Searching a plugin dev for a upcomming server.

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    Searching a plugin dev for a upcomming server.

    I am writing this thread because I am searching for developers to join a new upcoming server. Now you might think, what makes this server any better than your average server, well. Azendé will offer players a brand new experience to minecraft, bringing forth standard ideas and blending them with a unique concept, combining PvP and Economical sides together in a half RPG/MMO Format, without all of the grinding and leveling. It's garenteed to have a side that every player can enjoy and take part in-- but until we release the details will be limited. Several pictures can be provided of the latest building work on the server however.



    Are u intrested in joining our team? Pleas contact me with Skype:
    Skype name: GambleTrue

    I hope to see u guys soon in our staff team!
    - Staff Members of Azendé.

    When contributing to the project, u will recieve an X ammount of procent from donations that we will recieve.

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    timmy silesmo

    what kind of plugins would you like to be made? I would like to have an example before signing up
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    I'm with Timmy. I would be interested, however.
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    You'll need to provide information on the kinds of plugins you'll be asking of your dev(s).

    Even basic categories will do for most people.

    If you can provide these details, I'll as well be more inclined to submit an application of sorts.

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