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    Hello everyone.

    I am searching for one hour now two plugins that I really need for my server but I do not find anything...

    I need :

    1) A plugin that allow the first-spawn to be totally randomised !
    2) A plugin that totally disable coords.


    3) A plugin that make you ban when dying.
    4) A plugin that make monsters spawn more and more

    Please help me to find them, it is very difficult to find them by my way because I'm on an iPhone right now, so thanks to you ! :)

    I'll be reading this thread every five minutes. ^_^
  2. To disable coords you need a new client. So you may force your users to use spout which haven't coords show up in the debug menu (F3)
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    Oh, crap... :(
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    As an alternative to requiring a client modification to hide the coords (which could be easily defeated by a skilled attacker), how about instead randomly scraming the coords so they are meaningless? This could be done without requiring any client mods, simply generating a random offset per player, and adding it on all outgoing packets, subtracting on incoming, so the client never sees the true coordinates and cannot effectively share them with other players. I'm also interested in a plugin to do this, anyone want to try making it?
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    I just discovered a mod that may allow me to disable the coords... It's named Tekkit. (Bukkit plugins are working with it, of course)

    What do you think about it ? :)


    EDIT : Because I really need to disable the coords. All my server architecture is based on this.
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    No one know if it could work ? Or any solution to face off this problem of coords ? :(
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    I think the coordinate scrambling is the best way. You could alternatively require a client mod to hide the coords, but then everyone would have to install the mod to join your server, and regardless it could be easily bypassed by a skilled attacker. If you scramble the coordinates, no client mods will be required, and it would be much more difficult to cheat and see your real coords.

    In principle, in plugin would be simple - just add/subtract a random per-player offset from each incoming/outgoing packet's x and z coordinates. In practice implementing this plugin may be difficult since you'll need to account for all positions sent to the player. But I agree it would be a very nice plugin to hide the player's true coordinates. Anyone up for making this?
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