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    BlockTowers - Block 1x1 towers:
    Version: v0.2
    This plugin block making towers 1x1.
    When tower reaches max height (10 blocks default), will be auto removed and player get a kick.
    When tower reaches max height (10 blocks default), it will be auto removed and player will be kicked (configurable).

    Like it:

    Side view:


    Top view:


    • Block 1x1 towers (height configurable)
    • Auto-remove tower (it's safe!)
    • Teleport player to the ground
    • Kick player
    • Block only: dirt, cobblestone, sand, gravel, wood
    • Check block around tower (3/4 blocks must be air!)
    • Permissions
    • Punishments (kick, ban, slay, clear inv/slot)
    • Warning message
    • kyku.tower - allow to make towers
    Configuration (plugins/Wieza/config.yml):
    Block Towers:
        Warning message: '[WARNING] Dont make towers 1x1!' #warning chat message
        Auto remove: true #auto remove tower when it reaches max height
        Max height: 10 #punish player when the tower is higher than 10 blocks
        Warning: 6 #show warning message in chat when the tower is highter than 6 blocks
        Allow admins to build towers: true #it use permissions
        Teleport: true #good if auto remove is turned on
        Block all blocktype: false #block all types of blocks
        Block only blocktypes: 1,3,4,5,12,13, #ID of blocks ("," must be at end)
                Message: Dont make towers 1x1! #chat message
                Kick reason: Dont make towers 1x1! #kick message
            Kick: true #kick player
            Ban: false #ban player
            Slay: false #kill player
            Message: false #chat message (red)
            Clear inventory: false #remove all items (in inventory)
            Remove items in hand: false #remove all items (in hand)
    Download: (0.2 - NEW) (0.1 - OLD)
    Source Code in jar file (0.2)

    • Configuration (punishments, height, materials, etc.)

    Version 0.2
    • Config
    • Punishments
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Wow, this is awesome.
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    wowwww nice ima use this hopefully it doesnt glitch and start deleting homes lol
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    it work on my server without glitches/bugs
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    Sweet testing now .. .
    EDIT: Well I tried it but (obv) I cannot edit any of the materials ect.
    But it dosn't seem to work .. as the node kyku.tower = allow to build the 1x1 towers right?
    EDIT2: It works with dirt :) (3)
    EDIT3: For suggestions: maybe add it so they don't get struck with lightning when they log out as it burns wood wool ect - maybe just link it with the /kill command
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    Woah! Nice plugin ;D [tnt]
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    Thanks ;)
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    Great idea...but now all the players are just gonna make 1x2 towers :p
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    but wouldn't 2x1 towers still get removed, they would have more than 75% air around them
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    An I always build the four corners first, to gauge the height.. It'd suck to build on your server =)
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    mike loeven

    one problem i see with this mod is players getting kicked for using scaffolding when building large structures. i make 1x towers all the time around large items i am building and than remove them when done. a better implimentation of this plugin would be a timer that automatically removes 1x1 towers when a player moves away from them or logs off.
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    I think this is pretty nice but there are alot of people using this as an building method....
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    could you rename the config folder from "Wieze"? (whatever that is?) to BlockTowers or something more appropriate? don't want to forget what plugin it's part of somewhere down the line
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    I really like this plugin - hopefully it works with 818.
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    want 818!111

    Yes savior will come! - kyku
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    Plugin still work (740 - 835)
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    Love this plugin! I absolutely despite 1x1 towers :)
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    Holy Shit.

    This is freaking win.

    Thank you.
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    I'm not sure if this is possible, but is there any way you could make a delay to action being taken? i.e. After making a 1x1 tower, nothing happens yet. At the end of 5 minutes, if it still meets the requirements, action is THEN taken. Like a delayed timer, but it re-checks on where the tower was.
    If the rechecking is impossible, a 15 minute timer for removal or something would be nice, that way if you're using scaffolding, you can at least work on whatever it is you want for some time before the tower goes poof on you.

    Also, is the required percentage of air around it configurable?
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    still working 953
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    does this support permissions 3?
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    thanks man, this will safe me a lot of time!
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    Appears to work in build 1000
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    German Config Translation. By Yeti1337 :p

    #True = An // False = Aus
    Block Towers:
        Warning message: '[WARNUNG] Mach keine 1x1 Tuerme!' #Warnung im Chat.
        Auto remove: true #Löscht denn Turm wenn er mehr als [Max Height] groß ist.
        Max height: 10 #Die höhe die der Turm haben darf bevor er gelöscht wird.
        Warning: 6 #Die Warnung die kommt wenn der Turm höhr als [Warning] ist.
        Allow admins to build towers: true #Benutz Permissions.
        Teleport: true #Teleportiert einen Spieler Automatisch herunter. (Damit er kein Fallschaden bekommt.)
        Block all blocktype: false #Ob alle Blöcke gesperrt werden sollen.
        Block only blocktypes: 1,3,4,5,12,13, #IDs von denn Blöcken die gesperrt sind. ("," Muss am Ende stehen.)
                Message: Mach keine 1x1 Tuerme! #Chat Nachricht!
                Kick reason: Mach keine 1x1 Tuerme! #Kick Nachricht!
            Kick: true #Kick denn Spieler wenn er [Max height] erreicht hat.
            Ban: false #Bannt denn Spieler wenn er [Max height] erreicht hat.
            Slay: false #Tötet einen Spieler wenn er [Max height] erreicht hat.
            Message: false #Chat Nachricht (Rot)
            Clear inventory: false #Löscht sein Komplettes Inventar wenn er [Max height] erreicht.
            Remove items in hand: false #Löscht das Item in seiner Hand.
    Edit: Nice Job :)
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    if you are building a 1x1 tower but are surrounded by other blocks, it still removes the tower :(
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    i cant download, link is broken
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    Error (404)

    Plz fix it
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    I could really use this. Is there any possibility to repost the link?

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