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    Thread outdated!

    AntiGuest - Prevent guests from griefing!
    Version: v2.1.0

    AntiGuest prevents guests from doing specific things like building and fighting, which can be used to grief.

    The plugin uses permissions to determine whether a player is allowed to do something. If a player HAS the specific permission, he will be able to do the action, otherwise a configurable message will be printed to his chat telling him that he is not allowed to do that.
    There are no commands to to promote a guest to a new group, because the supported permissions systems (SuperPerms and Permissions) usually provide commands for promoting.

    • prevents guests from (configurable):
      1. using levers, buttons, doors and/or pressureplates
      2. opening chests and/or doors
      3. crafting, cooking and/or dispensing
      4. eating cakes
      5. fishing
      6. sleeping in beds
      7. using buckets
      8. opening his inventory (might not work)
      9. building
      10. fighting
      11. getting targeted by monsters
      12. picking up and/or dropping items
      13. using vehicles
      14. spamming the chat or completely chatting
    • all messages are configurable and support color codes (&0, &1, &2, ... , &f)
    Download AntiGuest
    Source Code
    Test it on Parallel-Universe.de

    1. put the AntiGuest.jar into your plugins folder
    2. restart/reload your server

    • AntiGuest.* - Allows the player to do everything
      • AntiGuest.build - Allows the player to build
        • AntiGuest.placeblock - Allows the player to place blocks
        • AntiGuest.breakblock - Allows the player to break blocks
      • AntiGuest.interact - Allows the player to interact with the world
        • AntiGuest.lever - Allows the player to use levers
        • AntiGuest.button - Allows the player to push buttons
        • AntiGuest.door - Allows the player to open and close doors
        • AntiGuest.bed - Allows the player to sleep in beds
        • AntiGuest.fish - Allows the player to fish
        • AntiGuest.bucket - Allows the player to use buckets
        • AntiGuest.cake - Allows the player to eat cake
        • AntiGuest.pressureplate - Allows the player to trigger pressure plates
      • AntiGuest.fight - Allows the player to fight
        • AntiGuest.pvp - Allows the player to fight
        • AntiGuest.monster - Allows the player to get targeted by monsters
      • AntiGuest.item - Allows the player to do item related things
        • AntiGuest.pickup - Allows the player to pickup items
        • AntiGuest.drop - Allows the player to drop items
      • AntiGuest.craft - Allows the player to do crafting related things
        • AntiGuest.furnace - Allows the player to furnace
        • AntiGuest.workbench - Allows the player to craft
        • AntiGuest.dispenser - Allows the player to dispense
        • AntiGuest.chest - Allows the player to use chests
        • AntiGuest.inventory - Allows the player to open his inventory
      • AntiGuest.vehicle - Allows the player to use vehicles
      • AntiGuest.chat - Allows the player to chat
      • AntiGuest.spam - Allows the player to chat as fast as he wants
    Blue permissions are aliases for their subordinated permissions. These will only work with SuperPerms (e.g. PermissionBukkit)

    Default Configuration:

    Show Spoiler
    debug: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to pickup items!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to fight!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to get targeted by monsters!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to fish!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to drop items!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to sleep!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use vehicles!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use buckets'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to interact with doors!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to pressure the plate!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use chests'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to push buttons!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to cook!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to dispense!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to craft!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4Don''t spam the chat!'
            enable: true
            lockDuration: 2
            message: '&4You are not allowed to break blocks!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to use levers!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to place blocks!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4The cake is a lie!!'
            enable: true
            message: '&4You are not allowed to chat!'
            enable: true


    Version 2.1.0
    • Added complete chat prevention
    • Added cake prevention
    • Fixed vehicle prevention to include powered minecarts
    Older changes (open)

    Version 2.0.3
    • Fixed breaking vehicles
    Version 2.0.2
    • Fixed a typo in the permissions
    Version 2.0.1
    • Added dispenser prevention
    • removed useless config entry of inventory prevention, because it's impossible
    • new preventions will be automaticly added to the config (no deleting needed)
    Version 2.0.0

    • Splitted the interact prevention into lever, button, pressureplate, door (including trap doors), chest, workbench, furnace and monster
    • Added bed prevention
    • Added item drop prevention
    • Added bucket prevention
    • Added fishing prevention
    • Added a config entry to enable or disable the debug mode
    • Changed the configuratiuon file a bit (You should delete your old config file)
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed PAINTING_BREAK checking the wrong permission if only the interaction check was enabled
    • Made the chat lock for spamming configurable (in seconds)
    Version 1.2.0
    • OPs can now always do everything
    Version 1.1.2
    • fixed block place checking for the wrong permission
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed the painting break event not being registered when only the build prevention was enabled
    Version 1.1.0
    • Added SuperPerms support, Permissions is now optional
    • Split interaction into interaction and vehicles (minecarts, boats)
    • interaction also prevents mobs from targeting guests
    • Added spam prevention
    • enabled pickup prevention again
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release
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    So how does this work? Does there need to be a permissions group called 'Guest' or does it just effect everyone that isn't an OP?
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    @ohmydoddtv Anyone without the permissions aren't allowed to do the relative action(s):

    So the group you are using as guests, should not have these permissions.
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    New version released!


