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    Plugin category: Miscellaneous

    Suggested name: MultiWorldScoreBoard (?)

    What I want:

    Basically, a plugin for my server that displays different information on the scoreboard for every different world you're in.

    Worlds I use:

    Skyworld (uSkyBlock plugin; scoreboard shows their island level, etc.)

    PvP (Show kills/death/ratio/killstreak, etc.)

    Survival (Using Grief Prevention plugin, show land claim, amount of land left, amount to be
    claimed, etc.)

    Creative (Using PlotMe, show who's plot you're on, some other info from PlotMe, etc.)

    Spawn (Show online players, your username, time played and votes (votifier))

    Ideas for commands:


    Ideas for permissions:

    or/and could make it scoreboard permissions per world


    So I've gone through several scoreboard plugins, and one I especially like (info-board) but they don't allow a simple scoreboard change when worlds are changed.
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    I've tried to learn coding before but I don't think I'll be able to.

    Unless you meant a different kind of edit.
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    I looked at it for a lil bit, but can't figure out a way to get it to work how I want it to :c:
    #Main configuration
      - world_nether
      - city
    #This will not count vanished players in the online value
    hide-vanished: false
      Title: '&a&l~PvP Dimension~'
      # For instant updates you can or 1 and it will update every second
      Update-delay: 2
        #The Title must have under 16 characters
        #Title: Type
        '&9Kills': '%kills%'
        '&9Deaths': '%deaths%'
        '&9KDR': '%kdr%'
        '&9Current KS': '%current_streak%'
        '&9Max KS': '%killstreak%'
        '&9Cash': '%money%'
    #Let ScoreboardStats track stats (kills, deaths, mobkills, killstreak) You need no plugin for this
    enable-pvpstats: true
    #In minutes
    PvPStats-SaveIntervall: 5
    Temp-Scoreboard-enabled: false
      Title: '&a&lTop Kills'
      #%mob% | %kills% | %killstreak%
      Type: '%kills%'
      Color: '&9'
      #How many Players would be displayed
      Items: 5
      Intervall-show: 300
      Intervall-disappear: 300
    pluginUpdate: true

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