Scheduled downtime: XenForo update.

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jan 13, 2012.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    We're preparing to update XenForo this weekend to better serve the community (as well as address the issues that users using Firefox 9.0 have been facing). This update will bring new features, better performance, stability and many bug fixes.

    As we do a lot to prepare for an update, if any of our tests fail, we will not go through with the update until we sort out the issue and it may result in us delaying the update until we can be sure that we won't have any problems.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.
  2. Thaaanks! I had to use Chromium all the time to edit my thread titles or to start a new glad this wasn't caused by a corrupted firefox install :D
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    i have 3 things against you and you jugement(hope i wrote that right)
    1. you have no patience nor dignety
    2. you do not know how hard it is to make plugins nor programs so you hate on everyone who does
    3. u make sexual jokes to make yourself look cool
    all by all have i found 2 options for your life
    1. you stop hating and maybe you will be appriciated in life
    2. you go on and end up in the nether for all eternity accompanied by herobrine with nothing but an potion of instant death
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    you r when will it be out im not trying to rush u its just how long will it be if u find this anyoying then im sorry but im just wondering
  5. wil the users see anny oticeable chances to the threads, like the layout?
  6. I see what you did there.. :)
  7. You tell em luke xD
  8. Finally i'll be able to create threads now!

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  10. You, sir, have my respect.
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    Great Thanks!
  12. I still feel that Xenforo is a cheap rip-off of IP.Board, but it has its uniqueness I guess.
  13. Don't even start with that....
  14. Nice Job, Really quick :)
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    Any admin reading this, can you turn on @<name> function again? This was so usefull, so few forums using this... :(
  16. Hurray ! Using the code button, pasting in code and then pressing enter no longer removes that code :D

    Actually, the downtime really helped me do some revision for my exam tomorrow.

    Perfect timing !

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  17. bigggan
    Tahgging should be fixed now.
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    okey thanks :)
  19. Were the forums even down O.O.
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    yay updates are done. now all we need is the new craftBukkit so i can get my server up
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    uhhh the site is soo fast now :D

    great work!
  22. Thanks All! Looks like the update went according to plan.
    I just love Xenforo, shame it isnt free and open source.
  23. Firefox 9.0 and this site works great again, thanks for the effort! :)
    Just read the first page...that was the most inappropriate rage post ever...
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    This is one of the nicest looking forums I've ever seen. So clean, yet smooth. Like an iphone app. Love it.
  25. Well thanks for doing that/
    and ur nuts.

    I think is was good for me to read this thread, some interesting things (good + bad) came out of this
  26. You do realize this thread is about 6 months old?
  27. yes i do
  28. Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have a complete moron (either that, or a twelve year old kid; or both) who appears to have never worked on a large collaborative development project.

    If you see this individual, please direct him to his local chill pill stocking pharmacy.

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  29. thats good
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