Inactive [SEC] EpicZones v0.37 - Polygon Based Area Protection - Now with Economy Support! [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    • Polygonal and Circular area creation. (Not just cuboids!)
    • In-game zone creation.
    • Provide a Circular border to your map.
    • Hierarchical Permissions with Child and Parent Zones.
    • Display Entering and Exiting messages in chat.
    • Enhanced /who
    • Advanced control of zone based regeneration
    • Many zone specific controls for things like Fire, Explosions and Mob spawning control
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    Thanks, I edited my text above.
    Well, I don't get how to create a zone...
    I want an exact cuboid, without a "radius", is that possible?
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    Read the OP
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    Okay, I'm using the current version of EpicZones, and HeroChat 4.8.4. I have enableHeroChat = true. When I walk into a zone, I autojoin the correct chat channel for that zone, but when I leave, it doesn't autopart the channel. I scanned through most of the pages on here and didn't see this mentioned. Is this feature functioning, or is there something I'm missing?

    From HeroChat config.yml:
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        Newbie Town:
            craftIRC-tags: []
            color: YELLOW
            nickname: spawn2
                speak: []
                join: []
            message-format: '{default}'
            worlds: []
            password: ''
                bans: []
                - BigRedWood
                - chaoscubed
                hidden: true
                shortcut-allowed: true
                auto-join: true
                local: false
                cross-world-chat: true
                join-messages: false
                forced: false

    From EpicZones config.yml:
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    defaultEnter: true
    defaultDestroy: true
    defaultBuild: true
    mapRadius: Wood's World:1000 nether:20000 creative:1000
    enableRadius: false
    zoneTool: 280
    enableHeroChat: true
    permissionSystem: GroupManager

    From zones.txt:
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    spawn2|Wood's World|New Spawn|pvp:false mobs:none fire:false explode:false |Welcome to the Newbie Town!|Leaving Newbie Town. Be careful out there.|0|128||-2844:-497 75
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    Looks like this might be a bug. I'll have to check it out for the next update.

    For testing sake, make the name of the channel the same as the nickname and see if that helps.
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    Okay. I'll set that now and let you know as soon as I have the info.

    Edit: Okay, with both the name and the nick set to spawn2, it will still not leave the channel when leaving the zone. Joins fine however. I reloaded both herochat and epiczones after making the change.
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    Must be a bug then, I'll check it out for the next version. Would you mind submitting an issue so that i don't forget about it?
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    Okay. Issue was submitted.
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    Is there any way we could have polygonal map borders?
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    Hi i just downloaded your epiczones for CB build [602] and it seems as if its not working....
    when i type in /zone the usual "type /help for bla bla bla" instead nothing happens. when i check CP nothing shows up on there either... hope you read this
    thank you :)
    and if you fix it [diamond] for you!
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    Check to make sure you have your config set up to use the right permissions system (GroupManager or Permissions) and that you have the proper permissions (epiczones.admin) in order to use the /zone command.

    You can simulate this by making a zone with a radius that is huge with entry set to false for all players, then adding a polygon zone within that as a child that has entry true for all players.

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    I have this exact issue. I have permissions set up, they work with any other plugin I have going. For epiczones I have '-epiczones.*' and it gives me this... well, nothingness.

    On loading the server, I realized it's saying this:

    [EpicZones] Created Zone [Test Zone 1]
    [EpicZones] Created Zone [Test Zone 2]
    [EpicZones] Permission system [GroupManager] not found. Disabling plugin.
    [Epiczones] version 0.18 is disabled.
    [EpicZones] version0.18 is enabled.

    So I upgraded to 0.19 and now, it's saying

    [EpicZones] error starting: PLAYER_INTERACT Disabling plugin.
    [EpicZones] version 0.19 is disabled.

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    Read the message you posted, you are configured to use group manager but aren't using it.
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    Love this plugin, just wanted to give you some praise!
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    Sorry for a stupid question..but is there the ability to enable healing in zones?
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    Can you update the OP with the new permissions nodes please? :)
    (If you've added them in, if not then my protection isn't working :()

    Edit: Can't seem to get protection to work with the old permissions or the new style you mentioned. Can't see any mention of zone owners either.
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    Permission nodes did not change in this version. They won't be changing till 0.21
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    Ah, thanks, it works now :D
    (No owners in this version either?)

    I notice that i can't refer to the world name as a zone in permissions now.
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    How exactly do i set the owner?
    I've tried /zone owner <zone> <player> and i've tried setting it as a tag but it says not a valid tag and i've tried other variations of these too.
    Is owner a permission node?
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    /zone addowners [player] [player] [player]
    /zone removeowners [player] [player] [player]

    are the commands you are looking for.
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    Ah, thanks for the help again :D

    Great plugin!
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    Yes, to make a circular zone in game:

    /zone create newzone1

    Click 1 time, where you want the center of the circle.

    /zone radius 100
    /zone save

    Gives you a 100 radius zone centered on the single click.
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    Re: No entry zone with child zones for entry.

    Awesome. Makes perfect sense, and makes our jobs much easier. Thank you!
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    yea i have permission 2.5.5 and im using '*' ( im admin ) i still dont know whats wrong...plz help
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    open an issue and submit all the required files
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    I'm going to assume that this doesn't work with 1.4 (build 612) yet.
    I'd really love to have this! Can you possibly update? Thanks!
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    Works for me with 612
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    If you are having problems with this mod since MC1.4 update, make sure you also updated Permissions to 2.5.5

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