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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Patty_Mayo, Feb 21, 2022.

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    Plugin category: School

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2 through 1.18

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I would like it to allow me to add World Guard regions that I define for each individual classroom to be added to the class list. I would like there to be a feature to send students to the office. A Way to start class, end class, etc. a chat for the teachers/vice principal/principal. a separate chat room for the class that is in session. a School Broadcast/Announcement Feature. I would like there to be a config file that i can edit error messages, etc. it will need to use PermissionsEX to set the groups. Group Names: teacher, viceprincipal, and principal. And if they are fired, it will need to set them to the group named default. (I WOULD LIKE THIS TO BE AN EDITABLE FEATURE IN THE CONFIG FILE(S).

    Ideas for commands:
    /class list
    /class start <classroom number/name>
    /schoolsay <message>
    /classroom add <world guard region>
    /classroom remove <classroom name/number>
    /tc <message>
    /schoolrp teacher add (username) teacher
    /schoolrp vp add (username) viceprincipal
    /schoolrp teacher remove (username)
    /schoolrp vp remove (username)
    /sendoffice <player>
    /class end <classroom number/name>
    /schoolrp reload - RELOADS PLUGIN CONFIG FILE(S)
    /schoolrp help (ALIAS: /school help)

    Ideas for permissions:
    - schoolrp.teacher.add
    - schoolrp.vp.add
    - schoolrp.teacher.remove
    - schoolrp.vp.remove
    - schoolrp.class.list
    - schoolrp.class.start
    - schoolrp.class.end
    - schoolrp.classroom.add
    - schoolrp.classroom.remove
    - schoolrp.schoolsay
    - schoolrp.tctoggle
    - schoolrp.sendoffice
    - schoolrp.reload

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    Do you have Vault?

    Can integrate with PermissionsEx directly, but Vault would be a lot easier and nicer.
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    I do but i'd prefer permissionsex and if pex fails to then have it use vault as a backup
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