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    I have a plugin idea and that idea is a plugin that will allow you to choose and select an area (using world edit or something like that) and you can select the type of scenery that you would want for it.

    The choices could be like:

    Sunny (Always sunny)
    Rainy (Somewhat like a rain forest or swamp)
    Night (Always Night)
    Cloudy (Somewhat what it looks like before it's about to rain)

    And others that you can choose from. If no setting is set to an area then it will be just be normal.

    I think this type of plugin would be great for survival servers that want a specific area to have a specific property. Like you want an area full of monsters to look rainy and dark. Other than a main area that is sunny.
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    You can change time and weather for the world only, not a region.

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