Inactive [SEC][1.0.0] Rakamak v3.6 - a plugin authentication [1500+]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dorpaxio, Jun 9, 2011.

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    ty please do it soon
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    already got but ty.

    i love it. much simpler version of authme. i like simplified. a suggestion though. if we could allow some exceptions to some comands that are allowed to run before they login. like /help or sumthin

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  4. Any news on re-enabling player freezing? It'd help ut a lot. Thanks.
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    also in old one if u died before authenticating u would still lose stuff and spawn somewhere else does that still happen
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    Can't download. Times out. Have tried several times. Will try again later - maybe just an Internet glitch. Maybe consider making the files available on another location?

  7. Any news on re-enabling player freezing?
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    le lien est mort :(
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    i had some problems with my members typing "login password" without the slash so others could see there password maybe add a feature that removes all the text when the text begins with login and it is 2 words long
  10. Theres always /changepass.
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    another idea: make a configurable list of alowed commands before login. like /help or something
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    i know they can changepass but its really annoying
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    if u die before authenticating u still lose stuff and spawn somewhere else. an also make a configurable list of alowed commands before login. like /help or something
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    I'd love to get the plugin, unfortunately the download site your using sucks, so I cannot Download it
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    here ill upload it for you

    answer plz been awhile!

    need permission nodes !

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    thank you
  17. Really does need an update, player freezing and a PvP fix etc.
    If the current dev isn't able to update, is there anyone else to look after the plugin?
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    update to CB1000? and maybe disable chat before logging in because my players sometimes type the command without "/" so...
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    World edit command's are still usable when not loged in please fix this
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    you can still kill yourself before logging in and lose all items
  21. This plugin is useless at the minute. Use AuthMe.
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    lloyd menzies

    Can you make it so players passwords are encrypted so no 1 can hack into the servers directory and steal the users.rak file.
  23. AuthMe does this.
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    lloyd menzies

    But AuthMe is incompatible with the latest version of jobs, when a player takes to long to login the player is kicked and the jobs plugin does not recognize what has happened and the database crashes.

    I spent all morning trying to find out what caused my jobs to crash.

    Then i messed around with AuthMe, took if off my server and for the passed 13 hours my jobs are working fine. Before when a player took to long to login the jobs would just crash and a reload would be needed.
  25. XAuth? Cauth? Anything but this. It's completely broken.
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    lloyd menzies

    This plugin is working fine CB 1000 1.7.3 works perfectly. With this new auth plugin and AuthMe gone my jobs have been running for over 24 hours now.
  27. Players can't move, kill / be killed, open inventories before logging in?
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    Erwyn LENS

    I'm sorry if I do not maintain this plugin but it's Dorpaxio's work I'm not developping it anymore, and Dorpaxio isn't able to upload sources. However, if someone wants to maintain it for now, I can give him the latest sources I have.
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    use lockip?

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