Inactive [SEC] AuthMe v2.5.1 - High Performance Authorization plugin [1818/1.1-R1]

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    I havent experienced that error, but upon investigating high ram usages on my server, i have discovered that AuthMe was the culprit, it was using 100-300mb or MORE! After disabling, i havent had any other problems! This occurred on Bukkit 1000 and 1060.
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    Torrey Leonard

    Help! I want to enable the option to register for new users, but when I set the 'ForceRegistration' to false, you don't have to login anymore! Please help, it's kind of urgent...

    Thanks in advance!
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    I got a Bug. If you use AuthMe and Spout togheter some problems appear. When you type in /reload to reload your Server and you want /login again it says: Error: You are not registered. Then you log out and in again and you can login. Always when you type in /reload you can't log in anymore. Is there a way to fix it? Or just the developer from Spout can fix this?
    Because it's bad if you can never reload your Server. When you want enable a new Plugin or something all Users who are online will be dropped out and must relog again and thats really bad :/
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    This plugin is having some major flaws.

    1. new users don't see the message that they need to register, and how to do that.
    2. after a reload noboddy can login any more. only when they reconnect with the server.
    3. I don't know if ags131 is right but i would definetely take a look at the ram usage of the plugin.

    just an informative post with all the flaws i know of as a list to help you out. And hopefully get an answer that you are aware of these flaws and are going to fix them?
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    Hey, some people cant join my server!
    Disconnecting Player [/]: Your playername (Player) is not set, contains invalid characters or is too short/long!
    Any way to remove the "DisallowedCharacters" ?
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    Got the same too
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    Hi there!

    Would it be possible to not "cancel" events on "Priority.Monitor" level? That's a really bad idea and strongly discouraged by the bukkit developers, as "Monitor"-level listeners should never modify an event (unless you have a really, really good reason for that).

    Please move, if possible, listeners that modify events (especially PlayerMove) down to at least "Priority.Highest" level, such that plugins like mine can reliably listen on "Monitor" level to find out if the event was cancelled or not.

    EDIT: For your use, I'd actually think listening on "Priority.Lowest" would be best, as you could cancel events before any of the other plugins get them.

    Thanks you :)
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  8. how do i disable so that the screen wont bounce around like shit when your not logged in?
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    there is still another Auth Plugin. For these who got problems with AuthMe because of Spout or something here's the alternative: CAuth
    I don't tested it yet, but the feedback sounds good. Hmm but AuthMe got some very nice features as walk around spawn, cache and some other opinions as kicknonregistered etc.
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    can you add like config that can set this thing =
    [WARNING] The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
    [WARNING] While this makes the game possible to play without internet access, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
    [WARNING] To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.settings file.
    to optional like config would be
    Show offline-mode warning = true
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    in the config file I have:
            Chat: false
    but if an user enter and doesn't log with the password can speak in chat, can you fix that?
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    Update to [1060] please
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    Can anybody rewrite this:
    public String getSHA256(String message)  {
      byte[]  digest;
      digest  = sha256.digest();
      return String.format("%0" + (digest.length  << 1) + "x", new BigInteger(1, digest));
    to PHP?

    Is that even possible?
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    is there a way to convert my flatfiles to mysql database?
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    Need... fix... for... that... annoying moving in #1060 and getting false positives with NoCheat
  16. A small wishlist from me :)
    Please listen to EvenPrime about the conflict with NoCheat.
    Please make something similar to the red login text show up with the register commands for unregistered people.
    That's all, thanks for a great plugin! (Used to use Rakamak, but it completely broke).
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    Hello. I run an offline server and use this plugin. I LOVE it! But I was wondering, is it possible for you guys to make it so when a user logs in, it changes their user group?

    For example: When user A joins for the first time, he/she starts at user group "default". Once A registers and logs in, he/she becomes group "registered". Once A uses /logout, he/she becomes group "default" again. When User B joins, he/she is "default" even though B is registered. He/she doesnt become group "registered" untill he/she logs in.

    Also, would it be possible to save the rank they are before they log out? For example, User A's group get changed to "admin". When they log out, they become "default". Next time A logs in, he/she becomes "admin" again, and not "registered".

    Thanks for your cooperation!
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    This plugin lags my server a lot on join/leave events using mysql. Caching is enabled. 20+ players.
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    This isnt much of a problem but when you login and try to move you glitch back and forth until you login
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    When you expect the publication of this add?
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    I am currently working on AuthMe 2.0. I hope all the flaws and Bugs that were listed in this thread will be fixed with that. Most of the work is already done it just needs a lot of fine tuning.
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  22. Any way you could fix / add these to the 0.84 version?
    Constantly explaining to the newbs how to register gets annoying, aswell as the false positives from NoCheat.
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    doesen't work with other plugins like
    Everytime i try to add a new plugin..
    i have an error
    Error: you are not registred
    and then it says
    Could not pass event player_move in regios..
    i also tried regios..
    but didn;t find the download;P
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    Ok I just released the first alpha version of AuthMe 2.0. And I need people to test it :) Especially the MySQL users. Th plugin should be compatible with databases from AuthMe 0.84 but only the file database was tested. When you use it please backup your database at first.
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    New version need server restart to load new users from mysql?
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    When everything works as it should it doesn't. A "/authme reload" should be enough. And when you disable the cache in the config.yml even the reload command is not necessary.
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    So, you mean, if i disable cache, I not need more restart my server for new users what register on my website?
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    That is exactly what I am saying. With the cache enabled you have to do a "/authme reload" to tell the cache that there are new entries it should load.
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  30. @pomo4ka due to a conflict with this plugin and MultiInv I would like to suggest a feature of sorts...

    I don't use this plugin but the description states:
    It stops you from doing stuff like placing blocks, moving, typing commands or seeing the inventory of the current player.

    However, it is still possible to be teleported if a particular situation arises (involving performing and action and logging out). Because of this people can change world without an inventory which confuses MultiInv.

    My request is you add a simple check in the onPlayerTeleport(PlayerTeleportEvent event) function which cancels the event if they're not logged on.

    It would allow MultiInv and AuthMe to work together without conflict. However, if you do not want to implement this I would like to encourage the addition of an API that I can hook into and see if a player is authenticated (if you have a class that's public I can use then that would work also). This would allow me to create a work around and not modified saved inventories when logged off.
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