[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Intelli, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Can I have the version for 1.2.5. Thanks
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    hi is it possible to allow other plugin to integrate with core protect ? such as tekkit restrict to allow tekkit moded items to be logged into coreprotect log and rolled back. Some of those vital EE tools damage is not logged.
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    Could you have somthing like /co info t:30m
    but i mean find info of what placed/removed by what user like logblock.. meaning by what i did would search 30 minutes and a radius of 20 and display results..
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    THIS is the BEST anti-grief plugin to bukkit!!! Its VERY EASY to set up, because it doesnt need MySql! Keep up your great work!!!
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    [SEVERE] Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to CoreProtect
    I get this 1x per day
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    Can you add automatic deleting logs? :3
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    can you import you logs form logblock ?
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    Hey I'm running an older server, could you allow me to download older versions of this plugin? (like 1.5-1.4?)
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    So, I log into my server today to a massive lag. Log into the console to see it being spammed with data truncate errors. Go to look an the server log and LOL.. notepad++ says file is too large to open. [​IMG] I have a script that the clears the log every 48 hours meaning the plugin was spamming the error really fast and constantly. I would post an error log.. but your plugin has spammed so much i am now unable to open this log to give you the error report.
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    I still haven't seen anyone answer the question. How do I rollback chest transactions, or at least see more then a single page full? Please let us know, as this is a very common problem on our server.
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    Can you please make the log for chests and furnaces longer?
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    I love this, thank you very much! I searched for antigrief plugins and all I knew about and found was BigBrother, Logblock, Hawkeye and Guardian which all except Logblock is inactive/dead. Logblock, aswell ad the others, you need to mess with MySQL but then I asked in IRC and a person gave this to me, and i checked it out and it was awesome! No need to mess with MySQL and stuff! Thanks!
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    Currently impossible, we're a lot of people asking the dev for any information of wether CoreProtect will have better chest transaction logs and rollback, however we haven't gotten any answer yet, it's been ~a week since I posted a ticket about it on bukkit dev.
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    This plugin seems to work flawlessly, However it has 400k Files and is a real mess.
    I dont have any SQL fast enough for this either.
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    The buildcraft pipes get bugged after they restored, the pipe is there, but its invisible, and not connected to anything, not even if i put an other one nex to it, so it should update and connect, the rest of tekkit seems to work just fine, even the pneumatic pipes.
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    I still say that something is wrong with this plugin. The plugin it self runs out of memory and spams a huge "Out of memory error" and a whole bunch of of over java stuff. But this is the ONLY plugin that does this and I know I am not running out of memory. I've tried posting about it and consulting with the developer, who is very nice, about it but nothing seems to be getting better. I very much love this plugin but I just wish it won't do what it does to my server. Is this plugin more for a hosted server and not a local machine set like a home computer? If anyone could be so kind as to help me I would love it. Thanks!
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    Could you fix CommandHelper? When i set CommandHelper up witha ban/rollback macro using this plugin, it complains about not setting radius/area/whatever. This yours or commandhelper's fault?
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    Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to auto prune the backups every 48 hours.
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    Try turning off piston logging, and some other things you might not need. We used to have the issue quite regularly on our server (we have 17GB available to the minecraft server), turned off piston logging and the problem went away.
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    I had a user blow up his own house, and I went there and I used the inspect and tried to see if I could find out which user placed and set of the TNT. I already knew this but I wanted to see if CoreProtect would pick it up. CoreProtect only told me that #tnt was what removed the blocks, but not who placed the TNT. Any ideas?
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    Try rollback the #tnt, then find a missing block and see who the player was.
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    Thank you.

    I checked the destroyed blocks and #tnt had destroyed blocks there 2.5h ago. So I did a rollback with:
    /co rollback #tnt r:10 t:3h
    This rolled back all the damage and it was like it was before, 3h earlier. And since I only rolled back the damage caused by #tnt I found a lever which I inspected and I now know who placed the lever.

    But if he would use a flint and steel, then I would have no idea who it was?

    Let's say there was a griefer who just had TNT and a flint and steel. Then he goes to a building, covers it in tnt then lights a tnt. How do I know who placed the TNT when all that shows up is that the block was destroyed by #tnt?
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    When /co rollback #tnt is used, it should also bring back the TNT that created the damage, unless there is something in the config that you may have changed.

    /co rollback t:3h r:10 and see if anything shows up (TNT, different blocks eg)
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    I probably rolled back before the TNT was placed. He probably placed it and set it of in a matter of seconds, so I have to be very specific in seconds if I want to roll back when the tnt have just been placed and not yet set off. Though I could probably try to roll back second after second.
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    I am just wondering, is it possible to get a download link to the 1.2.5 R4.1 or any 1.2.5 version. As I need it for tekkit.
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    Hey thanks! I trued changing the config and it works with no problems so far!
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    the current version also works for tekkit aka 1.2.5 their are no tags in the current plugin that make it incompatible however mysql is currently bugged and I wouldnt recomend using it until its fixed. flat file is currently working just fine. however coreprotect much like all the other rollback plugins out there does not rollback pipes properly all the time. keep an eye out for broken pipes. perhaps try the exclude command to keep from rolling back the pipes ex. "/co rollback t:2h r:10 e:4298,4299,4300,4301,4302,4303,4304,4305,4306,4307,4308,4309,4310,4311,4312,4313,4314,4315,4316,4317,4320,4322,4324" not sure if this works as I havent tested it yet but its worth a shot. otherwise just go around and break all the corrupt pipes manualy. hope this helps
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    What does this mean on the DBO page: "This project is currently under moderation. Please come back later."
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    when trying to see who placed tnt or nukes, i get removed b:y #tnt and not the persons name. Any fix to this.
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    This was what I talked about on the last page. I guess you have to see when the explosion happened then try to rollback it just after the TNT was placed (we're talking about seconds here) and see who placed the TNT blocks. Though, doing this you could rollback just when the TNT was set off, so you will have do deal with an explosion right after the rollback.

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