Inactive [SEC/ECON] Plotzy V0.3.1 - The easiest self-service block protection system out there [1000]

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    PLOTZY - Planet to the People!
    Version: 0.3.1 Download: Link Source: Github Documentation: Link

    Finally, a protection plugin that anyone can figure out! (Excuse the crappy tagline)

    I used to use Residences. For some reason, it didn't work on my server. Also, cuboids annoyed the crap out of me. That's why I decided to create Plotzy.

    Plotzy is a self-service protection system. All you need to type to buy land is /pz create. When you do that, the plugin automatically buys a sphere of land for you with a radius of 10. Easy and simple. You can then expand or shrink these spheres as you please.

    Installation, Usage, and the Like:
    It is crucial that you see the documentation. Note: it requires MySQL. Not SQLite or H2. No, I'm not adding support. Maybe you could ask a friendly dev if they'd like to code it in for me. I'll give them credit.

    EDIT: I hardcoded a boolean -- mysql enabled? Since plots are now based on hashmaps, it would be relatively easy to make this flat-file. Plus, I already reduced database calls. If you want to help me with this please fork me.

    Version 0.3.1
    • Fix for a NullPointerException. Pesky little critters.
    • Fixed a little bug where I accidentally put a variable name in quotes. Seriously, I need testers.
    Version 0.3
    • Reduced number of database queries by a LOT
    • Added a max plot size setting
    • Added a max plots allowed setting
    • Internal: Made plots objects as opposed to just getting queries from a database; made things MUCH faster
    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support
    • Money in the config file
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    Time to bump!

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    Yes, thats what i wish, too.
    Or a method to toggle between spheres and cubes.
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    I was going to do this, but I've stopped developing this. I was working on a clan wars plugin, but I'm making my game now. Someone please take this plugin from me :p sorry guys
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    Hey can u please reply.
    It works when I type /pz but when i type something else like /pz create
    it says "you don not have permission to create plots in this world"
    yet i have all of the permission nodes in my permissions file
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    Torrey Leonard

    Hey Albiero,

    The plugin ideas great ( I havent used it yet because of this problem) but when someone tries to make a plot, it says theres an internal error. All the mySQL settings are the way they should... What's going wrong?

    also, allot of plugin errors show up D:
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    Looks really awesome!
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    Torrey Leonard

    why you so inactive?! D:
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    make a list of the commands:mad:
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    This is a pretty old plugin. I have it all made but privately now. Sorry.
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    what is the permission node for this so that other people beside admins can use this to

    hey dude could you please give this plugin to me i need a plugin like this for my server to stop all the grefing please dude i need this plugin thanks

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    Residences is more widely used and is actually public.... although it might not be as easy to use as this :p
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    i hate res
    i hate residents i like your plugin but what are the permission nodes for it
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    I don't even know, superperms wasn't out when I made this...
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    Update it! I love this plugin!
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    The download link doesn't work
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    I look for this plugin to long time !!
    Please update.
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    download link doesnt work

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