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    Plugin category: Fun, General, Teleportation, Mechanic-altering, Miscellaneous.

    Suggested name: StructureDetector

    What I want:
    • A plugin which can detect schematics structures created by players in designated worlds and trigger actions depending on what schematic file was detected.
    • Each structure would trigger different commands, like teleporting a player to the place of the structure, spawning a mob, removing itself (I am talking about the strucure), changing the name of a player, teleporting the creator of the structure to a previously created world or warp, and other interesting features.
    Ideas for commands:
    • /sdt load <schematic file>: loads a Schematic file created with WorldEdit.
    • /sdt edit <schematic file>
    • /sdt add: adds different properties to the structure.
      • /sdt add mobspawn mob01 <mob name>: makes a mob spawn near the structure.
      • /sdt add mobspawnplace mob01 <nextto/attop/inside/bottom>: where the mob is going to spawn.
      • /sdt add teleport player01 <nameofplayer/randomplayer/randomop>: makes a player or OP to teleport near the structure.
      • /sdt add teleportplace player01 <nextto/attop/inside/bottom>: where the player is going to be teleported.
      • /sdt add needconfirmation player01 <true/false>: whether the player is requested to confirm before being teleported. If the player does not confirm within one minute, the request is canceled.
        • /sdt confirm: confirms the request and teleports the player to the structure.
      • /sdt add changename player01 <name>: changes the name of the player designated as player01 to the one selected.
      • /sdt add smiteplayer player01 <before/after> <true/false>: smites the player before being teleported (it doesn't need to be teleported) or after being teleported.
      • /sdt add selfteleport <self/radius> <number of radius>: whether to teleport the creator of the structure or all the people within the selected radius.
      • /sdt add selfteleportplace <warp/world/loc/player/randomop> <name of warp/name of world/name of world:warp/x:0,y:0,z:0/name of player>: where to teleport the creator of the structure or the people near ir.
      • /sdt add command <server:command/player:command/<name of player>:command>: fires a server or player command.
      • /sdt add signvariable <name of variable>: if the schematic has a written sign post, it can be an usable variable for a property. For example:
        • If the sign reads "End Portal" (without quotes) and the structure has the properties "selfteleportplace warp &warp" and "signvariable warp", the structure will teleport you to the "End Portal" warp.
    • /sdt remove: removes the selected property. If no property name has been tiped, it will remove all properties
      • /sdt remove mob01/player01/selfteleport/all remaining properties.
    • /sdt save: saves the structure properties.
    • /sdt save-all: saves the structure properties and stops editing the latest loaded schematic.
    Ideas for permissions:
    • structuredetector.use.<name of structure>: allows the use of the designated structure.
    • structuredetector.create: allows the command creation of schematic detected structures.
    When I'd like it by: When someone can do it.

    This is a really BIG plugin (I think) that would be awesome on RPGs Servers and Servers with lots of people. And I would be able to create lots of Totems that do things. :D

    Thanks for reading all of this. :)

    EDIT (06/25/12): More than forty views and zero comments? Don't you think that this is a good idea? Is something like this already made? Is my grammar so horrible (xD I'm from Argentina, my main language is Spanish)?

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    Bump. Is it such a horrible idea?
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    Edited the title just to please you... And to see if someone else comments something positive about my idea. e.e

    Actually, I think he joined a year ago. :|

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    Did he? Even more interesting.
    EDIT: Yes he did:D I was just excepting that he joined today becouse of only 15 posts, and its August 24 now.
    EDIT v2: I think its his job to notify people about [REQ] in front of the request title, since he has only 15 posts in 1 year, and how is this important enough to post?
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    I generally dont post, I just download plugins. The only reason I bothered to post that is because About a minute before reading the page of requests, I read the two stickies, that being one of them.

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