Inactive [SEC] EpicZones v0.37 - Polygon Based Area Protection - Now with Economy Support! [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    • Polygonal and Circular area creation. (Not just cuboids!)
    • In-game zone creation.
    • Provide a Circular border to your map.
    • Hierarchical Permissions with Child and Parent Zones.
    • Display Entering and Exiting messages in chat.
    • Enhanced /who
    • Advanced control of zone based regeneration
    • Many zone specific controls for things like Fire, Explosions and Mob spawning control
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    whyyy doesnt it work ? :( please fix my server is getting greifed up!
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    Please update this plugin. I would love to use it, and it would make managing my server a lot easier.
  4. Need the fonction /expand "zonename" like izone for protect upper and under the zone, and need update :p
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    Updated to version 0.19.1 to ensure compatibilty for 617, also added "wolf" as a monster type for mob flags.
  6. I'm confused about the ownerships of zones. I've added an owner of a zone using your instructions from this post. Is there a list of owners of zones somewhere, or is it a case of remembering who is owner of what? What commands does this give the owner access to and do they need permissions for these? Do they also gain ownership of child zones, or are they counted separately?
    And on a completely unrelated note :p how do you get the spoilers in a post? I can only find the code tags.
    Thanks for an awesome plugin by the way!
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    I found it works with groupmanager by giving the permission Remove the positive state of the command and that user/group can suddenly build in the zone. May need a reload of the script. I tried, but wouldn't work.
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    Really appreciate it how fast you updated your mod. Thank you!


    Is there any way so that EpicZones /who command will ignore the /online & /who command in Essentials? Right now when I type /who & /who all, essentials displays its variant.
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    woohoo! Thanks for the update! This is just what my server has been waiting for
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    You should be able to do a /ezwho all to get the who results from EpicZones.

    You can see who the owners are by doing a /zone info <zone tag>
    The owners are basically admins to their zone, and they do not need any specific permissions. Ownership is enough.
    As of right now, i'm pretty sure that owners do not control child zones, yet anyway.

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  11. Ah brilliant, thanks for your help :) Now I can start handing out zones to people!
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    Does this cover ignition only? I'd like to make ignition possible, but suppress spread. I'm currently using another plugin to limit spread, but if EZ is already doing this, then I can shorten my plugin list a little. :)

    the following post made me LOL. That is some incredible fire suppression! The undead thank you!
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    Bug report:
    The new fire suppression is preventing zombies/skeletons from dying during the day.
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    Child zones don't seem to be working for me. It says child zones updated but does not give the opportunity to draw it, nor does it save any record in the zones.txt file.
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    You need to create the child zone first, then assign that zone as a child to the other zone.
    Using addchildren does not create the zone itself.

    Is that a bad thing? ;)

    I'll get it fixed.
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    Thanks for the clarification! Also, is there any way to allow someone to build in a child zone but not the parent? Because when I try it either allows or denies for both.
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    I'm experiencing the same issue. I just upgraded from EpicZones 0.17 to 0.19.1, and my zones suddenly broke. I'm using EpicZones as a border mod, allowing entry to the child zone while denying it in the parent zone. In 0.17, it worked fine, and prevented you from leaving the child zone. In 0.19.1, it tells me that I don't have permission to build in the child zone despite permissions being set correctly for it. If I change the permissions for the parent zone, suddenly I can move in the child zone again. This seems like a bug, or at least a definite change in behavior between the two versions.

    For what it's worth, I'm using GroupManager 1.0alpha5 as my Permissions plugin.
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    I have all updated Craftbukkit and had a clean install of EpicZones. /plugins says EpicZones is installed but when I use the /zone or /zone create blah it does NOTHING. AHHHH What am I doing wrong? :(

    P.S. It acknowledges the command because it doesnt say "unknown command" but it doesnt do anything at all........
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    Please note, that currently, your allow permissions need to have a .allow on the end!

    This is why your permissions do not seem to be working. I apologize for this issue.
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    PLEASE WHY is it NOT compatible with permissions 2.5.5!!!! i really need this plugin. my server is dying without it!
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    Adam McFarland

    I have a question on regen, what time scale are these set to? I tried regen 30 1 6 which created a crazy fast healing zone, pretty much you were full within seconds, no noticeable delay. I then tried 300 1 200 and had just about the same results, really fast healing, no delay. can you explain the feature a little better?
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    Interval and Delay are measured in miliseconds. So if you want to heal half a heart per second, with a 5 second delay, you would use 1000 1 5000
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    Could you possibly make a /zone addparent command? It seems like kind of a long way round to make a zone, then make a different zone, then go back to editing the first one to add a child.
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    I agree entirely, I'll be streamlining this process.
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    Ben Quincy

    I woud like to know why this will not work for me. The commands just dont work... Its like they dont exist... why?
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    Make sure that Epiczones is configured to look at the right permissions system.
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    02:28:59 [INFO] [EpicZones] Created Zone [Test Zone 2]
    02:28:59 [INFO] [EpicZones] Permission system [GroupManager] not found. Disabling plugin.
    02:28:59 [INFO] [EpicZones] version 0.19.1 is disabled.
    02:28:59 [INFO] [EpicZones] version 0.19.1 is enabled.


    I use permissions btw.
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    Ben Quincy

    I have now got that working but i cant get the zone enter/leave messages to work so i dont know if the work at all... Is there away to make people not able to enter a zone?
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    Same here. Can you briefly explain how to do this, I'm kind of a newbie to this configuration thing in Permissions :p. Any help would be appreciated
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    Go to your plugins/EpicZones/config.yml file, and change 'permissionSystem: GroupManager' to 'permissionSystem: Permissions'

    Only problem is I have Permissions 2.5.5 and it still says PermissionSystem [Permissions] not found.

    Any help here?
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    I did, but I think I have to put something in my Permissions config itself. I don't know, I've never tried a plugin this complicated.

    Any help when I do /zone create spawn and it says I'm in draw mode the stick doesn't come out and i can't place points. HELP

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