    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed PAINTING_BREAK checking the wrong permission if only the interaction check was enabled
    • Made the chat lock for spamming configurable (in seconds)

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    OK Guys, so this question is probably going to sound stupid so yeah.. If the plugin doesn't have a .jar file, what do I need to put where? There is a "META-INF" , "de" and "plugin.yml" Where do these need to go? Also can i create a sub-folder in Plugins called "AntiGuest" to stop lots of files being together in the one "Plugins" folder.

    Thanks, and sorry for the stupid questions, but I'm fairly new to Bukkit.

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    @elconnor The file you are opening with the META-INF and plugin.yml is the .jar file, and all plugin .jar files go in the plugins folder directly, then each of those plugins should create it's own folder inside there if it needs a config file or similar, like this one does.
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    OK, this helps a bit, but the only other problem is there is already a plugin.yml in the plugins folder, are the plugin.yml all the same? or completely different?

    OMG I'm such an idiot, please ignore what I just said, i was opening the .jar file with winrar, not knowing that was the .jar files. Holy Crap "FACEPALM" thanks for your help guys.


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    How do i make a guest world so this dosnt work in some worlds?
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    That only works, when your plugin for permissions is multiworld enabled.
    If that is the case, you can assign world specific permissions
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    Does this mean if guests aren't in bed it still makes it day time?
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    Don Redhorse

    well me too, just asked yesterday another developer who wanted to fork GuestPrev..

    btw: @Quick_Wango you should put a post into GuestPrev and ask a Moderator to put up a note in the OP there too.
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    Ok, I'll do that

    @PsychoMantis: Probably not, but I think it should be possible to ignore the guests
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    does antiguest disable chestaccess when i give guests AntiGuest.pickup?
    i need that for my server: SwissSMP.ch - Schweizer Minecraft Server

    can you please explain in OT, what interactions with world are blocked by antiguest (buttons, doors, levers, pressure plates? etc.)
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    Just tried out your plugin, hoping we finally had a replacement for Guestprev.

    Sadly with this plugin, there is no way to allow guests to use buttons and doors without also allowing them to get into chests, get items like water and lava, and place them all over the place. This feature was a big reason many people used Guestprev.

    Sure, we can completely disallow all world interaction, but then guests stopping in to check out our server can't use doors to get out of spawn, buttons to launch minecarts. etc. Hoping you update soon!
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    ok So how do I allow people to build. I do use permissions and the default group cannot build but the next group after that the builders can. It works and prevents people from building but now is there a command to do like /enable <username> to make them go from not being able to build to being able to build. And if they greif turning them back to just a guest so they cannot build.

    I hope he does not update I hope someone will take over guestprev.

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    Its possible to make that user cant Use signs, like SignShop, or Essentials
  18. Just tested 1.2.1 with CB1000 on our world (pvp enabled). The Guestgroup (actual Permissions) has no AntiGuest.pvp but can fight players from other groups... =/

    Arf, it was the damn config file... =)

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    I love this plugin!
    And the config file is the best I have seen so far! :D :D :D
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    signed. i would donate if this got implemented next few days ;)
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    I'll definitly implement all the requests!
    Expect it Friday or Saturday. Currently I have to do some other things for my server.
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    hm.. have idea.. when new player (Guest) connect to server, plugin after specific time give new group "Player-Member" + message "You are advance to new group !" with permissions to build ;)
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    I think there are already plugins which assign permission groups for playtime
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    I've already split up the interaction prevention into chest, door, button, lever, workbench and furnaces prevention which can all be enabled or disabled as you need it. I also added inventory and bucket prevention.

    todo for release:
    • reformating the config file
    • testing
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    ok so is this like guestprev and you can type in the command to let people build. How does this plugin work?
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    i set AntiGuest.build to my regular group but the members cannot build ??
    How to set the config file true or false?
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    This is a nice plugin, but players without AntiGuest.build can still place vehicles but they cannot destroy it. Could you fix this and make vehicles unplaceable?
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    Just wondering, to stop them generating chunks could you just make it so they cant go a defined distace from the spawn? ( eg 50 blocks in any direction)
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    I can't prevent them from generating chunks, but the maxium distance is possible
    I've just implemented that (with a little workaround)
    I have still much testing to do.
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    Thanks so much! Looking forward to being able to switch over from guestprev :)
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    This plugin just needs a commands to allow people to build. Taking them off the "guest" list and becoming a regular member.

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