[SEC/ADMN/MECH] Road Protector v0.1.3 - Simple plugin to protect areas [BukkitDev]

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    If you exclude chest block id (54) and wooden door block id (64) every will able to open chest and doors.

    ...Or you need to allow break doors and chest to players?
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    This does not seem to be working for me?

    Im right-clicking and nothing is happening...
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    You need to hold "wand" in hand (default is clay), enable wand-mode (command /rp wand). Then you can rightclick to install a protector-block. You will see smoke effect above the clicked block.
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    fromgate I have done this and have the clay in my hand, Im seeing the smoke but its allowing me still destroy the blocks?
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    Did you disable the edit mode (/rp edit — enable / disable the edit mode)? And creative? If you need protection in creative you must disable "creative edit mode" (/rp crmode — enable/disable of using creative mode as edit mode)

    Any error message in chat? Or in server log?
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    fromgate Nope these are the configs I have.


    No errors are appearing in chat or in server log.
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    Hi fromgate. This plugin looks awesome! Good work. I want to use it to protect my farm/greenhouse, but I want the crops to be harvestable/plantable/tillable-dirt by others. Can it be set up to do that? If not, is it possible that you could add a protection-exclusion list (ex. exclude blocks: 295, 296, etc) so that crops could be gathered by others? Thanks.
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    Great idea! Thank you for suggestion. You can try v0.0.6 now )

    v 0.0.6
    • New commands /rp explace and /rp exbreak to set block list, that allows players to place or break defined blocks in protected areas.
    • Some code optimization
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    Wow fromgate thats amazing! I just tested it and it works well! Farming by others is now possible! Rock on.

    I did run into a few buggy/weird things though that you would probably like as feedback. So I'll just write them down off the top of my head.

    -If you break a protected sign, it replaces the sign like it is supposed to, but loses the text on it (becomes blank)

    -I protected my farm, but it wasn't working. I realized that it was my height and depth each being set to 500 that was preventing it from working. I was trying to protect from bedrock to the 256 limit. Once I reduced it to 50 both ways it worked. Can it be set to protect entire chunks?

    -I tried to modify the explace and exbreak block numbers and wrote it like 59, 60, 83. But it kept screwing up, I then realized I needed to remove the spaces like this: 59,60,83. Then it worked. -I think it also only listed two of the values and left the third one off when repeating them back to me. But in the config file it showed that 83 was indeed included.

    -I tried modifying the messages but was failing. The command listed on this page and on '/rp help' are different. Once I figured that out, I tried changing the messages. But something weird was going on. It was as if the prtswmsg was replacing the prtmsg. Like they were mismatched or something. The other weird thing about it, was that it was cutting off the first part of the message. I tried to reset it to the default message of "This place is protected!" but it returned "place is protected!" leaving the "This" part off.

    Everything else works beautifully! Thank you for hearing me out my idea! Its great and exactly what I needed! I believe it will become a popular plugin.

    I also had another idea while protecting things, but it might take a little more programming. I was setting up the radius, height, and depth and thought that it would be nice if you could separate and name individual protected zones. So you would start a new zone named something like 'castle,' set its w,h, and depth, and then save it as a single zone. You could then just say /rp delete zone 'castle' to clear it.
    -I thought it would be an easy application to protect different sized things. If it was a road, you could set it to a radius of 5. If it was a castle, you could set the radius to 100,stand in the middle, and place one block.

    Thanks again for this excellent plugin :)
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    Thank you for your message :)

    It's a minecraft bug. After relogin you'll see that sign was not changed.

    No. It was created to protect roads, small buildings etc. Reason of RP creating is was requirement in convenient plugin to protect a limit height areas :)

    Thank you, I'll check it today.

    Oh! I know what is wrong. I'll fix as fast as I can. Now you can manually add message in config.yml file.

    It's not possible. Plugin did not save any information about protected areas. But if you need to switch of protection in big areas you can use any editing plugin that support replacing to replace bedrock to stone or dirt. I'm using VoxelSniper: it easy and fast :)
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    Dude it says check command permissions doesn't let me access the help page


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    Thanks for the feedback. Glad I could help somewhat.

    This might be a stretch, but the only other way I can think of making other protected zones and avoid any necessary block logging, is to to have Road Protect protect several different block types. For instance:


    Zone1: bedrock blocks
    Zone2: sponges
    Zone3: Dragon Eggs etc.....

    -With their accompanying L/W/H of protections

    Then if someone wanted, they could use another plugin like iblocks to set aside/protect other blocks for use with RP.
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    i love this and use it so much, thanks!!
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    v 0.0.6/2
    • Fixing some bugs (thanks to MidasValo for reporting)

    Thank you for suggestion. I will think about it :)

    Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to see your message :)

    Hmm... Did you configured permissions?
    Every command requires a permissions. To get access to command /rp help player must have permission "roadprotector.edit". This permissions also required to all "edit" action (installing protections, constructing in protected areas...)

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    nice work buddy!
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    This is a great plugin but it allows liquids to be placed from buckets inside the protected area and it also allows liquids to flow into the protected area from outside. Goodbye wool statues :'(
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    Oh... I'll create a new version that will denied liquids and buckets inside protected area....
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    Hello, new version uploaded. Now using of buckets at protected area are forbidden. And you can enable/or disable lava and water flows at protected area.

    New version v0.0.7
    • Protection from lava-flows added (New command: /rp lava)
    • Protection from water-flows added (New command: /rp water)
    • Translation support added
    • Metrics added
    • Version update check added
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    Works really well, for myself though, i use it for buildings too apart from roads, well done and keep up the work
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    • Warning messages are colored again
    • If you clicking with wand on a rail block (rail, detector rail, power rail) protector will be placed under two blocks deep (instead of one)
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    • Bug fix: /rp wand command sometimes does... nothing.. :(
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    Changes in v0.0.9
    • Speed ways! You can run faster at the roads, if you enable speedway feature, choose speed, and define the pavement blocks. New commands: /rp speedway, /rp speedblock <id1,id2,...,idN> and /rp speed <speed potion level>. Player requires permission roadprotector.speedway to running fast on the roads.
    P.S. I will upload a video demonstration of speedways later.

    • Fixed issue with slab speedway pavment. Now you can sprint fast if you moving on the slabs too.

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    RoadProtector crazy speed video :)

    You can set extra-fast speed (but I think optimal speeds are: 0, 1 or 3.
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    Awesome idea! I have a lot of plugins I'm juggling right now, but I will be sure to download this when I have it under control
    Thank you!
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    • New feature! Walk-mode! You can protect area while walking :)
    • New feature! You can remove protection in area using a command /rp unpr [radius] (radius can be skipped, to remove all protectors affected to single block)
    • Code optimization, simple API created.
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    Deleted user

    Does this plugin check if the block is naturally placed, or if it's man-made, because with the default block as bedrock, it could create some problems for miners.
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    Was this meant for just roads?
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    Natural bedrock can be found only at level 5 or less. This level is ignored. But if you place a protector at level 6, it will create a "force field" :)

    And you can use another block (sponge for example) as protector. This protector-block will work at any depth.

    This plugin was created as easy tool for protect roads, but can you can use it to protected anything you need. For example, at our server, I use this plugin to protect small buildings it more easier and faster than create new WorldGuard region.

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