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    Thread outdated!

    AntiGuest - Prevent guests from griefing!
    Version: v2.1.0

    AntiGuest prevents guests from doing specific things like building and fighting, which can be used to grief.

    The plugin uses permissions to determine whether a player is allowed to do something. If a player HAS the specific permission, he will be able to do the action, otherwise a configurable message will be printed to his chat telling him that he is not allowed to do that.
    There are no commands to to promote a guest to a new group, because the supported permissions systems (SuperPerms and Permissions) usually provide commands for promoting.

    • prevents guests from (configurable):
      1. using levers, buttons, doors and/or pressureplates
      2. opening chests and/or doors
      3. crafting, cooking and/or dispensing
      4. eating cakes
      5. fishing
      6. sleeping in beds
      7. using buckets
      8. opening his inventory (might not work)
      9. building
      10. fighting
      11. getting targeted by monsters
      12. picking up and/or dropping items
      13. using vehicles
      14. spamming the chat or completely chatting
    • all messages are configurable and support color codes (&0, &1, &2, ... , &f)
    Download AntiGuest
    Source Code
    Test it on Parallel-Universe.de

    1. put the AntiGuest.jar into your plugins folder
    2. restart/reload your server

    • AntiGuest.* - Allows the player to do everything
      • AntiGuest.build - Allows the player to build
        • AntiGuest.placeblock - Allows the player to place blocks
        • AntiGuest.breakblock - Allows the player to break blocks
      • AntiGuest.interact - Allows the player to interact with the world
        • AntiGuest.lever - Allows the player to use levers
        • AntiGuest.button - Allows the player to push buttons
        • AntiGuest.door - Allows the player to open and close doors
        • AntiGuest.bed - Allows the player to sleep in beds
        • AntiGuest.fish - Allows the player to fish
        • AntiGuest.bucket - Allows the player to use buckets
        • AntiGuest.cake - Allows the player to eat cake
        • AntiGuest.pressureplate - Allows the player to trigger pressure plates
      • AntiGuest.fight - Allows the player to fight
        • AntiGuest.pvp - Allows the player to fight
        • AntiGuest.monster - Allows the player to get targeted by monsters
      • AntiGuest.item - Allows the player to do item related things
        • AntiGuest.pickup - Allows the player to pickup items
        • AntiGuest.drop - Allows the player to drop items
      • AntiGuest.craft - Allows the player to do crafting related things
        • AntiGuest.furnace - Allows the player to furnace
        • AntiGuest.workbench - Allows the player to craft
        • AntiGuest.dispenser - Allows the player to dispense
        • AntiGuest.chest - Allows the player to use chests
        • AntiGuest.inventory - Allows the player to open his inventory
      • AntiGuest.vehicle - Allows the player to use vehicles
      • AntiGuest.chat - Allows the player to chat
      • AntiGuest.spam - Allows the player to chat as fast as he wants
    Blue permissions are aliases for their subordinated permissions. These will only work with SuperPerms (e.g. PermissionBukkit)

    Default Configuration:

    Show Spoiler
    debug: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to pickup items!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to fight!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to get targeted by monsters!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to fish!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to drop items!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to sleep!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use vehicles!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use buckets'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to interact with doors!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to pressure the plate!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use chests'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to push buttons!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to cook!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to dispense!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to craft!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4Don''t spam the chat!'
            enable: true
            lockDuration: 2
            message: '&4You are not allowed to break blocks!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use levers!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to place blocks!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4The cake is a lie!!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to chat!'
            enable: true


    Version 2.1.0
    • Added complete chat prevention
    • Added cake prevention
    • Fixed vehicle prevention to include powered minecarts
    Older changes (open)

    Version 2.0.3
    • Fixed breaking vehicles
    Version 2.0.2
    • Fixed a typo in the permissions
    Version 2.0.1
    • Added dispenser prevention
    • removed useless config entry of inventory prevention, because it's impossible
    • new preventions will be automaticly added to the config (no deleting needed)
    Version 2.0.0

    • Splitted the interact prevention into lever, button, pressureplate, door (including trap doors), chest, workbench, furnace and monster
    • Added bed prevention
    • Added item drop prevention
    • Added bucket prevention
    • Added fishing prevention
    • Added a config entry to enable or disable the debug mode
    • Changed the configuratiuon file a bit (You should delete your old config file)
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed PAINTING_BREAK checking the wrong permission if only the interaction check was enabled
    • Made the chat lock for spamming configurable (in seconds)
    Version 1.2.0
    • OPs can now always do everything
    Version 1.1.2
    • fixed block place checking for the wrong permission
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed the painting break event not being registered when only the build prevention was enabled
    Version 1.1.0
    • Added SuperPerms support, Permissions is now optional
    • Split interaction into interaction and vehicles (minecarts, boats)
    • interaction also prevents mobs from targeting guests
    • Added spam prevention
    • enabled pickup prevention again
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release
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    it doesn't work with groupmanager/permissionsbridge?
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    it does. I use group manager along with this...
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    i agree!!! if you update it so i can make a person a member ingame via commands, i would be very happy
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    Thank you for this plugin, this is the only plugin i could find to COMPLETLY stop guets from doing any kind of grief. thank you
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    Any idea what way I would edit my config to make this work with PermissionsBukkit? Right now I am trying to make it work with permissionsbukkit so that in a specific world users cannot place or destroy blocks but they can interact with the enviroment... doors etc. In every other world people should be allowed to freebuild to their hearts content. Its just this one word I want to be restricted this way. Just an example config file that would achieve this would be very much appreciated.

    I want a specific set of commands to apply to the whole server - and then one set of commands to apply on one specific world. At the minute when I change anything it applies across every world.

