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    Suggested name: SaxtonHale!

    What I want: I'd like to see perhaps a plugin that represents the great gamemode Saxton Hale on team fortress two. I would love to co manage the bukkit dev page if possible with the person. This gamemode is basically one player with a ton of health and the other players choose classes and then try to kill Hale. If the player dies they spectate the game or leave the game and back to the normal game. If hale dies the game ends and a scoreboards shows with who did the most damage. Rounds would be great, and when hale dies a new hale is selected either by random or whoever did the most damage.

    Ideas for commands: /halejoin (or /hj), /haleleave (or /hl), /halecreate arena <arenaname>, /haledelete arena <arenaname>, /hale rename <arenaname> <newname>, /halesetlobby, /haleset arenaspawn

    Ideas for permissions: hale.join.<arenaname>, hale.class.<classname>, hale.create (if they have this they can obviously remove arenas.), hale.rename

    When I'd like it by: Soon, it sounds awesome!
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    I thought you coded...
  5. Im an extreme amateur
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    Instead of Copying the whole idea behind VsSaxtonHale, why not change it up a bit to be like VsNotch or have them fight the wither/enderdragon(both of witch a player with flight ability)?
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    The reason Is that there are different characters from saxton hale and i want the saxton to switch each round.
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    I might make this really quick if I have time tomorrow :) just because I feel bad for you for bumping so much
  13. Lol can you add my on skype so i can tell u what I need :) theyawningduck
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    No, dont have enough time. Too much school work :/
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  17. I will do it, starting right now!
  18. OMG THANK YOU! Can you add me on skype so I can tell u EXACTLY what I need?

    Is HC Elite Mutli World Compatable
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    Do you mean MC Elite? If so, yes it is multi world compatible if you know how to use permissions. :)
  20. I am very excited about HG Abilities, would you mind updating me when its complete?
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  22. Thanks~!

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