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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by georgepan, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. Hello i have ScoreboardStats installed in my server and i got to the config to add stuff

    Here's the config:
    # Main configuration
    # Compatible mode with other plugins like HealthBar, ColoredTags, GhostPlayer or McCombatLevel
    compatibilityMode: false
      - city
    # This will not count vanished players in the online value
    hide-vanished: false
      Title: '&4&lStats'
      # seconds
      # For instant updates you can or 1 and it will update every second
      Update-delay: 1
        # The Title must have under 48 characters
        # Title: Type
        '&0[&eOnline&0]&2►': '%online%'
        '&0[&1Money&0]&2►': '%money%'
        '&0[&4Kills&0]&2►': '%kills%'
        '&0[&7Deaths&0]&2►': '%deaths%'
        '&0[&cPower&0]&2►': '%power%'
    # Let ScoreboardStats track stats (kills, deaths, mobkills, killstreak) You need no plugin for this
    enable-pvpstats: true
    Temp-Scoreboard-enabled: true
      Title: '&a&lTop Kills'
      # %mob% | %kills% | %killstreak%
      Type: '%kills%'
      Color: '&4'
      # How many Players would be displayed
      Items: 5
      Intervall-show: 60
      Intervall-disappear: 60
    pluginUpdate: true
    So at the beginning it wouldn't show the Online Info at the scoreboard (it was &6 while now its &e) and when i changed it from &6 to &e it doesn't show me the Deaths!

    Please help me!!!!!!
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