[SEC/ADMN] McDefcon v4.0 - Server Lock Down [1240]

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    Download [.jar Only] | API<Wiki> [Coming Soon] | Wiki[Coming Soon] | Report Bugs
    I will soon be moving this Plugin to BukkitDev as since it has the new Issue Tracker.

    McDefcon v4.0 - Lockdown your server!​
    Version: 4.0

    Development Channel:
    Server: irc.geekshed.net​
    Channel: #mcdefcon​
    If you want to see other updates on this or my other Plugins, or just want to stalk me :p Follow me on Twitter @SystexPro
    Description -
    McDefcon is a plugin that allows you to set certain Levels on your Server to keep Griefers out. It works on Offline/Online Modes Servers and it also works with McBans and it is set up with OP, Bukkit Permissions, and PermissionsEx(NEW)!​
    Defcon Levels -
    There are 6 Defcon Levels.​
    0 - Normal (The server allows incoming Players)​
    1 - KickMode (Kicks any player trying to join. McBans will kick the player aswell)​
    2 - Temp Ban(Temporary Bans Player from your Server. McBan Defcon Level only)​
    3 - BanMode (Kick Bans any player trying to join the server. For McBans purposes, it will be a LocalBan.)​
    4 - Mutes all Players(Does not kick Players with this Level).​
    5 - Turns off Building.​
    6 - Freezes all Players.​
    Defcon Commands -
    Command Trigger - /dc and /defcon​
    /dc ? - Shows Help Menu.​
    /dc lvl/level <level> - Sets the Defcon Level.​
    /dc level view - Shows the current Defcon Levels.​
    /dc check - Returns the current Defcon Level.​
    /dc reload - Reloads the Configuration File.​
    /dc cs - Clear Serve(Kick all Players)​
    Defcon Permission Nodes (Works with Bukkit Permissions as well) -
    mcdefcon.admin - Allows the Player to change Defcon Levels​
    mcdefcon.accept - Allows the Player to bypass any Defcon Level, OP's will also be allowed to bypass.​
    Defcon Configuration File -
    #McBans by SystexPro
    #Build: #1240
    #Version: 4.0
        Level 1 Message: Kicked. Defcon level 3.
        Level 2 Message: Banned. Defcon Level 2.
        Level 4 Message: Defcon Level 4. All Players Muted.
        Level 5 Message: Defcon Level 5. Building is off.
        Level 6 Message: Defcon Level 6. All players are frozen.
        Broadcast Level Change: true
        McBans Temporary Ban Time: 5m
        Kick All Players on Defcon Level Change: false
        Use McBans: false
        Use Bukkit Permissions: false
        Show Defcon Level On Join: true
        Defcon Level: 0
    [​IMG](McDefcon is know Open Source) Please do not abuse.
    How-To Video -
    Bugs -
    Commands don't work in the Server Console.(DOS)​
    On Server Close, Defcon Level doesn't save to Config. <-- Being worked on for 4.5​
    TODO -
    Add Console Commands.​
    Allow Multiple Defcon Levels.​
    Fix Defcon Level 5.
    Version 4.0 - October 7
    • Know uses PermissionsEx(same nodes)
    • Started on Custom Defcon Level 7.
    • Continued working on Auto-Updater.
    • Changed API to use PermissionsEx.
    Version 3.5 - October 4

    • Updated to #1240
    • No Major Updates, staying at 3.5
    • Changed up the API a bit.
    • Started looking into Plugin Conflicts with McDefcon<Thanks Zombiemold!>
    Version 3.5 - September 21
    • Updated to #1185
    • Added Defcon Level 6
    • Fixed some bugs with Level 4.
    • Added Command: /dc cs
    • Fixed some colors in the Messages.
    • Fixed a Version Error in the help menu.
    • Added a option to show the current level on join.
    • Started on McDefconAPI - 65% Done(More Here) <-- Link coming soon :)
    Version 3.0 - September 19
    • Fixed Defcon Level 5 not working.
    • Updated to Build #1060
    Version 2.5 - July 29
    • Changed Configuration Layout
    • Started to work on Auto-Updater
    • Added Defcon Level 5.
    • Fixed some Permission Bugs.
    Version 2.0 - July 28
    • Added Defcon Level 4.
    • Added Command /dc level view and /dc ?
    • New Bug: On Server Close, Defcon Level doesn't save to Config.
    • Changed order of Defcon Levels. (Thanks Joy!)
    Version 1.5 - July 27
    • Fixed McDefcon Folder not being created.
    • Removed McBan Type, Default Bans are Local.
    • Added Defcon Level 3
    • Added to kick all Players on Defcon Level Change
    Version 1.0 - July 25
    • Added Plugin
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    Fixed :p Enjoy

    It is know. Update to 4.0

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    Thank you very much sir, i really like this plugin :)
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    Question: I have
    mcdefcon.admin: true
    mcdefcon.accept: true
    for my admin groups in PermissionsBukkit, but it kicks them anyway. Can this be fixed?
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    I think the best idea is to configure what defcon level does what in a YML file. Not to just have a set effect for each level.
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    I really hate to burst you bubble, but you got the defcons messed up.
    DEFCON 5 is the safest -- DEFCON 1 is the most dangerous
    E.G. DEFCON 5 = Normal readiness DEFCON 1 = Nuclear warm imminent
    So, you got them backwards DX
    But other than that great plugin!
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    Is this working for 1337? I'm about to update and am curious. Also, anyone having instances where people are being ghosted? Since I put this on, it seems occasionally a person's character appears to be captured and they step out of themselves leaving an inanimate 'ghost' of themselves. Using zombe's information mod, it even shows two of them in the game. Ideas?
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    I am using the latest mcDefcon build, latest permissionsEX build and also bukkit 12 something... Its not working out for me. :(

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