Inactive [SEC/ADMN/CHAT/GEN/EDIT] iSafe v3.22 - An assortment of beneficial features. [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    An assortment of beneficial features.
    Current build: [322]

    It's too much work and confusing to update two pages on every version, or when something is changed on one page, that's the main reason I've stopped updating this thread. Only updating new versions in this thread.
    Please do not post in this thread! Post on BukkitDev. I do not check or answer on this thread.
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    Thank you.
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    Version 2.0.3 released.
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    Really nice plugin :D
    (now I'm just waiting for the cleanup of the config and maybe a better declaration of what all the permissions does :])
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    I will make a better declaration of the permissions :)
    And im reading about the config thing, Hoping to maybe get it cleaned up in a short while.

    EDIT: ok, I fixed the permissions info.
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    is it possible that you place tnt but it wont explode but that you can still remove it?
    or is that already done and how do you do that
    with friendly greets revo58
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    The explosions was a bug in v2.0.x Im sorry, I'ts fixed from version 2.0.4 and up.
    You can give the player the permissions "" that would make them able to place tnt if the config is set to false. Or you can set the "Allow-TNT-placement" in the config to true. that would make all players able to place tnt.
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    Very nice but Alerter + WorldGaurd + Hawkeye has my server covered.
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    Not everyone can use WorldGuard :)

    Version 2.0.5 released.

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    I mean like they can place it as decoration but they cant let it explode (TNT)
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    You can do that.
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    Yea? How because i did a test and they could just blow up the tnt
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    That was a bug in version 2.0.3. But I fixed it in 2.0.4. and its version 2.0.5 now. Just look in configuration file. and set the "Allow-TNT-placement: false" to: "Allow-TNT-placement: true". Or just give them the permissions ""
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    Yea i know that part but they can still blow up the TnT How can i turn it off so that you can place tnt but you Can't let it explode
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    how to I "only" stop fire spread
    it seem I can only have fire on or off

    Allow-FireBlock-placement: true
    Allow-Firespread: false
    "Allow-Fire-spread-and-Fire-damage: false"

    I want to burn the block i click on but then not spread tp the next block
    I think the "and" making problems
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    You have right. the "and" is linking the spread and damage on blocks. I can make them seprate. Its probably done in next version :)
    Thanks for your "suggestion".

    EDIT: the fire damage is also blocking flint_and_steel, I need to make 2 new configs then :)

    EDIT 2: Wait, I can make a permission for flint and steel.

    Thats wierd. Ima take a look into it.

    @revo96 For the first, I checked all possibilities for a bug or issue with this. nothing. Are you sure you deleted your config the re-added it again after version 2.0.4/2.0.5..?
    Cause you need to go into the config and set "Allow-TNT-placement" to true. then everything should be fine. the explosions is off at default.

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    Auto-survival-gamemode-on-player-quit: false

    but its still turning everyone who goes off line back on into survival mode

    also is it possible to exempt people from this rule such as ops?
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    I'll look into it.

    There was no bugs/issues when I tried this. But in case there was something I changed the config and the way the config reads it.
    Just wait for the next version.

    Released v2.1

    Moved to BukkitDev.

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    Ok in my test of the new release
    fire still spreads

    Allow-Fire-spread: false
    Allow-Fire-damage: true
    Allow-FireBlock-placement: true
    Allow-Fire-spread: false
    Allow-Enviroment-ignition: false
    Allow-Flint_and_steel-ignition: true

    doesn't go boom
    Allow-TNT-placement: true
    Allow-TNT-breaking: true
    Allow-TNT-drop: true

    I think it needs a allow boom

    yeah on gamemode side
    thanx it stays now I'm not sure what was wrong be4

    sorry to keep asking things of you its amazing beside the fire
    and I just don't like offline the plugin when its time to do land clearing with tnt
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    I love that u keep asking me stuff :) It makes me happy, cause then I find the bugs and what the public wants.

    I will try to fix the fire, and u want TNT to go boom?

    EDIT: the fire spreads, but doesnt damage any blocks?

    EDIT 2: "Allow-Explosions" look for it, it's there ;)

    EDIT 3..: Im pretty sure I fixed the fire spread now. wait for the next version.
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    Can You Add Permission Support With Permission 3.x?
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    I cannot make it support Permissions3/2x. Cause permissions doesn't support the bukkit superperms. Im sorry.
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    um there is like a problem, because after a while, the folder where the plugin jar file is is deleted, and it deleted my server once. Is that fixable?
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    Im not sure what you mean? If you mean this deletes your plugins folder and server, Im pretty sure it's something else. This cant have been it, Else I have had to code it in, and I havent.
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    cool :D that's why I'v stuck with you mate :)

    glad you fixed fire Thank you very much :)
    I put TNT in the find window to find all the settings :/ my bad sorry

    Thanx again
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    No problem mate :)
    Im sorry for the messy config.. Im gone try fix that soon.

    Released version 2.1.1

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    Released version 2.1.2 .

    No messy config anylonger!
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    Updated for 1.0.0 :)
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    how do you actually use it ? i just want to put anti-grief on certain place , help me please !

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