either. If people are really needing these features I can release them before adding in-game zone creation.

    Otherwise, I intend on releasing all of that with in-game zone creation in 0.5.
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    .5 is fine with me. I'm just happy it's on your road map. I'd put in game zone creation is probably a higher priority. Short of bug testing anything else I can do to help? I just got a dev server running over the weekend, and only had about enough time with it to test mod updates before taking them to prod. At some point this week I'll install the mod and play with it. The only other feature I'd love out of this mod would be iConomy support to "purchase" land. Thank you very much for your time.
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    Would be nice there to be a global setting such as PvP.

    So in my I'd turn PVP on. But than I'd turn it off globally with this plugin. That way I only have pvp in limited areas.

    Would also be nice to see a per block protection. Meaning in this area users can only place this type of block, or only break this type of block.

    I second the iConomy support to purchase and sell land. The owner of the land could put a price on the land and it would be sign based. Players could than do a /purchase land and left click the sign or something. If you do this, an admin feature would be nice, where an admin could set up land for sale but it doesn't transfer the money to the admin, just deducts it from the buyer.

    Thanks for the plugin, and awaiting for v0.5 hopefully with mob toggle and heal toggle.
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    I 3rd the iConomy support for buying/selling land. This would add a nice layer between new players and Residents. Players would have to work at mining resources etc to get a piece of land, which, would make the iConomy materials stock soar!
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    Sounds like a nice, neat, and clean little plug-in, though PVP, Regen and NoMobs are currently the game breaker for me. Until those are released, I'm going to have to go with WorldGaurd (Sigh) for now.

    Sticked. Hopefully, they'll be released soon! I can definitely see the potential in this plugin.
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    Can't wait for in-game creation :) Regen and nomobs zones will be very nice, my pool of life will be working!
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    I've some problems with my server .

    For example :
    test1|Zone principale|pvp:false regen:false nomobs:false|Zone Principale||0|128|test2 |-1500:1500 1500:1500 1500:-1500 -1500:-1500
    test2|Centre Ville|pvp:false regen:false nomobs:false|Bienvenue au Centre Ville||0|128||-10:10 10:10 10:-10 -10:-10


    default: true
    info: {prefix: '&e[FCKIN NOOB]' , suffix: '&f', build: false}
    inheritance: []
    - 'epiczones.test1.entry.deny'
    - ''
    - ''
    - 'essentials.whois'

    doest not work.
    The groupe 'newbie' work (prefix, color, command whois ... ) but all commands 'epiczones. ...' doesnt.
    The area test1 & test2 are loaded (the enter and exit Message are wrote on the chat) but permissions are not in consideration.
    Any Idea ?
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    we have the same problem on our server, permissions wont work at all. and that is after using hours on figuring out what could be wrong...
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    Ok! Version 0.5 is here.
    • Added PVP flag support.
    • Fixed bug with default permissions overriding explicit deny.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a border preventing movement to lock a player within it.
    • Made movement checking more efficient.
    This will fix those issues where your permissions seemingly were not working at all.

    NoMobs support is still waiting on some updates to Bukkit before i can implement it properly.
    Regen will be coming soon, as well as in-game zone creation.
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    *Oof. Just was gonna post a message with "when will in-game be added?" and then the post above showed xD
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    Still doesn't work for me :(
    "The area test1 & test2 are loaded (the enter and exit Message are wrote on the chat) but permissions are not in consideration."
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    Your settings are actually what I used to verify that its working.

    Double check your permissions.
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    Awesome! I will install and test tonight. Can you explain the PvP setting? Does it disable players ability to harm other players?
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    Yes. Check the op for more info on pvp
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    Multiple worlds :D

    I can has Myst?
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    Yeah I saw the announcement after I released .5 multiple world support is coming next update.
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    Would be awesome if the "nomobs" was mobs: [list,of,mobs,enabled] for example, most people that want monsters in general, apart from creepers blowing up everything theyve spent ages on building. Then you'd have mobs: [skeleton,spider,zombie], while other areas can have them enabled for those wanting to live in a properly dangerous area, or just mobs: [] for no mobs at all ;P
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    I'm hesitant to add a list to the flags like that. But I do have some thoughts on protection from creepers. As that is a huge concern.

