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    FireFighter - Alerts the server upon a player igniting a block, with flint and steel.
    Version: v1.0.0

    Description: FireFighter is a very, very simple plugin that broadcast the player-name, and block coordinates of where the player has used the flint and steel item.

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    * Version 1.0.0 Initial release

    Download(Sorry for mediafire, I will fix soon.): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    To Do:
    * Add Permissions:
    In a future update I would like to make it so if a group has the certain permission it will not broadcast the message to the server.(It already doesn't broadcast if you use the item id 51.)
    * Add disable option

    Billbobjoe1223: Helped me fix some errors and add somethings.
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    Title needs to include the latest release build ie. [953]
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    I say this too often...
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    Please update the title to the latest RB [1000]
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    Hi can i add lava to blacklist? This is very usefull, but i need lava on the list too..
    Write to me at admin@playglobe.net , i dont use this site so much.
    So i wont chek messages here. :) Thanks, good plugin!
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    (Version in title D:)
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    meh, killersmurf is around but just leaves this be, inactive

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