Inactive [SEC/ADMN] Profiler V1.1 - Keeps detailed profile of players [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    Profiler - Keeps a detailed profile of players
    • Keeps a running profile of all players on the server which automatically logs Jails, Kicks, and all IPS joined on
    • Allows you to add notes to a players profile for whatever reason
    • Logs everything in simple, easy to read flatfiles which can be accessed both in game, and from the host computer
    • Simplistic, and familiar in game interface
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.1
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    • added auto-completion, and case matching to player names in /p show, and /p addnote
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    How to use
    • Place the Profiler.jar into your plugins folder
    • Use /profiler help to show the in game help menu
    • /profiler show <player> to show the log of a given player.
    • /profiler addnote <player> to add a note to a players profile
    • /p is a universal shortcut for /profiler
    • If you want to access the flatfile which contains all of the profilers, go to (your bukkit folder)/plugins/profiler/<name>.txt
    What's to come?
    • Whatever the community asks for!
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    i use this plugin. in fact, i came up with the concept and commissioned it for minesworn. the plugin is great and will help ppl catch repeat offenders and even help spot VPN ip adress spoofing

    we really needed this after we started getting DDOS'd. but this also helps with ppl who may have been in jail many times before, but a new admin on shift cant tell if a troll has been kicked in the past, so it logs all the jails and kicks
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    Maby some cool statistics?
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    How so Scott? what kind of statistics would you like to see included? Im always happy to incorporate ideas :D
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    I think it would be cool for the plugin to hold time played in the server as well.
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    Never knew 1.2.4 R0.2 came out..
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    Amen to this.

    Although you could have picked a better place to upload it, the plugin looks amazing!

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    Do you mean total time actually playing? or just time since they first joined the server, because the plugin already logs when a player first joins
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    No. I mean logs actual time playing.
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    Maybe a webstats page for all this stuff? like the logblock webstats?
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    hmm i think stats would be cool, maybe add top "offenders" and topo ip switchers and show which players have the highest reports/jails and ip respectively
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    Can you please include a direct link.
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    definetely, i'll put that up when i get the chance!
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    Changed link to BukkitDev for you, approved.
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    Yeah that'd be nice if it showed how many hours total they have spent playing on the server.
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    Sorry for the lack of a patch up to this point guys D: I've been preoccupied with two other plugins (a shop plugin and a hungergames plugin, both of which will be posted here sometime soon) and I really want to try and get release builds of those out before I resume work on this project. I will add a total hours played feature, I completely agree that would be usefull XD Thanks for all the support guys!
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    yea it would be great to add how long the played and can be hooked up to having me tell wht permissions they have, either way this is a great plugin it is a good way to remmeber y i banned a person , this plugin made my life to banning over 300 to 400 players
    thank you very much
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    Ok, just a recent update, I'm currently working with another plugin developer Orange451 who is
    part of the Minesworn development team as well to improve profiler. He has released a few anti cheat plugins and so we're working to make profiler and the anti-cheat plugin interface with each other and than combine them into one plugin. (you'll still be able to get them individually but the single jar file will just be a convenience. I've also added a /p stats command which sadly doesn't yet log total time played, (I've been working on that as well don't worry, just haven't gotten around to putting it in an official release yet) but DOES include total jails, tempbans, kicks, etc. for each player! The new version also has a paging system to make looking at a players profile in game far more convenient, and it's all color coded so it's nice to look at, and quick to read! All this will be posted in the update which (i promise) will be posted as soon as exam week is over! (in case you were wondering, this week is exam week)
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    Could you maybe add a TNT block log? Log everytime they place TNT? You'd have to have it stop looking after the first place for some time so somebody placing 64 blocks doesn't fill their log. It might even be useful for other blocks beside TNT. My server is too small to warrant permissions, but I need to know who placed TNT without blocking it entirely.
  20. This looks like an excellent plugin.
    One question though, are there permission nodes that can be used with groupmanager?
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    I'm not familiar with group manager! If I had to guess I'd say the current nodes should work with most plugins. If not, I'll look into adding support for more groups.
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    Its about time someone made something like this! Definitely going on my server!

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