[SEC] ChunkScrambler 0.9.3 an addon to Orebfuscator anti X-RAY! [1.0.1-R1/1597|1.1-R1/1714]

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    ChunkScrambler - An addon to Orebfuscator to prevent X-RAY hacks
    Version: v0.9.3

    This plugin changes the seed of the world when it is used to generate Ores.
    This is used because X-RAY hackers can easily generate a SSP world with the server seed and X-RAY the location of the ores.


    Here's the pseudo-code
    Random random = PseudoRandomGeneratorContainingWorldSeed;
    long NewSeed = AverageValue(SeedProvidedInConfig, random.nextLong());
    Random newRandom = new Random(NewSeed);
    ...Use newRandom instead of random to continue generation.
    • Change the seed of the algorithm that creates the ores of the world
    • Does NOT change the world entirely, but only change the location of the ores being generated
    • Customized extra ore-seed that will make sure the generation is consistent, but not hackable.
    Now uses BukkitDev:


    Download (permalink to latest version) (1.1-R1/1714)
    Download 0.9.2 (1.0.1-R1/1597)

    Support the developer: [​IMG]
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    Does it change only ore? How about other populators?
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    You're god
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    It changes ore generation, flower, tree, clay, gravel deposits, and dirt deposits underground.
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    I think I'll use this when my server's map resets!

    Great job!!!
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    It only changes the seed? or the ChunkGenerate algoritm?
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    It swaps out the seed when generating ore, clay, flower, tree, etc.
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    Mmmmm...., so you don't actually check the blocks being implemented, I wanted to ask like limiting the density of ores etc but I know is much more complicated and is not worth for the objetive of this little add on.

    I will try it on my new map ;) thanks.
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    nice idea, but....
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    LOL. I had this idea in my had for a while know, and was going to request it. Doesn't seem to be necessary anymore :p
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    Yes the tree generation is different.

    I might make it customizable to which of the items can be scrambled and which not.

    Oh I think I know why the generation of trees is affected...
    Ok, I might need to re-adjust my algorithms.

    I'll do it later today when I have a little more time.

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    Ok, will test in on the same map, to see the differents.
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    So if we generate a fresh world, we don't need to worry about xrayers? Do we still need other plugins like Ore-to-obfuscation?

    Ah I see; you made both plugins, so than both it is!~
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    Yes, this is an addon to my other plugin Orebfuscator

    Basically, that other plugin hides ore, but some people are smart enough to generate a map with the same seed to find ore location. So, this plugin scrambles ore location.
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    Great, thanks for the info, as in terms for server performance does it affect it majorly? Or is it average.

    Thank you.
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    It's only affected when chunks are being generated, but so little that you shouldn't be noticing it at all.
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    Being able to choose which WorldGens get re-seeded would be a very nice feature.
    How about adding GenStronghold to the list?
  18. Have to reset our server because of 0.9. Everywhere was empty :'( Lucky I noticed after only 2 days.
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    no trees
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    Great idea!

    ^-- Is this easily implementable at all? I'd love exactly this. :)

    For example, let's say I want to use seed 12345 for my actual map. I go into the plugin's config:

    ActualSeed = 12345

    Minecraft however is set to use seed 39578.

    So the seed sent to the user is 39578, but the plugin is using seed 12345 behind the scenes to actually generate the map. A user tries to use seed 39578 in SSP but is greeted with a completely different map! It would essentially have the same effect that the plugin does now, just done in a different way.

    I like to generate dozens of seeds beforehand when choosing my server's world, I choose them based not only on the geography, but also the ore distribution. If that gets randomized I lose that ability. Being able to just pick the seed used and the seed shown would alleviate that.

    Or maybe I'm rambling and should quit reading Bukkit forums at work? :)
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    no updates yet ?
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    I have question, could this take part in well let me explain the situation:

    When players roam, and the chunks load, sometimes there is a massive delay, thus revealing caverns, etc and ores. could this help with Chunk Scrambler?
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    Guys, I'm having some trouble with making the next feature which is configurable gens, but the problem is, I have to replicate the generation code on the whole "BiomeDecorator" class, twice, once on the real world and once more on a temp world to use up the Random Generator. This is bad since it takes more processing power.

    Or, the other solution is to look into every generator file (there are like 20 of them) and count the number of uses of the Random generator. This is bad since it attaches the plugin to specific versions of the game, and every update will need new compatibility coding.

    The basic idea is
    when a random generator is used to create a pseudo-random number, it will generate the same sequence of numbers every time, for example, if it generates 46, 35, 14 then the next time it will generate the same sequence.
    Now, to ensure the same sequence is used, whatever gets replaced with another random generator should be used up so that the rest of the sequence is the same. but for every generator, the number of calls used is different, so either I generate it with another world (temporary) to use up whatever should be used, or I do it on my own, problem is there are so many calls split into different files (WorldGenXXX).

    So ultimately, one of the above 2 choices will be made.
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    What happens if:
    - I generate a new world (let's call it miningworld), use worldborder to generate all the chunks
    - Generate a new world, do nothing in it
    - Copy over the level.dat from the newest world to the other one.
    Would this change the seed for the miningworld?

    The downside would be that new chunks would be generated using the other seed, which is pretty bad... But in my case, for a temporary mining world this could be a low tech solution? I haven't tried this yet myself because I'm worried I'd mess something up, so I appreciate any input you can give here.

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    Next time i create a wotld i will use that thanx !
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    waiting for the update :)
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    Please post as latest rb compatible.
    Also , if you haven't already, I would suggest checking that the world has trees.
    I would use this, if I actually ran a server :)
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    Ronny Lawson

    I am excited to test this at some point when the biome issue is worked out. Don't be discouraged by the naysayers, they're just jealous they didn't think of this first.
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    Still tracking this one, along with Orbfuscator it has the potential to solve ore issues forever! Keep up the good work!

    I'd still like to have the ability to display one seed to the player and simply use an entirely different seed behind the scenes to actually generate everything. Is that possible?
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    sure, just randomize the displayed seed whenever a player logs in.

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