Inactive [SEC][1.0.0] Rakamak v3.6 - a plugin authentication [1500+]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dorpaxio, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Looking forward to the movement protection... so that locked out users can't walk around and use signs and stuff.

    Thanks for putting this together.
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    Because modo thought I was stole but have been contacted with Erwyn Lens
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    Erwyn LENS

    The fact is: he sent me a message to tell me that he has updated my plugin, but he had been impatient and instead of waiting me to post the update he decided to post it by his own. He made a mistake and had been punished for it but he has really worked on this, all the new features are his, not mine.
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    Now you can say what you think:)?
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    Apologies for the misunderstand
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    I will be prohibited from opening inventory with identification! :)! Only admins with a universal password can open accounts to verify data for players!

    Adding a Config.rak where is the radius of movement and the universal password ...

    Adding Admins also two commands to change the radius -> /setradius and the password admin -> /changeadminpass

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    Updated For 860 !
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    Erwyn LENS

    Dorpaxio , I'd like to see you using github cause it would be very usefull to have your sources up to date. I'l be pleased to transfer you the origin branch, but please start using github :)
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    Ok, I'll try all this:)
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    Very very good plugin i am using it for myself and all players on the server.
    only one problem one of my fellow user has forgotten his pass how do you reset it?
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    Add MySQL support and you could make the perfect plugin for people to have offline auth with websites!
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    Erwyn LENS

    @anglish: just open the config.rak file, and delete the line containing the sought name.
    @Z-Sonxx see with Dorpaxio, I 'm not developping this plugin anymore.
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    Thanks very much Erwyn, after having to change the password manually, i came to the conclusion that an admin command to change any passwords or delete them, would be great!

    My user are starting to get pissed off having to enter the code every single time they log in.
    i think it would be great having a MySQL database as said above, BUT also Save the player's IP so that people don't have to enter the code every time!

    If you do that this will be THE plugin for password protected accounts
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    Erwyn LENS

    Concerning Mysql as said before, you have to see with Dorpaxio. Now regarding of IP adress, I don't think just storing basically IP is a good idea, a better idea would be: store IP for a predefined time. For example, you set in a config file: no password required dureing 30 seconds, and if somebody logs back to the server in a period of 30 seconds and with the same IP Adress, no password required. But as previously said: see with Dorpaxio, I can't still maintain the plugin for the very simple reason that dorpaxio wasn't able to use github due to his yougness an ignorance of what is team developping, so I do not even have the actual source code...
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    Works nice :) thank u xD
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    Does that mean that the plugin will become inactive quickly?
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    Disable WorldEdit commands!

    Including the "//" for "super pick axe" toggle
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    My server was compromised using this as my authentication, person easily circumvented and logged on my OP account and destroyed the server.
  20. Works well with LockIP, thanks. Have used this for a long time to keep out those damn Italians.

    Also: Works with latest RB.
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    MySQL support In preparation... =)
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    Erwyn LENS

    thanks Dorpaxio :) I let you the development of the plugin, I'm just here to give advices, and provide you help if you need some.


    @icebergg: could you explain how do they do? It could be really helpful for Dorpaxio.

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    I prefer AuthMe.
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    Erwyn LENS

    @Garloth: Good for you! It's unconstructive agument. I could say: I prefer other people than you.
  25. Can someone send me the link to try it ?
    The server that the jar was hosted is offline.
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    link goes nowhere

    oh ad make sql opptional i like it the way it is now

    link brokennnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

    i also noticd a problem before wher even if u didnt log in if u died ur stuff would go away. is this fixed?n aslo LINK IS BROKENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

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    Erwyn LENS

    do not feel forced to flood this thread... As said before, this plugin is now Dorpaxio's one. I do not have the sources, wait for him...
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    sorry but its benn over 3 months. where can i get this!

    could someone just upload the file here as a comment!

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    I need this plugin 2.
    Please post it!
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    Sorry, bug internet. I build now =) !

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