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  1. So I've seen a number of servers and plugin developers go about and start screwing around with scoreboards in 1.5, including myself. However, It's difficult to manage per-player scoreboards and it's easy to go wrong and crash the client if you don't know what you're doing. Adding some sort of manager to set a players scoreboard and add/remove entries of an objective in Bukkit would beyond useful, to simplify the process of creating objectives and sending them.

    But if this isn't addressed by the Bukkit API, then I'm sure someone will make a plugin API doing something similar.
  2. There's going to be an API for it as part of Bukkit. All Vanilla commands are rewritten and added to Bukkit. For the command to be added, there has to be an official API.
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  4. Ok, if i was to have a 30 minute countdown on the scoreboard updating every second for every player is that likely to cause a lot of lag. And would it be better to have a repeating task for each player or have 1 repeating task which has to loop through all online players every second.
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