Inactive [SEC] AuthMe v2.5.1 - High Performance Authorization plugin [1818/1.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by pomo4ka, Jun 19, 2011.

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    your Plugin is very nice. Now I am building a website for minecraft. And I am currently creating the login for it.
    I would use the AuthMe table for username and password. But now I would ask how your password is hashed?
    How can I compare the password typed in on the werbsite and the password from the mysql database? How you created the sha256 hash?
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    Your plugin failed if a player uses NICK (upcase) and another player trying to nick (lowcase).
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    It must be another plugin causing this.
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    thanks sry havent looked on the pages before -,-
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    Here's the error I get.
    Code (Text):
    2. 2011-07-12 16:37:12 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to AuthMe
    3. java.lang.StackOverflowError
    4.     at de.fgtech.pomo4ka.AuthMe.DataController.RegistrationCache.DataNode.getPlayerData(
    5.     at de.fgtech.pomo4ka.AuthMe.DataController.RegistrationCache.DataNode.getPlayerData(
    The last line of the error gets spammed about 1000 times in the console. (no joke).
    This happens on server startup. I'm at 10570 users & hashes saved in the flat file database.
    I fixed this last time by trimming the Database to around 9000 users & hashes.
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    In 0.80 I replaced the recursion based list cache with a HashMap so this should be fixed.
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    I often get this error by register:
    Code (Text):
    1. 2011-07-13 13:06:36 [SEVERE] [AuthMe] [MySQL] Unable to save an authentication!
    2. 2011-07-13 13:06:36 [SEVERE] [AuthMe] Failed to save an auth due to an error in the datasource!
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    On my Server the login takes a while, what can be the reason?
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    Hello all!

    Is that possible to able player who don't auth to move?
    I want to "guest" player be able to move, and watch what the server looks like.

    Otherwise, AuthMe is a great plugin! Thank pomo4ka! ;)
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    Yes you can allow players to move in the spawn area. Look in the config.yml:
    Code (Text):
    1. Misc:
    2.     AllowNonRegistered:
    3.         WalkAroundSpawn:
    4.             Enabled: false
    5.             Radius: 20
    Just set it to true and set a radius.
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    is it possible to make a new line in the messages?
    For example:
    OtherUserLoggedIn: There is already a player logged in with the same name! Try another one!
    And now I would make a break beetwen:
    OtherUserLoggedIn: There is already a player logged in (<br /> or something?!)
    with the same name! Try another one!
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    I have a bad news :'(

    Bukkitcontrib updated.

    and It couldnt load Bukkitcontrib again :'(

    can you fix it?

    Love your plugin:)
  14. Fix MySQL doesnt work
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    Ive same problem on my server. After i send /login i must wait 1-4s before im loged in.
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    Can one of you run this AuthMe version and paste the output of the console(with time stamps) when a login took to long?

    The version just contains a few extra debug message so that I can determine where exactly the plugins hangs.
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    AuthMe don't support sha1 (no salt) for custom user table ? im trying to use Fluxbb 1.4* database without success (wrong password blabla), for now i use authme wich is compatible with sha1 password. if u can look at it. thanks ;)
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    there is some permissions nodes plz answer :)
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    Normal users can use "/register, /login, /logout, /changepassword, /unregister" Ops can additionally use all commands that start with "/authme". But I could add permissions support if people want me to.
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    I've tried it, but I occured some issues.
    First playing, everything is alright. I can move and chat as a guest. I can register myself, Permission makes is job with other plugins when I'm logged in, just like I want!

    When I'm leaving the game, no worries. But when I reconnect, I can't move. When I use /login **** , it's work, and I can move again.
    I use a cracked version of Minecraft (yeah, I know, it's bad, I'll pay for the game when my server will work), it's maybe why I can't move?

    EDIT I've tried it with a legal version of Minecraft, nothing changes... :s
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    Same problem here. Has anyone got a solution?
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    Seems like the plugin is not lagging the server at all, but when people play their fps drops 90%, all chat messages come 1-2 minutes delayed, when say /login pass it instantly appears on the console, but on the game client u gotta wait for 2 minutes in the terrible lag, then it says logged in and all starts workin smooth again. I really need a plugin like this but this one is just terrible.
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    Like xAuth?
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    I finally discovered why teh BukkitContrib plugin does not work in my configuration. I think BukkitContrip 0.1.7/BukkitContrip SP conflicts with AuthMe 0.81

    I had to make a totally clean Craftbukkit B1000 and Minecraft 1.7.3 (and Permissions 3.1.6, MultiVerse 1.7.2 and BukkitContrib 0.1.7). I used forced BukkitContrib on the clients. I worked as i should. Then i stoped the server and installed AuthMe 0.81 and now i get kicked off after the 200 ticks saying that I dont have the BukkitContrip SP. I didnt even had time to login in with AuthMe.

    I dont know if this is an error in BukkitContrib or AuthMe. I use AuthMe because i dont have MYSQL.

    Maybe it is AuthMe which does not let BukkitContrib test anythingm before logging in???

    Do you have any suggestions to try?

    EDIT: i tried to change kickoff time to 2000 ticks, then i can login but then the texture-change in BukkitContrib does not work. I does work if I remove AuthMe from my server.
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    On every connect the BukkitContrib client plugin sends its version number as a command to the server. For the current version that would be "/0.1.7".

    AuthMe forbids for obvious reasons the usage of commands before a user logged in. What you can do is either wait for the next AuthMe release where the current BukkitContrib command is allowed. Type in the command of BukkitContrib by hand after you logged in or allow that command in the AuthMe config.

    It's not a bug, it's a feature. It is expected of players who already registered to /login before they can do anything. Otherwise "bad people" could connect with a already registered nick and walk around and talk shit and destroy the reputation of that player by insulting everyone...
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    I have no explanation for this behaviour. What I found out so far is that the lag only occurs when the player tried to move or move the mouse before /login or /register. But I can't see anything in the code that could cause this...
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    sha1 support can be added for password ? i can't use it with fluxbb :( thanks

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