    The planned flags for zones (as of right now) are:
    • pvp - already implemented, allows for pvp toggle within zones
    • nomobs - allows the toggle of mobs spawning within (and potentially entering) zones
    • regen - allows the toggle of health regen within zones
    • noanimals - same as nomobs, but for non hostile animals.
    • noexplosions - allows toggle to prevent TNT and Creepers from destroying terrain within zones
    Version 0.6 Status Update: In-Game zone creation is in and working, just needs some minor refinement and its ready to go. Should be releasing it tonight.
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    yeah, noexplosions will be more than fine enough for limiting creeper-hell (for now! :p)

    Another idea with the moblist idea is you enable admins to make RP-areas like a zombie-infested areas, so would be awesome if you atleast put it in the back of your head ^^
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    So with WorldGuard they had a conversion system bringing over all us old Cuboid players, and it worked quite well... is there any way to do this with this plugin? I love the enhanced /who command, but I can't justify resetting all my zones for just that : /
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    Can you explain what points we need to collect? liek a square or what?
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    Oh, that is a good idea, i hadn't thought of that. I'll keep it in mind (if you wouldn't mind, please submit it to the issue tracker, less chance that I'll forget about it then.)

    Conversion scripts are in the roadmap, i realize how much of a hastle it can be to re-do all the zones. If anybody would like to send me copies of their WorldGuard or Cuboid zone files, it will make conversion go faster.

    You basically just want to create a 2d polygon to determine the borders of the zone, then set the floor and ceiling (if you don't want it to reach from bedrock to sky)

    In this illustration, you would be collecting 5 points:
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    wildy|PVP IS ACTIVE WATCHOUT!|pvp:true regen:false nomobs:false|Entering Test Zone 2...|Leaving Test Zone 2...|0|128||57:107 134:107 134:107 57:107

    i made a square, it doesn't seem to be working. And is a fifth point required? i Dont really mind how high or low its is.
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    That's just a Line out and back.

    57:107 - Starting Point
    134:107 - Moves out to point two
    134:107 - No Change
    57:107 - Back to starting point.

    something like this might be what you were going for
    wildy|PVP IS ACTIVE WATCHOUT!|pvp:true regen:false nomobs:false|Entering Test Zone 2...|Leaving Test Zone 2...|0|128||57:107 134:107 134:-107 -57:-107
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    Does your plugin support creating concave polygons, like the one shown here? If so, I am confused about the proper way to define the points in a clockwise fashion. To clarify, take a look at this diagram:
    I would say some sequences of points on this concave polygon are defined clockwise (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 1, for example) and some are defined counter-clockwise (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, for example).

    For convex polygons, there is no ambiguity. The ordered list of points can only be clockwise or counter-clockwise.

    The reason why I mention this is because I tried creating a concave polygon with the following coordinates, and noticed that, while most of the zone worked, there was a single row of blocks in the middle that were reportedly not part of the zone:

    -5:-26 -4:40 46:46 46:100 -151:120 -145:62 -126:28 -70:0 -68:-31
    When I removed -4:40 from the list of points, the shape became convex and the weird behavior seemed to go away.

    I'm loving the plugin so far. Keep up the great work.
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    Version 0.6!
    • Added In-Game Zone Creation
    • Added Multi-World Suport
    • Refined "Point Within Zone" detection even further.
    • Added permissions to /zone, /reloadez and /who commands.
    NOTICE: You must add a World Colum after your tag colum, in your existing zone files, or it will crash on load!

    Concave and Convex zones now detect properly. This means you can have zones that look like either of these:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Check the OP for all the info.

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