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    Thats not a AntiGuest related problem. My plugin just checks for permissions and doesn't assign them. When your permissionsplugin has multiworld support, that should work.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm how can you disable the message You are not allowed to be targeted by a monster?

    I tried to set the boolean to false, but I think this also disabled the antitracking in itself... or I messed up my permissions but they look fine..

    nice plugin btw. you should keep this thread updated though..
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    you can simple set an empty message (but don't remove the config entry)

    why should I update this thread? I have a BukkitDev page for it, i don't have the time to update 2 pages
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    This is a very awesome plugin, But could you make it so the Guest's can destroy blocks but they can only not destroy Blocks placed by others. If so this would be the perfect plugin
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    please, there is a BukkitDev page for a reason...
    the feature you want would be to much for this plugin.
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    Hello, I'm wondering if permissions are working on PermissionsEX, last time i tried they didn't :)
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    If they don't, blame the PermissionsEX developer. AntiGuest uses SuperPerms
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    Incase any one wants the Full list of all item names in the game for what ever reason i went to the trouble of doing the painfull work typing out all item names

    - stone
    - grass block
    - dirt
    - cobblestone
    - wooden planks
    - sapling
    - bedrock
    - water
    - lava
    - sand
    - gravel
    - gold ore
    - iorn ore
    - coal ore
    - wood
    - leaves
    - sponge
    - glass
    - lapis lazuli ore
    - lapis lazuli block
    - dispenser
    - note block
    - powered rail
    - detector rail
    - sticky piston
    - cobweb
    - shrub
    - dead bush
    - piston
    - wool
    - flower
    - rose
    - mushroom
    - block of gold
    - block of iron
    - doble slab
    - stone slab
    - bricks
    - tnt
    - bookshelf
    - moss stone
    - obsidian
    - torch
    - fire
    - monster spawner
    - wooden stairs
    - chest
    - diamond ore
    - block of diamond
    - crafting table
    - farmland
    - furnace
    - ladder
    - rail
    - stone stairs
    - lever
    - pressure plate
    - redstone ore
    - redstone torch
    - button
    - snow
    - ice
    - cactus
    - clay
    - jukebox
    - fence
    - pumpkin
    - netherrack
    - soul sand
    - glowstone
    - portal
    - jack 'o' lantern
    - cake
    - locked chest
    - trapedoor
    - silverfish stone
    - stone bricks
    - mushroom
    - iorn bars
    - glass pane
    - melon
    - vines
    - fence gate
    - brick stairs
    - stone brick stairs
    - mycelium
    - lily pad
    - nether brick
    - nether brick fence
    - nether brick stairs
    - nether wart
    - enchantment table
    - end portal
    - end portal frame
    - end stone
    - dragon egg
    - redstone lamp
    - iorn shovel
    - iorn pickaxe
    - iorn axe
    - flint and steel
    - apple
    - bow
    - arrow
    - coal
    - diamond
    - iron ingot
    - gold ingot
    - iron sword
    - wooden sword
    - wooden shovel
    - wooden pickaxe
    - wooden axe
    - stone sword
    - stone shovel
    - stone pickaxe
    - stone axe
    - diamond sword
    - diamond shovel
    - diamond pickaxe
    - diamond axe
    - stick
    - bowl
    - mushroom stew
    - golden sword
    - golden shovel
    - golden pickaxe
    - golden axe
    - string
    - fether
    - gunpowder
    - wooden hoe
    - stone hoe
    - iorn hoe
    - diamond hoe
    - golden hoe
    - seeds
    - wheat
    - bread
    - leather cap
    - leather tunic
    - leather pants
    - leather boots
    - chain helmet
    - chain chestplate
    - chain leggings
    - chain boots
    - iron helmet
    - iron chestplate
    - iron leggings
    - iron boots
    - diamond helmet
    - diamond chestplate
    - diamond leggings
    - diamond boots
    - golden helmet
    - golden chestplate
    - golden leggings
    - golden boots
    - flint
    - raw porkchop
    - cooked porkchop
    - painting
    - golden apple
    - sign
    - wooden door
    - bucket
    - water bucket
    - lava bucket
    - minecart
    - saddle
    - iron door
    - redstone
    - snowball
    - boat
    - leather
    - milk
    - brick
    - clay
    - sugar canes
    - paper
    - book
    - slimeball
    - minecart with chest
    - minecart with furnace
    - egg
    - compass
    - fishing rod
    - clock
    - glowstone dust
    - raw fish
    - cooked fish
    - ink sac
    - bone
    - sugar
    - cake
    - bed
    - redstone repeater
    - cookie
    - map
    - shears
    - melon
    - pumpkin seeds
    - melon seeds
    - raw beef
    - steak
    - raw chicken
    - cooked chicken
    - rotten flesh
    - ender pearl
    - blaze rod
    - ghast tear
    - gold nugget
    - nether wart
    - glass bottle
    - spider eye
    - fermented spider eye
    - blaze powder
    - magma cream
    - brewing stand
    - cauldron
    - eye of ender
    - glistering melon
    - bottle o' enchanting
    - fire charge
    - music disc
    Hope that that helps you coder guys out Just copy paste and take out what you dont want :D
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    they're not needed. bukkit has its own internal "item list" (Materials enum) that's used by my plugin. it supports lookup via name and ID, so you're list is not needed.
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    Yea i cant use ur newest update, it fucks up all SK's Plugins, like world guard world edit and Command book
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    Why do you post that here?
    There is a bukkit dev page...

    I don't think your problem is related to AntiGuest.
    There is nothing that could cause problems with Sk's plugins
    and I always use WorldEdit on my test server.

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