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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by downfallSA, Feb 5, 2011.

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    A moderator should seriously consider sticking this!

    This is a tutorial on how to connect to a server without using an IP like, but instead you can use one like

    For Server Owners

    If you own a domain
    Many domain services have a control panel to manage your domain's name servers and other misc stuff. In most (godaddy for sure) you can choose if you want your domain to forward to another (this includes an IP adress) you can send your domain to your minecraft server IP it would look something like this ------> (that would be what you and/or your players would input in game)
    but I run my server on a port like 25569 (that will connect to your server. THIS ONLY APPLYS IF YOUR SERVER IS NOT RUNNING ON PORT 25565

    If you don't own a domain (FREE)

    Navigate to
    1. Signup
    2. Once you're signed in navigate to
    3. Find a sub-domain to your liking and forward it to your server ip DO NOT CLICK FORWARD TO URL
    4. Select type A and make sure wildcard is off
    5. Click save and you're set!

    If you don't run a server and the server owner is unaware of this thread

    Navigate to
    1. Setup a to forward to JUST the IP adress
    2. Examples-
    3. You can now use that tinyurl to connect to that server!

    This is how it would look -----> server ip -----> server ip : (p)orthere

    Happy crafting :)

    Other sites of interest
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    ... This is also called DNS, Not all Domains support DNS. In fact Only about 25% support it (and mine does not).

    Also, your solution on free DNS is bad, use instead. DynDNS supports Dynamic IP's , your solution does not. Which means the user have to update the damn url all the time, and I know how annoying that is >w> ... Same that it supports the port your on, so you don't need the :25569

    Sorry if I became a little hostile in your eyes, I didn't mean to do that. You're only trying to help :p
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    Derpderp you're right I'll change it in the OP

    I'll just make it an option
    personally is the easiest and effort free solution
    Heaven forbid you have to update it once and a while
    Also the fact that has a massive amount of domains to pick from makes it even better is the one I use to use.
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    ... DynDns have 30 domains to pick from (according to themselves: "you may choose from more than 200 domains", but I can't find them D; ). Don't need more than that. Also, the URL isn't much to care about, you can have without many users bothering (as long as it's easy to remember and not to long). It's the auto-update of the IP thats nice to have.

    game24hrs contains numbers, which means the user have to write in numbers, which means it becomes troublesome :p
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Its more or less the same as
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    Seta [​IMG]
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    DynDns still seems superior - free dynamic IP support.
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    All domains support DNS. Well they don't "support" it, they RELY on it! DNS is what makes domain names work, it translates the domain into an ip address.
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    lol, sorry, I mean Dynamic DNS.

    Don't take me for being an idiot :p ... Sure, fine you got me, I'm an idiot. But I know how this work .__. .
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    Yea I know my router supports both but you know I'm just sayin :)
    btw your advice rocks.
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    Everyones suggestions have been added to the OP!
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    Networking 101.
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    vicflo is also has a completely free dynamic dns subdomain with a good dns client updater. it also has better subdomains to choose from than dyndns.

    for domains that i own i use a free dns server that you can pretty much configure to your hearts desire.
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    If you aren't a cheapass and can afford the 9$ a year for a domain but have a dynamic IP address there is zoneedit which allows you to have a dynamic IP on a real domain. zoneedit is free for 2 domains and 10$ per domain after.
    It takes about 5 minutes to buy a domain. I use for 3 of my domains and a few other services for the rest
    Then you sign up to zoneedit
    You add your new domain to zoneedit
    In the settings for nameservers you put the 2 ns(number) into it and then zoneedit controls your DNS addressing. (wait 1-3 days for this generally less then 1 though)
    You then just install one of the hundreds of zoneedit update utilities(or some home routers support zoneedit) and set it up to dynamicly update your domain.

    Simple an affective and a real domain to use instead of leaching off a free service. FYI if the domain is not visited in a browser and does not have a webserver running they will often cancel the domain as dyndns is funded by the advertising that pops up on redirected hosts. They do not get funding if you just use it for an ip forward.

    You can also setup email forwarding from your new domain to an existing email account using emailforward.

    One final point It helps to learn how DNS basics work.
    A record = ipv4 address (x.x.x.x)
    AAAA record = ipv6 address (x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x if there are groups of all 0's they can be replaced with :: eg 2001:abcd:1234::1)
    NS = name server (where dns goes to look up other records)
    MX = mail server record (controls email)
    TTL = Time to Live (how long dns cache lasts)
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    yeh zonedit is good for hosting multiple servers from 1 ip.

    you can make point to for example. instead of having to always put the trailing port number.

    fyi both free dyndns and no-ip disable your domain after 60 days of web inactivity. you would just need to remember to update it every 60 days.
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    That is just a web redirect It will not work.
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    You have to be kidding
    How many times did I mention in the thread NOT TO INCLUDE THE PORT IN THE REDIRECT
    remove it and it should work
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 3:43 AM ---
    No it will work he just has to remove the fucking port
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    simple solution set up a static ip ..duh
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    I got it to work, I would say someone should stickey this thread but you're kind of an asshole when it comes to helping people out.
    Also, I got it working but I had to set an a record. Not remove the port, dick.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    The port is getting ignored. DNS doesn't care about the port.
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    You can DNS forward with dot tk too. I use it and it works just fine for me.
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    Nathan C

    Absolutely no reason for this to be stickied.
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